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SunJun 23

National Fatherless Children’s Day – June 23, 2024

National Fatherless Children’s Day occurs every fourth Sunday in June, and this year’s date is June 23. It acknowledges the impact of fatherlessness on children and families. It also seeks to raise awareness about the detrimental consequences that fatherlessness has on children and communities around the world. Donald Adams of Finding Fathers, Inc. founded the day in November 2020. The inaugural National Fatherless Children’s Day was held on June 27, 2021, and was officially acknowledged by the National Day Archives.

History of National Fatherless Children’s Day

Donald Adams of Finding Fathers, Inc. launched National Fatherless Children’s Day in November 2020. The first yearly remembrance began in 2021. Parental divorce has been found to affect a child’s development and behavior. Early parental divorce is associated with internalizing and externalizing behaviors in children, whereas divorce later in childhood or adolescence is associated with worse academic attainment.

While parental divorce and separation, as well as parental alienation, are the most prominent causes of father absence, other factors such as family poverty and developmental problems have also been connected to father absence, with varied theoretical approaches explaining the implications. Regardless of how experts define fathering, fathers have always been considered a source of safety and support for their children’s development. The absence of a father can have a range of effects on a child’s behavior. Following a divorce, a father’s absence typically results in a decrease in household income, poor parenting, and psychological distress.

Early parental separation harms children’s development and behavior throughout their childhood. A British study indicated that, like poverty and parental psychological distress, father absence at a given age predicted a high risk of the child scoring above the cut-off score for total difficulties two years later. Borderline personality disorder, excessive hyperactivity, and abnormal emotional problems were among the difficulties foreseen.

National Fatherless Children’s Day timeline

The Launch of National Fatherless Children's Day

Donald Adams of Finding Fathers, Inc. launches National Fatherless Children's Day.

The First Observation

The first yearly observation takes place in 2021.

Recognition By The National Day Archives

National Fatherless Day is officially recognized by the National Day Archives.

The Second Anniversary

The two-year observance of National Fatherless Children's Day takes place.

National Fatherless Children’s Day FAQs

What makes fathers disappear?

Imprisonment, infidelity, and abuse are all reasons.

Are fatherless children in the “Bible?”

“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation,” says Psalm 68:5.

Can an absent father affect a daughter?

To recapitulate, despair, suicide, eating disorders, obesity, early sexual activity, addiction creation, and difficulties forming and maintaining romantic relationships are all consequences of having an absent father.

How to Observe National Fatherless Children’s Day

  1. Give out presents

    This day can be commemorated by giving presents and support to individuals who are affected by fatherlessness. Visit an orphanage and spend the day there with the children.

  2. Make a contribution

    Donate to organizations that are dedicated to the cause. You can do so by contacting Finding Fathers Inc. to learn how you can help as a volunteer, supporter, contributor, or part of the organization's efforts to combat this problem.

  3. Spread awareness

    Make use of your position to raise awareness about the numerous challenges that fatherless children endure. Spread the word about the harmful consequences and share articles that provide detailed information.

5 Important Facts About Biological Dads

  1. The percentage of fatherless kids

    A total of 24.7 million children (33%) do not have their biological fathers in their lives.

  2. Percentage of absent biological fathers

    Biological dads are absent in 57.6% of black children’s lives, 31.2 % of Hispanic children’s lives, and 20.7% of white children’s lives.

  3. Fatherlessness affects 72.2% of America

    According to 72.2% of the population, fatherlessness is the major family problem confronting America.

  4. The teen suicide rate

    Children from absent father households account for 63 % of teenage suicides.

  5. Behavioral disorders

    Fatherless families were found to account for 85 % of all children with behavioral disorders.

Why National Fatherless Children’s Day is Important

  1. It creates awareness

    The impact of fatherlessness on children cannot be overemphasized. This day sheds light on this pressing issue and spreads awareness of these negative impacts.

  2. It celebrates fatherless kids

    Despite their family situation, this day specifically caters to fatherless kids. It reminds them that they are loved, and are important despite their situation

  3. It teaches the importance of family

    Family is not limited to blood relations. The finding father's organization used this medium to teach the importance of creating families

National Fatherless Children’s Day dates

2022June 26Sunday
2023June 25Sunday
2024June 23Sunday
2025June 22Sunday
2026June 28Sunday

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