National Bowling Day – August 10, 2019

Sat Aug 10

National Bowling Day is observed yearly on the second Saturday in August. While it’s possible that bowling style games originated in ancient civilizations around the world, we likely can give credit to modern game of bowling to Germany. Kegels were placed at the end of an alley and Germans would roll a stone, attempting to knock them down (seriously, we looked this up). The motivation was that by knocking down the kegel, a person’s sins would be reconciled.

National Bowling Day Activities

  1. Go out and bowl

    If you own a bowling ball, great! If not, no problem – rent a ball ask one of your friends to go on a bowling adventure with you.

  2. Throw a bowling party for a friend

    Feeling ambitious? Organize a bowling party for one of your good friends or family members. Make sure to include refreshments for the whole team. Pretty soon you’ll be the go-to for bowling night.

  3. Watch The Big Lebowski

    While Kingpin's definitely a classic (and arguably the more bowling-centric comedy), one can never go wrong when sitting down for a White Russian with The Dude! Fun fact: the bowling alley featured in the film was called the Hollywood Star Lanes, located on the famed Santa Monica Boulevard. 

Why We Love National Bowling Day

  1. Bowling is a bonding experience

    Bowling is a fun way to inspire friendly competition between friends, and you can get as serious (or not) about it as much as you want.

  2. Bowling + food = good times

    Speaking of food, there’s plenty to choose from at a bowling alley. If you get that food craving in between games, there’s no need to leave to head to a restaurant. There's plenty of food inhouse!

  3. You define your own style

    You can get a strike via strike shooting, or putting the ball on a curved spin. Try various styles and pick one that suits you best.