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National Logistics Day
SatJun 28

National Logistics Day – June 28, 2025

National Logistics Day is celebrated on June 28 every year to honor the work of the hardworking professionals in the logistics sector. It plays a huge role in the progress of the economy, especially in a country as large as the United States. Everything that you order online reaches you through a vast network of distributors, shippers, and transporters who take care that you receive the correct item on time and in perfect condition, regardless of the distance or weather.

History of National Logistics Day

The first National Logistics Day was celebrated in the year 2019 and was initiated by a company called Logistics Plus. Even though National Logistics Day is a very recent development, the links that make up the modern world of logistics have been in place for centuries for as long as people began trading with each other.

Logistics Plus is one of the most dynamic American logistics firms, based in Erie, Pennsylvania. Its distribution network is spread across the country as it helps to deliver goods from manufacturers in more than 50 countries to customers in the United States. Considering the important role that logistics plays in supporting economic growth, the company began the practice of celebrating National Logistics Day on June 28 every year.

It is believed that in ancient times, trade between China and Europe was carried out through caravans that traveled across Central Asia and by sea through a chain of ports spread throughout the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans. It would take months for valuable goods like silk, porcelain, and spices to reach merchants in Europe after making stops in the East Indies, India, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Pioneers and explorers such as Vasco Da Gama and Christopher Columbus played a valuable role in finding new trade routes. Innovations such as the steam engine helped to reduce the time required to ship goods. Modern preservation methods ensure that products do not get spoiled during transport, which makes it possible for Americans to enjoy goods produced in any part of the world.

National Logistics Day timeline

The Panama Canal is Constructed

The 50-mile Panama Canal is constructed for sea trade.

Air Cargo Begins in the United States

The first air cargo consisting of silk fabric is transported.

The Container Ship is Invented

Malcolm McLean invents the first container ship.

Logistics Plus is Set Up

Logistics Plus is set up to transport imported goods.

National Logistics Day FAQs

Do logistics firms use drones?

Drones are becoming quite popular for making local deliveries of small items because they help in avoiding traffic and other problems.

Does piracy still happen?

Piracy is still a common challenge for the logistics industry as they have to take longer routes to avoid having their ships attacked and taken over by pirates.

Which is the most common logistics transport?

More than 70% of goods are transported on trucks of different sizes. 

How to Celebrate National Logistics Day

  1. Plan a visit to the port

    Organize a day trip to the nearest seaport and watch the different vessels unload and load their different cargoes. Ports are a vibrant place and are constantly buzzing with activity, day and night. You’ll see how the staff at the port work tirelessly to free up each vessel so that it can move towards the next port with fresh cargo. It can be an exciting trip for kids and adults alike and you can enjoy some great views as well.

  2. Interview your local supermarket

    If you cannot visit a port, then head to your local supermarket and ask the manager to show you the loading operations. This would normally happen early in the morning as trucks full of fresh food and goods from the port arrive at the warehouse for stocking. It can be great fun to see where the food that you pick up from the store shelves comes from. Many stores prefer sourcing their goods from local farms and suppliers, so this is something that you may want to ask your supermarket manager.

  3. Read news items related to logistics

    Logistics firms face many challenges in ensuring that goods arrive at their destination on time, but we rarely think about these things. On National Logistics Day, you can read about these issues in the business section of your local newspaper or news portal. Issues like piracy, dangerous sea conditions, and fuel prices are persistent problems for logistics companies and are the reason why you sometimes face product shortages or sudden price increases.

5 Facts About International Shipping That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The cheapest mode of transport

    For the transportation of goods, shipping is the cheapest option, even though it is not as fast as air cargo or land transport.

  2. The largest shipping fleet

    Japan has the largest merchant shipping fleet of any country in the world with more than 4,000 ships.

  3. The most common nationality in shipping crew

    Most of the shipping crews on merchant ships happen to be from the Philippines.

  4. The number of merchant ships

    There are around 55,000 merchant vessels shipping cargo to different ports.

  5. The Suez Canal

    The Suez Canal reduced the travel time between Europe and the Persian Gulf from 24 days to 14 days.

Why we love National Logistics Day

  1. It honors the unsung heroes of the economy

    We normally know very little about the hard work that logistics professionals put in to make our lives comfortable. Many of them spend days in the open sea without any internet access. They even spend important holidays working in warehouses and on the road instead of being with their families. National Logistics Day helps us recognize and appreciate the dedication of these people.

  2. It makes us responsible consumers

    By knowing how far goods have to travel before reaching our homes, we can make better decisions about the food, clothes, and other products that we buy. The longer that something travels before reaching our stores, the greater its environmental impact. If we understand the logistics networks, we can choose to buy goods that are delivered from nearby locations.

  3. It supports local communities

    It is important to support local businesses such as farms and factories situated near our communities as these can be cheaper because of the shorter distance. Not only does this help us save money but it also helps small, local businesses to flourish without having to spend large amounts on transporting their products to distant markets and communities.

National Logistics Day dates

2025June 28Saturday
2026June 28Sunday
2027June 28Monday
2028June 28Wednesday
2029June 28Thursday

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