National Golden Retriever Day – February 3, 2020

Mon Feb 3

Few things bring as much joy into someone’s life as a dog. This is especially true when that dog is a fluffy, happy, golden retriever. It’s no wonder they’re one of America’s most popular breeds. Why? These pups are so full of love and joy. Plus, they’re always ready to play. A near perfect temperament makes the golden retriever popular as an assistance dog as well. Thus, the creation of National Golden Retriever Day, celebrated every February 3. Note: Reading this post might very well end with you going out to adopt one!

National Golden Retriever Day timeline

February 3, 2012

National Golden Retriever Day began

A golden retriever owner named Kristen realized that no day existed to celebrate the breed. Thus, she created National Golden Retriever Day on her dog's birthday.


Golden Retriever Club of America founded

This club was founded to "promote the temperament, appearance, soundness, natural retrieving and hunting abilities of the Golden Retriever."


Golden retriever bred in Scotland for the first time

Scotland gets the credit for first breeding this amazing dog. Thank you, Scots!

National Golden Retriever Day Activities

  1. Take your golden retriever to their favorite park

    You know how excited your dog gets when you take them to the park? Do that today, but let them run around for an extra long time.

  2. Give your golden retriever their favorite treat

    Your golden retriever has undoubtedly been a good dog, and thus deserves their favorite treat. Make it extra big on this special day.

  3. If you don't have a golden retriever, today is the perfect day to start your search.

    Feeling sad you don't have a golden retriever in your life? That can be changed. Start your search to adopt one — and your life could be infinitely better.

3 Things To Know About Goldens

  1. They crave an active lifestyle

    They are best suited to a life where someone is home during the day; that way you will both get some great exercise.

  2. Golden retrievers have two layers of fur

    The inner layer is to stay warm, and the outer layer is to keep water off.

  3. Golden retrievers' fur darkens as they age

    Similar to many humans, golden retrievers are born with light-colored hair that darkens as they age.

Why We Love National Golden Retriever Day

  1. Golden retrievers make some of the best therapy dogs

    Their ability to provide love and comfort makes them outstanding candidates. Hugging one of these dogs every day sure would help you feel better.

  2. Golden retrievers are the fourth smartest breed

    Behind only border collies, poodles, and German shepherds, golden retrievers are darn smart dogs. This will come in handy for you as an owner, we promise.

  3. Golden retrievers are the third-most popular breed of dog in the U.S.

    They're among some of the most widely-loved dogs in existence. Just one look at their faces and you'll understand why.

National Golden Retriever Day dates
2020February 3Monday
2021February 3Wednesday
2022February 3Thursday
2023February 3Friday
2024February 3Saturday