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WedMar 12

National Working Mom's day – March 12, 2025

National Working Moms Day is celebrated on March 12 every year. It’s a day to celebrate all the mothers that work for their children — the teachers, the doctors, the accountants, the cashiers, and yes, even the housewives and homemakers. All of them work; all of them are role models. Even beyond their paid jobs, mothers tend to assume the roles of substitute teachers, first aiders, cooks, cleaners, and more. This is why, inspired by the Working Moms of Milwaukee organization, we support their businesses, recognize all that they do, and express how much it means on this day.

History of National Working Mom's day

Working Moms of Milwaukee was founded in December 2017 by a local mom who needed some more support. After talking with other working moms, she realized that there was a large community need for a local organization that combined several core elements: mothers in Milwaukee who work full-time, part-time, inside the home, or outside of the home; networking with other moms from different backgrounds, fields, and professions, to make it easy to network online and in person; socializing in time frames that work for busy families; appealing events that celebrate Milwaukee and encourage authentic connections, support, and sharing daily working mom experiences with others like them; blog and social media content that’s relatable and useful for working moms; and an organization that addresses the needs of working moms in their community.

Each year, a group of moms gets together to talk about issues that matter to moms in the community. In 2020, they noticed there was a need to celebrate and recognize working moms on a larger scale, so they decided to create their own celebration.

After the interest they received in Milwaukee, the Working Moms decided to expand the celebration and resources to people all over the country in 2022. That year alone, they gave over a thousand dollars in giveaways and prizes, got media attention from sites such as and Journal Sentinel, got tweeted at by celebrities such as Jane Pauly, got 5,400 views on #workingmomsday content on TikTok, and had over 60 local moms at an in-person event for a celebration.

National Working Mom's day timeline

December 2017
Working Moms of Milwaukee

A group of moms realizes that they need more support and create this group to help each other.

March 7, 2020
The Wisconsin Governor Officializes this Festivity

March 12 is officially proclaimed as National Working Moms Day.

March 12, 2020
The First Day is Celebrated

The March date complements the timing of International Women’s Day, as well as Women’s History Month.

March 12, 2022
The Celebration Expands to the Whole Country

Over $1,000 is given in giveaways and prizes this year alone.

National Working Mom's day FAQs

What do working moms struggle with the most?

Working mothers are frequently pressured to work longer hours and they burn out.

What do working moms want?

Flexibility, good benefits, and a competent boss are the top three things women desire to be able to work and care for their children in the future.

Are working moms happier?

Likely! A study published by the American Psychological Association revealed that mothers with jobs tend to be healthier and happier than those who stay at home during their children’s infancy and preschool years.

National Working Mom's day Activities

  1. Visit a local business owned and ran by a mom

    There isn’t a more direct way of supporting a working mom than this. Make sure to congratulate her on this day and show your appreciation.

  2. Launch a promotion

    If you own a business yourself, you can do an exclusive promotion for moms on March 12, for example, a discount or a free yoga class. Remember to use the hashtag #WorkingMomsDay to let Working Moms of Milwaukee know.

  3. If you’re a mom, attend an event

    Look for the moms’ network like the Working Moms of Milwaukee, and see if they have any events planned. If they don’t or there isn’t a moms network in your town, why not make your own?

5 Surprising Facts About Moms

  1. 82.5 million

    This is the rough number of mothers in the United States.

  2. 2% of those mothers have adopted

    Each person has a different reason for adopting children.

  3. A baby’s first sound is usually 'ma'

    For this reason, the word for mother begins with the letter 'M' in almost every language.

  4. 70 years old

    That is the age of the oldest mother who gave birth — she opted for in-vitro fertilization.

  5. 40 hours a year

    This is how much time a mother spends a year changing diapers on average.

Why We Love National Working Mom's day

  1. It’s a day for moms to take off

    Even inside the house, the rest of the family can take care of what a mom usually does so she can relax. It’s a good opportunity to teach kids how to do these things too!

  2. Kids get to show their appreciation

    Now, we're not suggesting they're ungrateful or anything like that, but young children are the most likely to not consider all the things their mothers do. What moms will probably want the most on this day is for their own children to appreciate them.

  3. It celebrates all moms

    It’s more than just about your wife, if you’re a married man, or you, if you’re a woman as well! Celebrate all your friends who have children, your grandma, your aunt, and even the next-door neighbor.

National Working Mom's day dates

2025March 12Wednesday
2026March 12Thursday
2027March 12Friday
2028March 12Sunday
2029March 12Monday

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