Amazon Prime Day – July 16, 2019

Mon Jul 16

Amazon Prime Day is a holiday to celebrate the anniversary of Amazon! This year, the shopping holiday starts at noon on Monday, July 16th and lasts until midnight on July 17th. Amazon celebrated the first annual Amazon Prime Day on July 15, 2015 in honor of the company’s 20 year anniversary. The holiday, which is now celebrated annually, features incredible deals designed to rival those of Black Friday—if you’re an Amazon Prime member that is. Prime was established in 2005, and today there are tens of millions of Prime members all over the world who pay a yearly or monthly fee for free shipping, streaming, and more.

Amazon Prime Day - Survey Results


Additional Findings


#1: Toys and kids’ and babies’ items (32%)

#2: Electronics, computers, and office tools (21%)

#3: Beauty and health items (14%)

#4: Clothing, shoes, and jewelry (12%)

#5: Movies, music, games (9%)


#1: Electronics, computers, and office tools (28%)

#2: Clothing, shoes, and jewelry (20%)

#3: Toys and kids’ and babies’ items (14%)

#4: Movies, music, games (13%)

#5: Beauty and health items (8%)


#1: Clothing, shoes, and jewelry (29%)

#2: Electronics, computers, and office tools (19%)

#3: Beauty and health items (11%)

#4 (TIE): Toys and kids’ and babies’ items (10%)

#4 (TIE): Home, garden, and tools (10%) #5: Books (8%)

Amazon Prime Day - History

July 15, 2015

Happy 20th!

First annual Amazon Prime Day in honor of Amazon's 20th anniversary


Prime Time

Amazon Prime is established

July 4, 1994

Founding Day

Jeff Bezos founds

Amazon Prime Day Activities

  1. Become an Amazon Prime member

    If you aren't' an Amazon Prime member yet, Amazon Prime Day is a great time to join in the fun — and the deals. Amazon offers a 30-day trial period for free, or you can sign up for the full year and get free shipping, streaming, and other perks all year long, and of course, all the great deals on Amazon Prime Day!

  2. Follow the deals

    Amazon Prime Day involves thousands of deals, including lightning deals, which only last for a certain amount of time, usually a few hours, or until stock runs out. Follow Amazon on Twitter to keep track of the deals yourself, or follow a site like the Wirecutter, the New York Time's tech review site, that will sift through the deals for you and tell you the ones really worth jumping on.

  3. Go shopping

    The whole point of Amazon Prime Day is to buy, buy, buy, and you haven't really celebrated this holiday of commercialism unless you participate! Do some early holiday shopping, buy yourself a treat, or just pick up something you've been needing. Whatever you get, you'll save money — and that's the whole point!

Why We Love Amazon Prime Day

  1. It brings the Internet together

    One thing we love about Amazon Prime Day is that everybody knows about it — and everyone talks about it. For one day, all of our feeds and favorite blogs are picking their favorite deals and sharing them. It's a community!

  2. It's an excuse to shop

    We love shopping, and more than that, we love shopping sales. That's why Amazon Prime Day is so great! We get to shop guilt-free, knowing that we'll save money.

  3. We love a deal

    It's been scientifically proven that a good deal increases happiness, and companies know it! Amazon knows that a day of sales increases customer happiness and loyalty, and you know what — it does! So bump your serotonin and take part in a deal!

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