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FriAug 9

National Hand Holding Day – August 9, 2024

National Hand Holding Day is celebrated every year on August 9. This day was created to encourage people to hold hands as a way to emphasize the importance of touch and encourage affection towards loved ones. Holding hands is not only limited to romantic relationships but is a warm gesture that happens between grandparents and their grandchildren, parents and their children, a way of reassuring and guiding the young through the world. It’s also a means of providing physical support to the elderly.

History of National Hand Holding Day

Although the origins of National Hand Holding Day are unknown, the gesture of holding hands is common among most cultures around the world. Holding hands can be done as a sign of love, friendship, or solidarity. It isn’t restricted to lovers but also manifests an act of affection in filial and platonic relationships. Scientific research has even linked holding hands with the release of a hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a peptide hormone produced in the hypothalamus region of the human brain activated when neurons experience electrical activity, which results in the hormone being released into one’s bloodstream. Oxytocin plays a major role in the female reproductive system, especially during pregnancy and lactation. However, the hormone is also released during physical activities such as exercise and hugging. When released, it has positive effects on the body, such as stress reduction and decreased anxiety levels.

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina further demonstrated the remarkable effects of holding hands. During the study, several couples were assembled and told to give speeches. In the events leading up to their presentations, one-half of the couples sat together and held hands, after which they embraced for 20 seconds while another group sat away from their significant others before giving their speech. When tested, it was discovered that the people who were separated from their partners had higher heart rates and their blood pressures rose twice as high as the couples who held hands and hugged each other. This illustrates the positive effects that hand holding can have on people’s emotions and stress levels.

National Hand Holding Day timeline

The ‘Holding Hands’ Phrase Emerges

The phrase ‘holding hands’ first appears in “A True Discourse of the Late Voyages of Discoverie” written by George Best.

Hands Across America Takes Place

During the ‘Hands Across America’ fundraising event, five to 6.5 million people hold hands to form a chain across the United States.

H.H.O. is Founded

Holding Hands Organization (H.H.O.) is founded in Sindh, Pakistan.

Holding Hands Foundation is Established

The Holding Hands Foundation is established in India.

National Hand Holding Day FAQs

Who organized Hands Across America?

The Hands Across America fundraiser was organized by the U.S.A. For Africa, a non-profit organization.

How much did Hands Across America raise?

Hands Across America raised $34 million through donations, $15 million of which is donated to charities, the rest covering expenses.

What are love languages?

Love languages are how people receive and express love such as using affirming words, spending quality time, providing acts of service, and receiving gifts.

National Hand Holding Day Activities

  1. Hold hands

    There’s no better way to celebrate this holiday than by holding hands. Find someone you love and show them you care.

  2. Show love

    Holding hands with someone is just one of many ways to show others how much you love them. Commit to making a meaningful connection through other thoughtful gestures.

  3. Spread awareness

    Help spread awareness about this day by talking to someone about it or posting about it online. Make sure to use the hashtag #holdinghandsday.

5 Places Where P.D.A. Is Illegal Or Taboo

  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    In Dubai, UAE, kissing and other public displays of affection are prohibited.

  2. Saudi Arabia

    In Saudi Arabia, public displays of affection may attract a fine of up to $800.

  3. India

    According to section 294 of India’s Penal Code, anyone who ‘does any obscene act in any public place’ is liable for up to three months imprisonment, a fine, or both.

  4. Qatar

    Public displays of affection between people of the opposite sex, such as kissing and hugging, are socially unacceptable in Qatar.

  5. University of Zimbabwe

    According to the university’s rules, students can be expelled if they are ‘caught in an intimate position, kissing or having sex in public places.’

Why We Love National Hand Holding Day

  1. Holding hands helps us express love

    Holding hands is a simple yet powerful way to show affection without uttering a word. This day encourages people to express their love for one another.

  2. Holding hands reduces stress

    Studies have shown that holding hands releases oxytocin into the body. This hormone is capable of lowering stress and anxiety levels.

  3. Holding hands is a way to bond

    Physically connecting our bodies also creates emotional and psychological bonds with the people we love. Holding hands is a way to spend quality time with one another.

National Hand Holding Day dates

2024August 9Friday
2025August 9Saturday
2026August 9Sunday
2027August 9Monday
2028August 9Wednesday

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