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National Christian Day – March 12, 2025

National Christian Day is celebrated on March 12 each year. The day is meant to celebrate and appreciate all the people with the name Christian — or Chris for short — around the globe. The name has Greek origins and is sacred to Christians. It is no secret that the name plays a very important role in the life of the individual. They believe that the name is the destiny and desire of the heart. Special importance has always been given to names associated with saints. National Christian Day celebrates one of the most beautiful and bright names ever created.

History of National Christian Day

Christian originated as a baptismal name used by people of the Christian religion. Now it’s a name that is predominantly for men, but also women, Christiana. The historically common abbreviation used, for example, in 17th century English church monuments and genealogies, is Xpian, Χρ, short for Χριστός, Christ. Meanwhile, the Greek form of the name at baptism is Χριστιανός, Christian. It may also be derived from the Greek Χριστός, Christ.

Since the name Christian is of Greek origin, it means “follower of Christ” or ‘anointed.’ It also comes from the medieval Latin name ‘Christianus,’ which means ‘Christian.’ During the Middle Ages, Christian was used mainly for women and did not gain popularity until the 17th century. It became a famous female name in Scotland from the 17th to 18th centuries.

Christian is quite a popular name in the U.S. that has become even more popular in the last 35 years. In 1986, it entered the top 100 names for boys in the U.S., ranking 89th. It continued to grow, reaching its peak at 21st in 2006. Recent statistics show that Christian is ranked 62nd among the names for boys in America. Nowadays, it is common in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, as well as in European countries such as Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Norway.

Among the famous people named Christian include the French musician Christian Baciotti, the English actor Christian Cooke, the American football player Christian DiLauro, and the French fashion designer Christian Dior.

National Christian Day timeline

The Dior Fashion House

Dior launches his fashion house with the support of entrepreneur Marcel Boussac.

Christian Can Act

English actor Christian Bale plays a groundbreaking role in Steven Spielberg’s war film “Empire of the Sun.”

Christian As an Author

The debut novel of American writer Christian Bauman about the return of a young American soldier from Somalia is published.

Same Name, but Different

Christian Siriano, an American fashion designer, starts his eponymous collection.

National Christian Day FAQs

Is Christian a first name?

Christian is a given name that is suitable for both men and women.

Why is Dior so famous?

Dior influenced fashion after World War II with the luxurious silhouette of his lush collection called New Look.

Who is the most successful designer from “Project Runway?”

It is Siriano, who was only 21 when he first joined the show and impressed the judges with his designs.

National Christian Day Activities

  1. Watch a fashion show

    Many famous fashion designers are associated with the name Christian. National Christian Day is the perfect day to dress to the nines and attend a fashion show by one of them.

  2. Do your research

    It often happens that with the resources available to us, there is a lack of information about a particular name. Research the name, and perhaps you can make a significant contribution to its history.

  3. Share the day

    People from all over the world may have friends, relatives, or idols named Christian. However, they might not be aware of the existence of National Christian Day. Share information about this day on your social media so others will not miss it.

5 Facts About Christian Dior Behind The Fashion Brand

  1. He used to own an art gallery

    Since Dior was not interested in political studies at the university, he decided to open art galleries on the right bank of Paris in 1928.

  2. Feminists did not like his creations

    Feminists believed that Dior’s clothes made women uncomfortable because of corsets and padding.

  3. He honored his sister through fragrance

    Dior named one of his perfumes Miss Dior as a tribute to his sister.

  4. Yves Saint Laurent was his assistant

    Laurent was only 19 years old when, in 1955, he became Dior’s assistant designer.

  5. Each collection has its silhouette

    For example, the design of the dresses in his first collection was inspired by flowers.

Why We Love National Christian Day

  1. It has a long history

    The name dates back to the Middle Ages. National Christian Day celebrates the history of the name and the years in which it gained popularity.

  2. We love Christian

    Christian is a wonderful name with a sacred meaning. Not only everyone’s favorite fashion designer is connected with it, but also Jesus Christ. So, on National Christian Day, we celebrate our love for this name.

  3. It is a day to learn about famous people

    Our knowledge of people with specific names is very limited and focused on one person. National Christian Day allows us to learn about famous people named Christian and their activities that have made history.

National Christian Day dates

2025March 12Wednesday
2026March 12Thursday
2027March 12Friday
2028March 12Sunday
2029March 12Monday

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