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MonFeb 3

American Painters Day – February 3, 2025

American Painters Day is celebrated every year on February 3 to bring attention to American painters and some of the great works they have created in the past few decades. Yes, American painters have made some great contributions to the world of art and are also responsible for some glorious movements that led to the evolution of paintings and their forms. Several artists also contributed a great deal toward social movements that were occurring during times of war. Their creations brought attention to the atrocities committed against human beings. Therefore, honoring those painters who changed the history of the U.S is a must!

History of American Painters Day

American Painters Day pays an ode to prolific American painters known for their astounding work in the field. However, the day places more emphasis on the illustrator Norman Rockwell. Rockwell gained attention for the exaggerated realism that he depicted in his work. He became famous during the 20th century for his covers that appeared in the weekly Saturday Evening Post. These amounted to around 300 covers during his lifetime. The artist also garnered attention and appreciation for commenting on World War II with his creative illustrations. His main subject revolved around depicting the American way of life.

Rockwell is celebrated to such a large extent because of the contributions he made throughout his life using art. In fact, he was taking classes at the New York School of the Arts at the age of 14. He also left high school and enrolled at the National Academy of Design. Developing a passion for a field at such a young age is rare and defines how much invested an individual is toward achieving their dream.

Since Rockwell started early, he also managed to become famous early. He has painted Christmas cards and was hired as the art director of “Boy’s Life” when he was just in his teens. His first cover for the “Saturday Evening Post” was painted in 1916 — Rockwell was only 22 then. Over the years, the artist kept producing work that left the entire country in awe. His work also gained international recognition, and once again pushed American art to the forefront. Norman Rockwell received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977.

American Painters Day timeline

The Start

America's first great fine-art painter Benjamin West is born.

The Movement

The Americans Morgan Russell and Stanton Macdonald-Wright introduce the first avant-garde movement in Paris.

Shopping Delights

Kenneth Hayes Miller paints portrayals of women shoppers.

1920s- 1930s
The Big Apple

The Harlem Renaissance period showing the vibrant culture of New York's Harlem neighborhood flourishes.

American Painters Day FAQs

Is there an International Painter’s Day?

Yes. Artists are honored for their work on October 25 on International Artist’s Day.

Who is America's most famous painter?

Some of the most famous painters in America are Gilbert Stuart, Frederic Church, and James Abbott Mcneill Whistler.

Who is the best painter alive?

Gerhard Richter is considered the most famous living painter.

American Painters Day Activities

  1. Post paintings by your favorite painter on social media

    Is there an American painter you are extremely fond of? Now is the time to share his or her work for your friends to see.

  2. Visit an art gallery

    Visit an art gallery near you to view works by American painters. This could even be a gallery that displays works by upcoming artists.

  3. Paint something

    Celebrate American art and painters by creating an artwork of your own! If you have any children around you, encourage them to paint too.

5 Fun Facts About Famous Painters

  1. The life of Pablo Picasso

    He was an artist but was also accused of stealing art.

  2. The time taken to complete Mona Lisa

    Leonardo da Vinci took 14 years to complete the painting.

  3. Paintings sold by Van Gogh

    He only sold one painting before he committed suicide.

  4. Goya’s rejection

    His entries were rejected by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts twice.

  5. Mona Lisa’s eyebrows

    The eyebrows in the painting faded due to over-cleaning.

Why We Love American Painters Day

  1. It promotes American Painters

    It promotes American painters and the great talent and ideas they possess. Painters on this day get the recognition they deserve.

  2. It brings great paintings to the forefront

    The day reintroduces some great paintings that many have either forgotten or haven’t yet viewed. It points our attention back to things we might have failed to notice.

  3. It gives a historical outlook of paintings

    American Painters Day revives the history of art and honors some fabulous American painters. It also celebrates the concept behind their art.

American Painters Day dates

2025February 3Monday
2026February 3Tuesday
2027February 3Wednesday
2028February 3Thursday
2029February 3Saturday

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