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ThuNov 14

World Quality Day – November 14, 2024

World Quality Day is observed every year on the second Thursday in November. This year, it falls on November 14. The purpose of this day is to raise quality awareness and provide support to individuals and organizations for the achievement of economic prosperity and the adoption of high-quality standards. In 2008, the first World Quality Day took place in London, United Kingdom (U.K.). Every year, the theme of World Quality Day is decided by the Chartered Quality Institute (C.Q.I.). Some of the previous themes included “Sustainability: Improving Our Products, People, and Planet” and “Creating Customer Value.”

History of World Quality Day

The Chartered Quality Institute (C.Q.I.) chooses the theme of World Quality Day every year. Founded in 1919, the C.Q.I. is a chartered professional body for experts in improving service, project, and product quality. Since its inception, the C.Q.I. has set a standard for championing organizational excellence in quality management worldwide. The organization now has a membership of approximately 20,000 people and is the only organization that can award people with the “Chartered Quality Professional” status. The C.Q.I. is also in charge of the International Register of Certified Auditors (I.R.C.A.).

Part of the C.Q.I.’s mission is to “improve the ability of organizations to deliver the very best for consumers and stakeholders.” Their vision is “a world in which organizations of all types and sizes thrive by providing outstanding value for customers, stakeholders, and society.” The maiden conference of World Quality Day took place on November 13, 2008, at the Inmarsat Conference Centre in London.

Quality management, a fairly modern concept, is subdivided into four components: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement, referred to as total quality management (T.Q.M.). In general, it involves maintaining a desired level of excellence.

World Quality Day timeline

13th Century
Beginning of Quality Movement

The quality movement begins with artisans organizing themselves into guilds.

C.Q.I. is Founded

The C.Q.I. is founded in London, U.K.

Royal Charter Granted

The Queen grants the C.Q.I. Royal Charter.

World Quality Day is Inaugurated

The inaugural conference of World Quality Day takes place in London.

World Quality Day FAQs

Who is the father of quality?

William Edwards Deming is widely recognized as the ‘father’ of quality. He was a statistician and business consultant, and his methods helped Japan recover after World War II.

How do we celebrate World Quality Day/Week/Month?

Quality training for employees, recognizing individuals who apply quality in organizations, and creating a suggestion box related to quality practices are ways you can celebrate.

Why is quality important for a business?

Maintaining quality in a business means satisfied and loyal customers. Good quality products also lead to long-term profit and economic prosperity.

How to Observe World Quality Day

  1. Implement quality management

    Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate executive, implement quality management in your organization. This will improve your workflow and establish a positive image for your company or business.

  2. Maintain quality standards in your personal life

    Quality isn’t restricted to the corporate world alone. We all need to be quality individuals who can always be relied upon to put our best into everything we do.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Share this article on your social media platforms to raise awareness and challenge others to operate in excellence. Make sure to use the hashtag #WorldQualityDay.

5 Steps To Becoming A Chartered Quality Professional

  1. Provide relevant work experience

    Though there is no required number of years, when applying to the C.Q.I., you must provide information regarding your relevant work history.

  2. Include training and qualifications

    It is also important to include all relevant training and qualifications when applying to the C.Q.I.

  3. Continuing Professional Development (C.P.D.) objectives

    C.P.D. and the C.Q.I. require applicants to state at least three relevant C.P.D. objectives during the application process.

  4. Take a self-assessment

    Applicants are also required to take a self-assessment based on the C.Q.I.’s Competency Framework.

  5. Experience, skills, and knowledge

    Applicants must possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to work proactively and demonstrate leadership behaviors.

Why World Quality Day is Important

  1. It prevents mediocrity

    This day dedicated to quality is a reminder that quality prevents mediocrity. Giving our best is ever-important in our businesses, corporate positions, and individual lives.

  2. It maintains a standard of excellence

    For organizations and businesses, quality management ensures that a standard of excellence is maintained. It prevents cutting corners and poor output in their dealings.

  3. It protects customers

    Quality management protects customers and end-users. When companies, businesses, and manufacturers are held to a certain level of responsibility in terms of quality, customers can be assured of getting good value for their money.

World Quality Day dates

2022November 10Thursday
2023November 9Thursday
2024November 14Thursday
2025November 13Thursday
2026November 12Thursday

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