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Co Working Day – August 9, 2024

Coworking Day is celebrated on August every year. It’s a day meant to appreciate the achievements, as well as encourage the concept of coworking around the world. You may have once confused the words ‘coworker’ and ‘coworking’ as related concepts but they differ markedly. A coworker is someone who works in the same company or workplace as you do, while coworking is a workspace where people from different workplaces work jointly to execute a particular project or task.

History of Co Working Day

The concept of coworking is credited to a software engineer named Brad Neuberg, owner of the Spiral Muse Coworking Group. On August 9, 2005, he blogged about inviting free spirits and creatives to come together in the community. It is argued that before Neuberg’s blog post, other cooperative spaces already existed for freelancers and entrepreneurs. However, it’s generally agreed that it was Neuberg’s definition and explicit use of the term ‘coworking’ that made the difference.

The first instance of coworking space can be traced back to 1995, when hackers in the capital city of Germany, Berlin, created a ‘hackerspace,’ a space to share thoughts and information among similar-minded individuals. Nevertheless, the concept didn’t get much recognition until Neuberg blogged about it in 2005. In 2010, coworking gained international recognition when the co-founder of New York City’s first dedicated coworking space, Tony Bacigalupo, posted on his blog saying, “Next Monday will be 5years since Brad Neuberg first spoke about coworking. I think that should be the official Coworking Day.” And of course, from that year, the celebration of Coworking Day began and has been observed every August 9, since.

Coworking is the preferred way of operating by business owners because it’s cost-effective and comes with a handful of other advantages. Some of these include great networking opportunities, an increase in productivity, boosted creativity, and growth in flexibility.

Co Working Day timeline

The Beginning of Coworking

Hackers in Berlin advocate for a hackerspace.

Coworking Becomes Recognized

Brad Neuberg's blog post makes coworking a worthwhile endeavor.

The First Coworking Book

The first book on coworking, “I'm Outta Here: How Coworking is Making the Office Obsolete,” is published.

Coworking Day is Declared

Celebration of Coworking Day is declared by Bacigalupo.

Co Working Day FAQs

Why is coworking successful?

With the knowledge and experience of experts in coworking spaces, project success rates are higher than that of a traditional workplace. The skills and expertise of experts in various fields, who all come together, collaborate, exchange ideas, and evaluate problems to achieve a specific goal are bound to result in success.

Why does coworking fail?

Coworking spaces have been on the increase for years, although some spaces have failed. It’s important to note that coworking, just like any other business or goal-oriented action, is likely to fail when there is poor planning. Another reason why coworking spaces have failed is because they were established in the wrong location.

Why do we need coworking spaces?

The level of remote working is high nowadays. Employees who wish to be in a place where they are surrounded by people sharing the same interest as them can readily do that in coworking spaces, rather than go to their traditional work offices.

Co Working Day Activities

  1. Join a coworking space

    If not for anything, join to experience the advantages associated with coworking. Who knows? You might just meet someone who will take your career to the next level.

  2. Establish a coworking space

    It doesn't need to be as big as New York's. But great things have small beginnings. Form one and get similar-minded people to come together to share ideas and make things happen.

  3. Attend coworking presentations and seminars

    Observe the event by attending any coworking presentation or seminar either. You can attend one in your vicinity or online.

5 Facts About Coworking You Should Know About

  1. It was first unpopular

    The initiative started by Berlin hackers gained no momentum at the time.

  2. Popularized by a blog post idea

    A blog post by Brad Neuberg made coworking popular.

  3. It’s fast-growing

    A lot of companies around the world are now subscribing to the idea of coworking.

  4. It allows for autonomy

    Workspaces become more independent because of the absence of superiors — everyone is on the same footing.

  5. It’s been adapted more in the west

    Coworking is practiced more in western countries than in other continents.

Why We Love Co Working Day

  1. Coworking is flexible

    Coworking is largely free from strict rules and regulations. Everyone is believed to be a professional or specialist in his/her field. Therefore, not much monitoring is required.

  2. It increases productivity

    Because of the combined efforts of experts handling a particular project or task, there is higher productivity. More results are achieved than in a traditional workplace.

  3. It fosters collaborations

    Coworking involves sharing ideas among specialists in different fields. It’s a good place for professionals to interact.

Co Working Day dates

2024August 9Friday
2025August 9Saturday
2026August 9Sunday
2027August 9Monday
2028August 9Wednesday

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