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Constitution Day (Ukraine) – June 28, 2025

Constitution Day (Ukraine) is observed on June 28 every year and celebrates the date of the adoption of a new constitution in the Ukraine. On this day in 1996, the Ukrainian parliament — also known as ‘Verkhovna Rada’ — voted for the acceptance of the new document. Since then, Constitution Day has been celebrated as a national holiday every year.

History of Constitution Day (Ukraine)

Ukraine was a member of the Soviet Union until 1991, and during that time it enacted four different constitutions — one of which being the Constitution of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was passed in 1978. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Ukraine waited another three years to hold a presidential election, which Leonid Kuchma won in 1994.

In 1995, Kuchma signed a Constitutional Agreement and then established the Constitutional Commission, which would finally lead the Ukrainian parliament — the ‘Verkhovna Rada’ — to meet and approve the new constitution, in 1996. In a session without breaks that lasted for a whole day and a whole night, 315 deputies voted in favor of the renewed document, which would give Ukrainians more freedom of speech and human rights. Not only that but also progressively expanded the rights of private properties and defined Ukrainian as the only official language of the country. Ukraine Constitution Day became a work-free holiday right then and is even mentioned in the constitution itself — the only holiday to be mentioned in it.

Constitutions are documents that state the main principles or precedents that make up the legalities of a country or even a company. These papers determine how these entities are to be governed and limit the amount of power a government or leader has, so as to not overpower the predefined fundamental rights. In other words, a constitution is a document that contains the most important laws of a country or company and cannot ever be overlooked.

Constitution Day (Ukraine) timeline

The Constitution is Signed

The final constitution, under the gaze of the Soviet Union in the Ukraine, is signed.

Leonid Kuchma Takes Office

Kuchma is elected and takes office.

The Constitutional Agreement is Signed

President Kuchma signs an agreement that substitutes as the constitution until another is drafted.

The New Constitution is Approved

The current Ukrainian constitution is signed and approved by parliament.

Constitution Day (Ukraine) FAQs

What is Constitution Day called in Ukrainian?

Constitution Day is called ‘День Конституції’ (Day of the Constitution).

What is closed during Ukraine Constitution Day?

Most stores and restaurants are closed since it’s a work-free holiday.

What is Ukraine known for?

Not only is it a beautiful destination, but also the main producer of wheat in the world.

Constitution Day (Ukraine) Activities

  1. Go to a parade

    Every year, the capital of the Ukraine— Kyiv — promotes parades, fireworks, and concerts to celebrate the holiday. Even some of the Ukraine’s main artists participate in live performances!

  2. Wear blue and yellow

    The official colors of the Ukraine are blue and yellow. You can show your support for the holiday by wearing these colors!

  3. Set up the Ukrainian flag

    You can always display a Ukrainian flag outside your home. It’s a great way to express your Ukrainian pride!

5 Interesting Facts About Ukraine

  1. The largest country in Europe

    With the exception of Russia, the Ukraine is the largest country in Europe!

  2. It has the world’s deepest metro station

    The Arsenalna station is 346 feet underground!

  3. There are over 20 languages spoken

    The official language — Ukrainian — is only one of the many languages spoken in Ukraine.

  4. It is the home of easter eggs

    The traditional easter eggs originated in Ukraine.

  5. It has many ghost towns

    Ukraine is home to the “Chernobyl Exclusion Zone”— where a few ghost towns are located.

Why We Love Constitution Day (Ukraine)

  1. It celebrates freedom

    The constitution of the Ukraine guarantees the freedom of every citizen. We love this holiday because it keeps that idea alive in the heart of every person in the Ukraine!

  2. It celebrates human rights

    The constitution of the Ukraine also guarantees that every citizen has access to basic human rights, such as health and education. Holidays like this remind us of how important these are!

  3. Celebrates independence

    This constitution marks an important step toward Ukrainian independence. It’s the document that officially disconnected the Ukraine from the U.S.S.R. and Russia.

Constitution Day (Ukraine) dates

2025June 28Saturday
2026June 28Sunday
2027June 28Monday
2028June 28Wednesday
2029June 28Thursday

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