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WedMar 12

IUGR Awareness Day – March 12, 2025

Intrauterine Growth Restriction Awareness Day is observed every year on March 13. I.U.G.R. is a condition that leads to delayed growth in unborn babies. Thousands of women in the United States are affected by it. This holiday helps to create awareness for the condition. It spreads information about its causes, symptoms, detection methods, and treatments. The survivors have a chance to tell their stories and experiences. This lets people know they are not alone and they have options that would help them cope. It helps to make sure everyone has a chance at getting the best possible medical care.

History of IUGR Awareness Day

Intrauterine growth restriction (I.U.G.R.) is a condition that affects babies in utero. The child experiences a poor level of growth while in the mother’s womb. There are many reasons why this can happen. Sometimes, it happens because the baby doesn’t get enough oxygen. Women who live at high altitudes are at risk. It can also happen if the baby doesn’t get enough nutrition through the placenta. This can be because of a problem with the placenta, high blood pressure, infections, or multiple babies, like twins.

Certain habits increase the risks of I.U.G.R. These habits include abusing alcohol, smoking, poor nutrition, and drug abuse. Medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, anemia, and clotting disorders can contribute to the risks of I.U.G.R. Women who have kidney disease, thyroid disease, and uterine malformations can also have babies who struggle with growth in the womb. The growing baby can be small all over the body. Sometimes the baby’s head would be normal size while its body is small. This usually depends on the cause of the growth restriction.

The condition is tested and confirmed by ultrasound. More tests are carried out to determine the cause of the I.U.G.R. Depending on the results, the baby may need to be delivered early. The growth of the child after delivery depends on the cause of the defect and how severe the condition is.

IUGR Awareness Day timeline

Mothers Embrace Natural Births

The natural birth movement encouraged mothers to try home and water births.

Mothers Die During Childbirth

There are about 377,000 childbirth-related deaths recorded.

There are Millions of Pregnant Women

There are about 213 million pregnancies recorded around the world in 2012.

Maternal Death Rate Drops

Pregnancy complications lead to about 230,600 maternal deaths.

IUGR Awareness Day FAQs

How do doctors know when the baby is small due to I.U.G.R. and not prematurity?

Physical factors like skin texture and firmness of the ear lobes are considered. Neurological factors considered are posture and type of flexion of the hands and feet

What are the long-term health issues of I.U.G.R.?

Former I.U.G.R. infants may experience early puberty and other health issues. They can develop hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes.

When should a doctor who specializes in growth disorders be contacted?

A pediatric endocrinologist should be contacted when the child is one year or less and not reaching the lower part of the normal growth range for his/her age

How to Observe IUGR Awareness Day

  1. Learn about I.U.G.R.

    There is a lot of information out there about the growth restriction in fetuses. The more educated we are as a society, the better the chance of everyone getting better health care.

  2. Share an experience

    If you have experienced the condition or know someone who has, use this holiday as an opportunity to tell the story. Someone may benefit a lot from it.

  3. Visit a children’s hospital

    You can visit a children’s hospital near you and donate. A donation can be paying someone’s medical bill, entertaining the children, or giving out toys.

5 Important Facts About I.U.G.R.

  1. Babies are underweight

    When the baby is born, it weighs less than 90% of other babies at the same age.

  2. It can lead to a stillbirth

    It is the cause of about 25% percent of stillbirths.

  3. Monitoring is key

    Patients are monitored closely as prompt delivery can lead to the best outcome.

  4. Bed rest helps

    Bed rest may help to improve the flow of blood to the woman’s uterus.

  5. Kids can recover

    When the baby is born, it can have normal growth but sometimes there are lifelong growth issues.

Why IUGR Awareness Day is Important

  1. It creates awareness

    The holiday helps to spread information about the condition. This allows more pregnant women to receive better care. It can also save a baby’s life.

  2. It’s an opportunity to share

    People who have experiences with I.U.G.R. can share their stories. Others can learn and get inspiration from those stories.

  3. It builds a community

    People with similar experiences can find each other. This lets them know that they are not alone and others have been through the same things.

IUGR Awareness Day dates

2025March 12Wednesday
2026March 12Thursday
2027March 12Friday
2028March 12Sunday
2029March 12Monday

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