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ThuNov 14

Tempranillo Day – November 14, 2024

Tempranillo Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of November every year and this year, it falls on November 14. The Spanish word ‘Temprano’ translates to ‘early,’ and Spain’s native Tempranillo grapes are called so because they are harvested early in the season. In 2011, the Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society (TAPAS) celebrated the first Tempranillo Day with the goal of providing a way for people to add to the complexity of their wine drinking.

Celebrate with a glass of plum, raspberry, or black cherry wine. Their fruity taste perfectly complements dishes with a hint of spice, making them a classic pairing with Spanish chorizo. Because of its low acidity, medium tannins, and savory flavor, Tempranillo wine pairs well with a wide range of salads and entrées.

History of Tempranillo Day

When the Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society (TAPAS)inaugurated Tempranillo Day 11 years ago, they chose a Thursday to allow restaurants and wine shops to observe the day without being distracted by the hustle and bustle of their busy weekends. Since then, every year, Tempranillo aficionados in America and abroad uncork their favorite varieties, inviting others to share their deliciously full-mouthed textures and complex, fruity tastes.

The Tempranillo grape is native to the Iberian Peninsula and is the flagship variety cultivated in the wine-growing regions of Spain and Portugal. International varieties from vineyards in the U.S, France, Chile, and Argentina have had tremendous success in recent years, making the Tempranillo grape the fourth most widely planted, with Spain spearheading almost 90% of production worldwide.

Those interested in trying Tempranillo wine for the first time will notice that the type of oak barrel in which it is aged has a significant impact, with French barrels offering a more complex experience and American ones catering to more cardinal tastes.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or merely a wine aficionado, the bright and fruity red full-bodied wines will have your palate craving more of its heady romance, perfectly balanced in a natural blend of taste and character. One of the most compelling reasons to keep a case of Tempranillo on hand is the ease with which it pairs with a wide range of dishes and recipes across the culinary spectrum. Hosts are happy to know that the meal will not be without wine.

Tempranillo Day timeline

1550 B.C.
To the Gods

The Phoenician civilization thrives on the cultivation of wine and honors it as an offering to Levantine deities.

Back in Black!

A proliferation of Tempranillo grape plantations in Australia and South Africa leads to a worldwide renaissance of the wine.

November 10, 2011
Salud! Let’s drink!

The Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society (TAPAS) institutes Tempranillo Day.

Romancing the Continent

Tempranillo grape plantation covers approximately 575,000 acres, almost all of it in Europe.

Tempranillo Day FAQs

How can I connect with others on Tempranillo Day?

The Tempranillo Advocates and Producers’ Society is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that organizes Tempranillo Day activities in and around the Bay Area.

What is the ideal getaway for Tempranillo Day?

If you want to live it up in true Spanish style while enjoying the best wine tourism experience in Spain, you must visit the fantastic Marques de Riscal in Rioja. Designed by famous architect Frank Gehry, this 43-room resort is nothing short of being one of Europe’s most distinctive structures.

Which is the best wine movie to watch?

Our favorite wine-related movie is “A Walk in the Clouds”, starring Keanu Reeves and Anthony Quinn and set in the idyllic Napa Valley in the years immediately following the Second World War.

Tempranillo Day Activities

  1. Share a bottle of Tempranillo

    Invite your friends over for a glass of your favorite Tempranillo. Lighten the mood by playing Lana Del Rey or Adele softly lilting through the speakers. The secret to enjoying wine is in relishing the inherent exuberance and rejuvenating effect of the spirit.

  2. Host a wine tasting

    Wine tastings are fun! Ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine. Uncork, decant, and serve in batches of two. Offer bread washed down with water as a palate cleanser between tastings.

  3. Visit a vineyard

    Why not board a plane to the Rioja region of north-central Spain and enjoy the fruit of the vine as it was meant to be drunk, with local food and music? F.Y.I.: In the E.U, Spain has the second-highest consumption of alcohol, behind only Portugal.

5 Facts About Tempranillo Wine

  1. It’s older than Jesus

    An ancient Bacchus mural discovered in Spain in 1100 B.C. depicts Tempranillo wine.

  2. Guess who’s blue blood…

    The Tempranillo is widely regarded as Spain’s “noble” grape.

  3. The envy of the vineyard

    Tempranillo vines have deep-lobed leaves that turn bright red in fall, a particularly beautiful sight to behold.

  4. Ask for Gran Reserva

    This most exceptional vintage of Spanish Tempranillo wine is aged for a minimum of five years.

  5. The grape with many names

    The Tempranillo grape is known as Tinto Fino in Ribera del Duero, Tinta de Toro in Toro, Ull de Llebre in Catalonia, Cencibel in La Mancha, and Tinto Roriz in Portugal.

Why We Love Tempranillo Day

  1. Drinking before six

    Throw the rulebook out the window and enjoy the taste of a savory Tempranillo with a choice of your favorite canapés all day! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere after all!

  2. It’s good for you!

    Research suggests that drinking a glass of red wine in the evening before dinner helps protect against heart disease. We’re all about health here and what better way is there to take care of your heart?

  3. It’s an intoxicating aphrodisiac

    Nothing spells romance or speaks the language of love easier than sharing a bottle of wine with someone you like. So, pop open a cork and let the sparks fly!

Tempranillo Day dates

2022November 10Thursday
2023November 9Thursday
2024November 14Thursday
2025November 13Thursday
2026November 12Thursday

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