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Singapore National Day – August 9, 2024

Singapore National Day is a public holiday that is observed in Singapore on August 9 of every year. The day is set aside to commemorate Singapore’s independence from Malaysia which took place in the year 1965. The holiday is usually marked with a National Day Parade. There is usually an official address by the Prime Minister of Singapore, which is delivered on the National Day’s eve, and people can enjoy watching spectacular fireworks displays. The holiday is focused on celebrating the country’s independence so it is a favorite for many of the citizens. Non-citizens also usually travel to take part in the celebrations.

History of Singapore National Day

Singapore National Day takes place in Singapore every year on August 9. It is a special day when citizens of the country come together to appreciate and celebrate their independence. In 1963, a merger caused Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore, and the Federation of Malaya to become the Federation of Malaysia, in which Singapore was included. This was because Singapore being without natural resources needed Malaysia for a bigger market reach and job opportunities.

Later in 1965, due to some political and civil unrest, Singapore gained its independence from Malaysia. Singapore’s independence is remembered and celebrated yearly with exciting activities.

For instance, the Singapore National Day parade usually takes place in Marina Bay, the National Stadium, or the Padang. The parade usually includes officers of the Armed Forces, Police Force, Civil Defense Force, and some representatives of political parties. There are also members of labor unions present during the parade. Students who are part of uniformed groups such as Girl Guides, Scouts, and diverse Cadet Corps. Additionally, the Singapore Air Force flies over the parade with numerous military aircraft.

The Singapore National Day Message has been recorded by the Prime minister of Singapore every year since 1966 and is delivered on National Day eve. The message covers domestic and global developments, economic performance and outlook, and national priorities and government plans. After the address, the beautiful display of fireworks can then be enjoyed alongside the festivities, where there are choir performances, performances from school bands, and other fun presentations that can be enjoyed. Audiences can also take part in some of the activities such as enjoying the experience of skydiving.

Singapore National Day timeline

A Merger

A merger causes Singapore to become a part of Malaysia.

A New President Arises

Yusof bin Ishak becomes the first President of Singapore.

An Independence Story

Singapore gains its independence from Malaysia due to some political and civil unrest.

A Rally is Held

The Singapore National Day Rally is held by the Prime minister of Singapore and occurs every year.

Singapore National Day FAQs

Who wrote Singapore's national pledge?

Singapore’s national pledge was written by Mr. S Rajaratnam in 1966 who then passed it to the Prime Minister at the time, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

Why is the Singapore flag red and white?

The red color on the flag symbolizes universal brotherhood. The white color denotes everlasting virtue and purity. The crescent moon represents a young nation on the ascendant, and the five stars stand for the nation’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality.

How did Singapore get its name?

The name Singapore comes from the Malay words ‘Singa’ for ‘lion’ and ‘Pura’ for ‘the city.’

What was Singapore first called?

Singapore was once called Sea Town.

What language is spoken in Singapore?

Malay, English, Tamil, and Mandarin.

How to Observe Singapore National Day

  1. Visit Singapore

    Singapore is a beautiful country that attracts a lot of visitors and tourists. Taking a trip to the country is one certain way to celebrate the holiday.

  2. Watch the parade

    The Singapore National Day parade can be watched in person or on T.V. It is usually an interesting display.

  3. Learn about Singapore

    You can do some research to learn more about the country. Singapore has a rich history and culture for you to discover.

5 Interesting Facts About Singapore

  1. Changes in time zones

    Singapore has changed its time zones six times since 1905.

  2. Gum is banned

    In Singapore, chewing gum is banned and requires a medical prescription.

  3. It is a small country

    Singapore is considered to be among the 20 smallest countries.

  4. Buildings have height limits

    The buildings in Singapore can only be built to a limit of 918 feet as a result of restrictions on air traffic control.

  5. Only one building goes beyond the limit

    The Tanjong Pagar Centre was granted permission to be built at 951 feet which is above the normal limit.

Why Singapore National Day is Important

  1. It boosts the economy

    The holiday attracts visitors who bring income into the country. Extra income is always good for the country’s economy.

  2. It maintains tradition

    The activities of the holiday are kept as a part of the country’s tradition. This tradition is then passed on to younger generations.

  3. It creates awareness

    The holiday spreads information about the country. People can learn more about Singapore’s history and current affairs from Singapore National Day.

Singapore National Day dates

2024August 9Friday
2025August 9Saturday
2026August 9Sunday
2027August 9Monday
2028August 9Wednesday

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