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WedJan 8

National Snuggle a Chicken Day – January 8, 2025

National Snuggle a Chicken Day is celebrated annually on January 8. Evident from the name, this holiday is a day to snuggle chickens and treat them with the same care shown to more popular pets. Interestingly, many homes do keep chickens as pets and when comfortable, chickens enjoy being petted and held by people. These feathery animals were domesticated as far back as 10,000 years ago and have been put to a variety of uses, from cockfighting to making up delicious meals. The day recognizes the abuse that chickens go through and their uniqueness.

History of National Snuggle a Chicken Day

National Snuggle A Chicken Day identifies as a nonprofit organization and the name says it all — a day to snuggle a chicken! Chickens have a long and colorful history in our world. Though they’re now commonly used for food, this wasn’t always the case. It is believed that chickens were domesticated as far back as 7,000 to 10,000 years ago. Initially, they were primarily bred for cockfighting or special ceremonies. Louisiana was the last state of the U.S. to ban cockfighting — as recently as 2008.

It wasn’t until around four B.C. — two B.C. that people began consuming chickens for food. Their eggs also became a primary source of food. Now, there are more chickens than any other bird in all parts of the world. Chickens are also pets, as they are social animals like dogs and cats. Some do enjoy being petted and picked up when they are in the company of people they feel comfortable with. Chickens have also symbolized different things in one civilization after another.

In ancient Egypt, eggs would be hung in temples to ensure a bountiful river flood. In Zoroastrianism, an ancient Persian faith, the rooster was portrayed as a spirit that crowed at dawn to signify the cosmic struggle between darkness and light. Even in Christianity, the story of Peter denying Jesus before the cock crowed led Pope Nicholas to decree that a rooster figure should be placed atop churches. This explains why many churches have cockerel-shaped weather vanes on top of them.

National Snuggle a Chicken Day timeline

7,000 — 10,000 Years Ago
The Domestication of Chickens

Chickens are domesticated in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

4 B.C. — 2 B.C.
Chickens are Bred for Consumption

People begin breeding chickens for food consumption.

9th Century
The Decree by Pope Nicholas

Pope Nicholas decrees that churches should put cockerel figures on their roofs.

National Snuggle a Chicken Day FAQs

What does it mean when a chicken follows you?

Chickens can follow you when they are hungry, especially if you are their caretaker.

What Are chickens afraid of?

Chickens are afraid of large predators like owls and hawks.

Where do chickens like to be petted?

On the head, back, neck, or chest.

National Snuggle a Chicken Day Activities

  1. Snuggle a chicken

    It’s National Snuggle a Chicken Day! Celebrate by snuggling a feathery chicken.

  2. Buy a chicken

    You can also buy and keep a chicken as a pet. They make for peaceful and fairly low-maintenance pets. Plus, they could also supply you with eggs.

  3. Spread the word!

    A lot of people probably don’t know we’re celebrating this holiday. Spread the word by telling a friend or posting on social media.

5 Fascinating Facts About Chickens

  1. They can spot differences

    Chickens can distinguish between more than 100 faces of their species.

  2. They have social structures

    Chickens know who’s boss by forming complex social structures known as ‘pecking orders’ where every chicken knows his or her place on the social ladder.

  3. They have complete sight

    Chickens have a full-color vision.

  4. They sleep like humans

    They experience rapid eye movement in sleep, which means they dream just like any human.

  5. There are more chickens than humans

    There are currently over 20 billion chickens in the world.

Why We Love National Snuggle a Chicken Day

  1. Chickens are social

    Contrary to popular opinion, chickens are social animals. Some enjoy being petted and picked up, like other popular pets.

  2. Chickens are a food source

    Chickens are a healthy source of protein when used as food. Both their eggs and meat are healthy food sources.

  3. This holiday opposes animal cruelty

    People are often prone to mistreat the animals they own. This holiday is a reminder to treat animals, including chickens, with more care and kindness.

National Snuggle a Chicken Day dates

2025January 8Wednesday
2026January 8Thursday
2027January 8Friday
2028January 8Saturday
2029January 8Monday

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