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Show And Tell At Work Day – January 8, 2025

Show and Tell At Work Day is celebrated on January 8 each year. Its objective is to rekindle the childhood excitement around show & tell day during kindergarten. This day invites those who long for the nostalgic event. This celebration was created with the belief that age and maturity have no business robbing people of joy. Thus, it is the best day to exhibit any trinket or position that people may have the desire to showcase to their colleagues. Show and Tell At Work Day was established by Thomas and Ruth Roy to allow adults to momentarily feel like kids again.

History of Show And Tell At Work Day

Show and tell is the practice of showing an object to an audience and describing it to them. It is a reasonably common classroom activity in elementary school, especially in Western countries. The objects displayed are usually toys or other children-oriented items. In a regular show and tell session, children usually present an item to the rest of the class and explain why that item was selected, what it means to them, and other relevant information.

While the exact origins of the activity are unknown, one of the first references to show and tell was in the 1954 journal “Childhood Education.” The activity can help children build storytelling abilities, bridge the school and home, encourage bonds with one another, and enhance their communication skills. A teacher’s level of involvement may vary, but a 1994 research found that more involved teaching can increase the psychological benefits of the activity for students. However, show and tell has been criticized for how time-consuming and monotonous it can potentially be.

This activity, though, is usually limited to childhood in most conventional cases. To combat this fact, Show and Tell At Work Day was established by Thomas and Ruth Roy to allow adults to momentarily feel like kids again. They are the pioneers of and are known to begin several fun holidays such as Be A Dork Day and Embrace Your Geekness Day. Being an adult can be exhausting at times, especially if you are working hard almost every day of the week. This day aims to help us and our colleagues relive childhood fun. Show and Tell At Work Day is a nostalgic event most would definitely enjoy celebrating.

Show And Tell At Work Day timeline

24th century B.C.

The first schools are created.

1954 A.D.
Childhood Education

Show and tell is first documented in “Childhood Education.”

A Teacher’s Involvement

Research finds that the proactive involvement of teachers in show and tell increases its benefits for children.

Copyrighted Holidays

Thomas and Ruth Roy begin creating copyrighted holidays including Show and Tell At Work Day.

Show And Tell At Work Day FAQs

What do you show at work show and tell?

Anything you want to as long as it is work-appropriate, like collectible figures, artwork, etc.

Why is show and tell important?

It can boost public speaking skills and bonding with peers.

What is show and tell method?

It is a “practice whereby children are allowed to share an oral narrative about an object or experience.”

Show And Tell At Work Day Activities

  1. Ask your work admin about the activity

    If you’re interested in having your workplace organize a Show & Tell At Work Day celebration, talk to your work admin about it. They’ll surely love to be involved!

  2. Organize informally

    If an official celebration is not possible, organize an informal Show & Tell At Work Day for interested colleagues. It’s bound to be fun!

  3. Read up about show and tell

    Show and tell is interesting, learn a bit about its history and benefits. You may be surprised at what you learn.

5 Interesting Facts About The Workplace

  1. Most productivity

    Tuesday is found to be the most productive day of the week.

  2. Productive tunes

    Listening to music can help boost productivity.

  3. Proper sleep

    Adults who get 7.5 to nine hours of sleep a day tend to be about 20% more productive.

  4. You’ve got mail

    Workers tend to spend about 25% of the workday reading and writing emails.

  5. Sick day

    Monday is the most common sick day.

Why We Love Show And Tell At Work Day

  1. It’s a trip down memory lane

    Show and tell can be a very gentle reminder of childhood, thus sparking nostalgia. We love this!

  2. It excites employees

    The nostalgia sparked by the idea of Show and Tell At Work Day can create a general feeling of excitement in the workplace. We all could use a bit of excitement!

  3. It can boost productivity

    Show and Tell At Work Day has the potential to make people happy. Happiness in the workplace invariably boosts productivity.

Show And Tell At Work Day dates

2025January 8Wednesday
2026January 8Thursday
2027January 8Friday
2028January 8Saturday
2029January 8Monday

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