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MonFeb 3

National Women Physicians Day – February 3, 2025

This is just the fourth National Women Physicians Day, on February 3 . The event celebrates Elizabeth Blackwell’s birthday; she was the first female medical doctor in the U.S. It’s a time to honor women doctors across the country, and the progress they’ve made since Blackwell’s time. Nationally, there are still fewer female doctors than male doctors, but the progress is steady. In 2017, for the first time in history, women made up more than half of all those in medical schools.

National Women Physicians Day timeline

Henry VIII Acquires Company of Barber-Surgeons

It leads to healthcare specialization and bars women from practicing professionally.

February 3, 1821
Elizabeth Blackwell is Born

Blackwell, the first female doctor in the U.S., faces medical school rejection letters with statements about her intellectual inferiority.

The First Female African-American Doctor in the U.S.

After studying at the New England Female Medical College (now the Boston University School of Medicine), Rebecca Lee Crumpler is the first African-American woman to become a doctor of medicine in the United States.

Nigeria's First Woman Doctor

Nigerian gynecologist Dr. Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi is the country's first woman doctor.

Young Female Physicians on the Rise

Athena health surveys 18,000 physicians, and determines that more than 60% of physicians under the age of 35 are female.

How to Observe National Women Physicians Day

  1. Thank your physician

    If you see a female doctor, thank her for her work. Make sure she knows you appreciate the time and care she provides.

  2. Post to social media

    Get on Twitter or Facebook and share stories and/or history of women doctors. Use #NationalWomenPhysiciansDay or #WomenPhysiciansDay.

  3. Binge-watch your favorite women doctors

    From Dr. Quinn to Dr. Meredith Grey, TV has given us well-rounded, strong, smart women we can look up to in the medical profession. Grab a bowl of popcorn and take the journey with them.

5 Kick-Butt (Medical) Women Who Should Be Your Heroes

  1. Marie Curie

    Her work on radiation led to medical advances, including cancer treatments.

  2. Florence Nightingale

    She was the first woman to receive the Order of Merit for her work during the Crimean War.

  3. Maria Montessori

    Montessori, the first woman in Italy to get a medical degree, developed the eponymous education system that encourages exploration and hands-on learning.

  4. Rosalind Elsie Franklin

    This British biophysicist's work with x-ray DNA images led to the discovery of DNA's double helix.

  5. Virginia Apgar

    She developed the Apgar score, which measures a newborn baby's health — and was Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons' first female "full" professor.

Why National Women Physicians Day is Important

  1. It brings discrimination in the medical field to light

    Medicine is historically dominated by men. Women in these professions, especially physicians, face challenges and obstacles that make entering the field more difficult. Also, women healthcare providers still earn less than men.

  2. It celebrates women's contributions to the field

    A 2017 Harvard study titled 'Comparison of Hospital Mortality and Readmission Rates for Medicare Patients Treated by Male vs Female Physicians' showed that patients cared for by women doctors have better health outcomes. Also, patient readmittance and mortality rates were both significantly lower within the same hospital.

  3. Women make up a third of the physician workforce

    Male doctors still make up the majority of physicians, but medical schools are about 50/50, with women having a slight edge. In general, the field is seeing more diversity. From 2015 to 2017, black medical students increased by nearly 13 percent, while Hispanic students rose by more than 15 percent.

National Women Physicians Day dates

2025February 3Monday
2026February 3Tuesday
2027February 3Wednesday
2028February 3Thursday
2029February 3Saturday

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