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National Wedding Ring Day – February 3, 2025

National Wedding Ring Day, celebrated February 3 every year, is a romantic occasion for couples who are in love. It marks the day when couples exchange wedding rings in matrimony. Hence, couples who want to reignite their sparks can use this occasion to do something memorable and sweet for each other. No — it doesn’t matter if you have been together for a few months or a few decades. You must utilize every opportunity you get to make your partner feel special. So get ready to exchange your rings again and recite some wedding vows.

History of National Wedding Ring Day

Today, wedding rings are considered a must in almost all cultures across the globe. When a couple is about to tie the knot, rings are exchanged by both parties to signify their commitment to each other. Those rings are then worn at all times and often indicate who is single and who is committed. But wedding/engagement rings weren’t always a thing. There was a time when all that was needed to confirm a marriage was a verbal exchange of vows. It is widely believed, however, that in ancient Egypt lovers would wear rings made out of woven reed and leather to declare the love they felt for each other. Later on, the Greeks and Romans started sporting signet rings to show they are engaged to be married.

The history of the evolution of wedding rings not only includes how the tradition was formed; it also looks at the materials and form of the rings exchanged over time. For instance, during the Middle Ages, the rings partners gave to each other had an image of Jesus Christ. Sometime in the 1100s, people exchanged Irish rings known as the ‘Claddagh.’ This type of ring had a special design that showed a heart in between two clasping hands. In the 15th century, people wore ‘Posy’ rings. These rings were special because they had a verse or a poem inscribed on them.

Yes, people didn’t always wear diamond rings, and the stone itself really has nothing to do with the concept of marriage and commitment. The craze of exchanging diamond rings started in 1947 because of a marketing gimmick by De Beers. This was a corporation known for mining diamonds. To increase their sales, they started marketing diamonds as something that was needed in a marriage. This was the time when the phrase “diamonds are forever” was launched.

National Wedding Ring Day timeline

900 C.E.
I Do

Christians start exchanging rings during wedding ceremonies.

The Trendsetters

Diamonds are used in engagement rings for the first time.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

The luxury jewelry store Tiffany & Co. opens up in the United States.

For Love or War

Soldiers begin wearing wedding rings during World War II.

National Wedding Ring Day FAQs

What is the wedding ring rule?

According to tradition, wedding bands are worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Is it okay to wear a ring on your ring finger if you're not married?

While it is okay for single people to wear a ring on the ring finger, others will assume you are married.

What is a divorce ring?

This is the jewelry you buy after your marriage ends.

National Wedding Ring Day Activities

  1. Exchange the rings again

    On this day, bring sparks back in your marriage by renewing your vows and exchanging rings once again. This could be done in a gathering or alone at dinner.

  2. Give each other a new ring

    To make things special, give each other a new ring every five years on this day. Make sure to get a special quote or picture engraved in the ring.

  3. Build a ring together

    Looking for something unique? Create a ring together like we once created friendship bracelets. All you have to do is look up some interesting arts-and-crafts ideas.

5 Fun Facts About Wedding Rings

  1. Gold turned into wedding rings

    17 tons of gold is turned into wedding rings in the United States yearly.

  2. A groom dropping the ring

    Tradition says dropping the ring during the ceremony means the marriage will be a disaster

  3. The texture

    Traditionally wedding rings were made of gold, since it’s one of the purest metals.

  4. The most engraved phrase

    The groom’s name is engraved the most on wedding and engagement rings.

  5. Rejecting a proposal

    28% of women stated in a survey that they turned down a proposal because of the ring.

Why We Love National Wedding Ring Day

  1. It gives couples a day to reunite

    The National Wedding Ring Day is important because it gives couples a chance to reunite and fall in love again. This has proved to help solidify marriage commitment and foster longevity.

  2. It’s the perfect time for a date

    Too busy in your busy schedule to spend time with your spouse? This day provides couples with the perfect excuse to go out for a dinner date so they can communicate.

  3. It takes one down memory lane

    After a couple of years together, couples often don’t reflect on the initial days of their relationship. The National Wedding Ring Day takes one back to the initial times.

National Wedding Ring Day dates

2025February 3Monday
2026February 3Tuesday
2027February 3Wednesday
2028February 3Thursday
2029February 3Saturday

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