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ThuApr 18

Pet Owners Independence Day – April 18, 2024

Pet Owners Independence Day is celebrated on April 18 each year. This zany holiday aims to flip the script on the traditional role of pet owners as breadwinners. On this day, all participating pet parents get the opportunity to lounge at home, whilst their pets try their paws at working. There are, admittedly, some logistical issues with the idea — it is unfathomable to imagine a hamster managing company accounting or a cat defending a case in court, but it does serve as a wonderful thought exercise for tired pet owners longing for a break.

History of Pet Owners Independence Day

Humans have had pets for thousands of years. In fact, archaeology suggests a period of 12,000 years, and it is an agreed-upon fact that dogs were the first animals to be kept as pets by humans. Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to openly mourn the loss of a dog, inscribing tombstones for their lost companions. Ancient Egyptians kept dogs and baboons as pets, often named, and buried them with their owners.

The modern conception of pet ownership stems from Victorian England. The 17th and 18th centuries bore witness to the gradual rise in the social acceptability of keeping a pet. Pets soon became a sign of elite status as aristocrats began keeping dogs for both hunting and companionship. The rise of the middle-class post the industrial revolution led to pet ownership becoming a part of the so-called ‘bourgeois culture.’ As the popularity of pets rose, the pet trade became lucrative, and the streets of London soon saw vendors selling different breeds. The pedigree of a dog also grew in importance as the breed of the dog was indicative of its owner’s status within society.

These sensibilities live on to this day, as breeders profit from the demand for purebred pets. There is, however, a rising demand in society to stop the practice of breeding and shift to adopting pets regardless of pedigree — often quoting the slogan “adopt, don’t shop.”

Pet Owners Independence Day timeline

Over 14,000 Years Ago
The First Pets

Humans start keeping pets for the first time.

14,200 Years Ago
The First-known Dog Burial

The first-known dog burial takes place in modern-day Bonn-Oberkassel, Germany.

1200 B.C. — 600 B.C.
Dog Burials in Europe

The Ancient Greeks and Romans bury their pet dogs.

17th Century
Pets in England

Pets become more acceptable in British society.

Pet Owners Independence Day FAQs

Is there a day called Pet Day?

Yes, there is. National Pet Day is annually celebrated on April 11.

Are pet owners happier than non-pet owners?

According to a study, pet owners are 12% happier than people without pets.

Do pet owners make better parents?

While it’s not an established fact, a study found that one in three people believe that their pet will make them a better parent someday.

Pet Owners Independence Day Activities

  1. Take your pet to work

    If your office is pet-friendly, take your pet to your office. Give them the grand tour, and start introducing them to the idea of doing your work for you.

  2. Take the day off

    If you have enough P.T.O.s, take the day off to relax. Spend some quality time with your animal companion.

  3. Order a pet-friendly cake

    Celebrate the day by getting a pet-friendly cake for your companion. Bond with them as they explore the novelty of eating cake.

5 Interesting Facts About Pets

  1. Titanic survivors

    Of the survivors of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912, three were dogs.

  2. Grooming habits

    Cats spend 30% of their waking time grooming themselves.

  3. Many eyelids

    Dogs have three eyelids.

  4. A pack of cats

    A pack of cats is called a clowder.

  5. Rabbit teeth

    Rabbit teeth never stop growing.

Why We Love Pet Owners Independence Day

  1. The perfect excuse to relax

    This zany holiday is the perfect excuse to simply lounge about for a day. We think everyone can use this destresser.

  2. A day to bond with your pet

    Whether you’re taking your pet to work or simply relaxing together, Pet Owners Independence Day is a lovely opportunity to spend more time with your pet. Take them for a long walk, a fun day at the park, or stay in and learn cute indoor tricks together.

  3. It switches up your pet’s schedule

    Regardless of how you choose to spend the day, Pet Owners Independence Day is a great opportunity to switch up your pet’s routine. A change is as good as a holiday.

Pet Owners Independence Day dates

2024April 18Thursday
2025April 18Friday
2026April 18Saturday
2027April 18Sunday
2028April 18Tuesday

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