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TueMar 11

National Organize Your Home Office Day – March 11, 2025

National Organize Your Home Office Day is observed every year on the second Tuesday of March. This is a day to clean up the mess that has accumulated in our home offices and to establish a productive and healthy working environment at home. Almost all of us have been used to working from home since the start of the pandemic. But how frequently do we pay attention to keeping our belongings in their proper placements and keeping our home office clean? If you’ve been putting off organizing your files and clearing that tiny area where you work every day, now is the time to do it. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your work once it’s completed!

History of National Organize Your Home Office Day

This peculiar holiday was created by to remind us to keep our personal workspace tidy and manageable. While having a home office isn’t a big deal, organizing it to meet our needs might be difficult.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a spacious home office in which to work after hours. Because they cannot afford a private workspace, around 51% of Americans work in their beds. In this circumstance, it is critical that we return our belongings to their proper places so that our office can revert to being our bedroom. National Organize Your Home Office Day is the ideal time to clean out our drawers, wipe down our desks, file those loose pages that have accumulated, and recycle our used soda cans. Furthermore, studies show that working in a clean, tidy environment can increase productivity and minimize work-related stress.

There is no clear evidence as to how the concept of a home office originated. However, it is speculated that it became more widespread as the gig economy gained momentum in the late 2000s. The COVID-19 outbreak has confined individuals all around the world to their homes, making work-from-home the new normal. Now, almost everyone working at a corporate setup, educational institutes, or freelance has a home workspace. While it serves as a more flexible and convenient option for most of us, we must not take it for granted. After all, what’s the harm in making your home office more work-friendly? Even better, keep the clutter under control on a regular basis. This way, the dirt, and mess don’t pile up, and you don’t have to wait for a special day to get it all done at once. Doesn’t that make sense?

National Organize Your Home Office Day timeline

20th Century

Frank Taylor develops a scientific management style for workplace designs.


In Germany, Eberhard, and Wolfgang Schnelle design Bürolandschaft, or 'office landscape,' to foster better communication and allow employees greater privacy.

1980s - 1990s
Open Office

Robert Propst designs an open office that encourages creativity and cooperation, with custom-built furniture and task-specific workstations.

Gig Economy

As full-time jobs became scarce after the financial crisis of 2008, the gig economy begins to flourish.

National Organize Your Home Office Day FAQs

How can I set up a conducive workspace at home?

Choose a location with adequate lighting. It could be your favorite spot in your house. Assemble all of the equipment needed to get your project up and going. Get yourself a comfortable chair and maybe a few plants to keep you company. Finally, put on some relaxing music and begin to work.

Without a workstation, is it still possible to set up my home office?

Of course! An affordable and convenient alternative to a desk could be a laptop stand or a bed table. But don’t forget to throw in a cushion behind your back for added comfort!

My work requires me to work on two monitors. How do I arrange them?

We suggest you angle them in a slight inward V-shape. The monitor that you use primarily can be placed directly in front of you while the other can be left at any angle that you’d prefer.

National Organize Your Home Office Day Activities

  1. Clean up your drawers

    Are your drawers stuffed with crumpled paper balls, untidy stacks of pages, unused pens/pencils, and snack crumbs? It's now time to clean up the messes and tidy things. Take action now!

  2. Develop a habit

    There will be no mess in the first place if you develop the habit of putting things back where they belong; give it 21 days and we're confident you'll succeed!

  3. Share on social media

    Isn't your desk looking great now that it's been cleaned? Take a few pretty images and share them on social media with the hashtag #OrganizeYourHomeOfficeDay. After all of your hard work, you deserve a pat on the back!

5 Interesting Facts About A Home Office

  1. Dress as you like

    Having a home office gives you the privilege to work while lounging in your pajamas.

  2. Eco-friendly

    Working from home is not only convenient, but it is also environmentally good because it eliminates the need to commute to work.

  3. Work at your own pace

    Apart from saving time on the commute, a home office allows you the luxury of working when it is convenient for you.

  4. Lower salary

    As per a recent survey, 25% of people opted for the work at home option even if it meant a reduction in their salary.

  5. A big yes for telecommuters

    47% of people who have a home office say that they are extremely satisfied with the way they work and live.

Why We Love National Organize Your Home Office Day

  1. Works wonders for mental health

    Decluttering your space might help you feel less stressed and anxious while also boosting mindfulness. And we believe all of these beneficial impacts will help you work more effectively

  2. Gives you personal space

    A home office doesn’t always have to be used for work, it could also be used for the things you love — painting, writing, listening to music, having a cup of coffee. It’s a space where you can have your me-time.

  3. Keeps us on track

    Keeping your workspace organized helps you find that V.I.P sticky note, identify important files, avoid losing your pens, and all in all, saves you enough time from doing all of this which is the case when your home office is a mess.

National Organize Your Home Office Day dates

2022March 8Tuesday
2023March 14Tuesday
2024March 12Tuesday
2025March 11Tuesday
2026March 10Tuesday

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