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Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day – November 15, 2024

Pack Your Mom’s Lunch Day takes place on November 15. Lola’s Diner created the holiday in 2011 to appreciate mothers. Thanks to meal-prepping videos and the abundance of recipes online, it’s easier than ever to make packed lunches. From sandwiches, wraps, and subs to pastries, soups, and salads, you won’t run out of ideas soon. Take this opportunity to spoil your mom by packing her favorite lunch. It’s a simple act of kindness, however, you’ll make things a little easier for her and she’ll feel loved and appreciated.

History of Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day

Packed lunches are convenient, healthy options for millions of employees and students. Packed lunches grew popular with manual laborers in the 1800s, such as miners, construction and factory workers, and farmers. Workers realized that going home for lunch wasted time, and most blue-collar employees couldn’t afford to dine at restaurants. It made more sense to carry something to eat with you. Workers took their lunches in old tobacco boxes, which they recycled into lunchboxes. These early models were durable, an essential requirement considering the environments they often worked in. Children began emulating their parents, leading to the production of lunchboxes in 1902.

The advent of television meant better advertising and sales. Companies like the Nashville-based Aladdin’ began manufacturing decorated lunch boxes that became an instant hit. Decorations usually feature popular cartoon characters. Other companies like American Thermos jumped onto the bandwagon. Between the 1950s and 1970s, the industry went through an unprecedented boom.

In the 1980s, the introduction of plastic lunch boxes reduced operational costs, but the Golden Age was over, and the drive wasn’t lucrative anymore. One by one, companies bowed out of business. Aladdin, the industry’s pioneers, stopped making lunchboxes in 1998. Today, lunchboxes in plastic containers are a common sight across many offices, worksites, and schools. They come with special compartments for different food items, and most can get reheated in a microwave. Lunchboxes are no longer a status symbol, but they’re still the go-to solution for those who want to carry their food with them, and mothers worldwide still pack lunches for their families for work or school.

Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day timeline

The Original Thermos

James Dewar invents the first Thermos flask.

The Bento Box

Japanese railroad workers eat rice balls and pickled apricots packed in Bento boxes.

A Novel Approach

Manufacturers decorate lunch boxes with popular cartoon and film characters to boost sales by making them more appealing to children.

The Last Metal Lunchbox

The last metal lunchbox of the Steel Age depicts Rambo, the ultimate ‘80s action hero.

Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day FAQs

What is packing a lunch?

Packing a lunch is preparing a meal at home, putting it in a lunch box, and eating it at work or school.

Why should you pack your lunch?

Packed lunches are healthier and they help you save money.

When should you pack your lunch?

It’s best to pack your lunch the night before so it stays fresh.

Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day Activities

  1. Make a packed lunch

    Prepare a packed lunch for your mom. Save her the trouble of having to make her own meal.

  2. Write a note

    After you've made the packed lunch, write a note. It could contain a joke or a heartfelt message of gratitude. You know your mom best. Go with what you think she would appreciate.

  3. Make it a habit

    Don't let this be an isolated incident. Make a resolution on Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day to pack your mom's lunch more often. A packed lunch can be made in a short amount of time. And no one deserves it more than your mother.

5 Bite-Sized Facts About Packed Lunches

  1. Keeping it simple

    Sandwiches are the most common packed lunch item among office goers.

  2. Most people eat indoors

    Most workers eat their packed lunches at their desks or in office kitchens.

  3. The loners

    In a poll conducted by food delivery group Deliveroo, out of 1,500 employees, one in 20 ate their lunches in their cars daily.

  4. Save $1,000 a year

    Americans spend an average of $18 a day or $1,000 a year on lunch, an amount of money you can save by packing your midday meal.

  5. It's okay to crave something sweet

    Nutritionists say we crave dessert because eating something sweet after a meal signals to your body that you're done with the main meal, helping you to avoid binge-eating later.

Why We Love Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day

  1. Mothers deserve to be spoiled

    Moms deserve to be spoiled. Do it because they brought us into the world and for all their contributions to our lives.

  2. It's a healthier option

    The beauty of packed lunches is that you get to choose the ingredients. You can choose healthier foods and portions than you would get at a fast-food outlet or restaurant.

  3. Returning the favor

    Mom cooked for you every night. It's only fair that you pack her lunch for work.

Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day dates

2024November 15Friday
2025November 15Saturday
2026November 15Sunday
2027November 15Monday
2028November 15Wednesday

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