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I Love to Write Day
FriNov 15

I Love to Write Day – November 15, 2024

I Love to Write Day is celebrated on November 15 every year. Writing is a form of communication that’s been around since the very beginning, and lots of people love to do it. It’s one of the most magical ways of sharing your ideas with the world.

History of I Love to Write Day

I Love to Write Day was started by an author called John Riddle, from Delaware. He wanted a day set aside so that everyone, no matter their age, could spend some time writing. It doesn’t matter what people write, as long as they write what they want to.

John Riddle was a writer, he wrote over 34 books and tons of articles. He believes that writing is a very good way for people to express themselves creatively. So he decided to challenge people to set one day aside for writing. He believed that I Love to Write Day could launch the careers of the next bestselling author, as long as they sit down and write!

Writers across the world write on all sorts of topics, in many different forms. There are fictional and non-fictional books, novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, articles, songs, and scripts. They may write for themselves, for blogs, for newspapers, or be working with publishing houses. Some writers may also be illustrators or work with illustrators to add pictures to their books.

A lot of writers are self-taught, although many might choose to improve their skills by taking a short course, or even a full degree in the kind of writing they want to pursue. There are courses journalists, bloggers, and creative writers of all kinds.

Writers are needed everywhere because a good writer is one who can convey ideas clearly. So even if you’re a scientist, you still need to be a good writer if you want to talk about your research!

I Love to Write Day timeline

3400 B.C.
The Sumerians Develop Writing

One of the earliest known works of literature is the “Epic of Gilgamesh.”

800 B.C.
The “Iliad and Odyssey” are Written

These are the best-known classics of the ancient Greeks.

“Harry Potter” Series is Published

This popular series becomes one of the best-selling books in publishing history.

I Love to Write Day is Started

John Riddle, a writer, wants to encourage more people to write.

I Love to Write Day FAQs

What is the first rule of writing?

The first rule of writing is very simple: Write. There won’t be anything to edit if you don’t get the first draft down. 

Why is writing important?

Writing helps improve our communication skills and practice expressing our ideas better. And writing also helps us process what we’re feeling in a safe way. 

Can anyone be a writer?

The short answer is yes! Writing is a skill, and just like any other skill, it can be developed with practice. Everyone who writes is a writer. 

How To Celebrate I Love to Write Day?

  1. Sign up for a writing class

    There are a lot of writing courses out there, so if you’ve been waiting for a sign to take one, this is it!

  2. Offer to read a friend’s work

    You may not be a writer, but you might know someone who is. Writers always need people to read their work over, so offer to be that person for a writer friend.

  3. Write your bestseller

    We know you’ve got it in you. Is there any better day to start working on the next bestseller than I Love to Write Day?

5 Incredible Facts About Writing

  1. There’s a Nobel Prize for literature

    It’s been awarded every year since 1901.

  2. There was an ancient library in Egypt

    This was called the Library of Alexandria and it was burned sometime in 1—100 B.C.

  3. Ancient Egyptian literature needed to be translated

    And it took until the 1800s for the script to be deciphered from the “Rosetta Stone.”

  4. Electronic literature exists

    And no, it’s not written in binary — it refers to writing created to be read exclusively on electronic devices.

  5. “Lord of the Rings” was voted book of the century

    It’s influenced a lot of modern literature and the film adaptations were all blockbusters.

Why We Love I Love to Write Day

  1. We love to read

    Sure, we also love to write. But everyone’s love for writing starts somewhere, and that’s usually because we started reading.

  2. We need an excuse to start writing again

    It can be really easy to forget to write on our busy days. I Love to Write Day is the perfect excuse to restart.

  3. Writing is therapeutic

    As a form of self-expression, writing helps us process our feelings, and we always need that help.

I Love to Write Day dates

2024November 15Friday
2025November 15Saturday
2026November 15Sunday
2027November 15Monday
2028November 15Wednesday

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