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TueNov 19

National Have A Bad Day Day – November 19, 2024

We are celebrating Have A Bad Day Day on November 19. The day provides the ideal opportunity for those who must wish others a happy day while having a bad day themselves. The idea behind the day is that people do not have to mask their actual feelings and embrace the truth. It is also a glorious day for pranksters to confuse others by wishing them a bad day. It is a major day for people in customer service to showcase their true emotions to their customers, who are just used to seeing happy faces. Just remember to be aware of who can handle such a greeting and who can’t!

History of National Have A Bad Day Day

We are all humans, and it is very human to have a bad day. The problem is that we are usually not able to express it. Society has a way of making people hide their true feelings and forcing them to smile even when they want to cry.

Have a Bad Day Day was created by Thomas Roy and his wife Ruth. They created this day, along with so many other interesting and thought-provoking days. People in the customer service sector are the primary beneficiaries of this day. Because they are the people who have to put up a facade of a smiling face and politeness every day in front of their customers. The idea behind this special day is that there should at least be a day when people can open up about their true feelings without being judged or tormented for doing so.
You can also celebrate the day if you love to open up without being judged, or if you want to cause a bit of confusion and chaos just for fun. The day is also a perfect opportunity to prank and confuse others. Hey, we are not judgmental. Who wouldn’t want to cause a bit of mayhem then and now?

The real potential of the day lies in opening up. People do not have to hide their pain inside and put on a mask of a smiling face for others to be polite. Taking a day to truly express that it is a bad day can help lose some weight from a heavy heart. This is a day when people can shout out their feelings without being judged or being impolite. It is also good to have a change in tone once a year. What is life without a bit of fun? So, tell the world to have a bad day and do it with the brightest smile you can muster.

National Have A Bad Day Day timeline

17,000 B.C.
The First Entrepreneurs

People start doing business in New Guinea by trading obsidian for necessary products.

Customer Service Starts

Alexander Graham-Bell invents the telephone leading to the modern form of customer service.

Have a Nice Day

The first usage of the phrase “Have a nice day” appears in the film, “A Letter to Three Wives.”

The First Call Center

Time Inc. starts the first call center that operates under the name Life Circulation Co.

National Have A Bad Day Day FAQs

Is it okay to have a bad day?

It is completely okay to have a bad day. It is nearly impossible to not have a bad day once in a while. When the bad days strike, make sure you are in control and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

How do you cheer someone up on a bad day?

Be there for that person, listen rather than advise, follow rather than lead, and inspire them to be happy. Try to have quality time with the person.

When was the first Have A Bad Day Day?

The history, origin, and the year in which the National Have a Bad Day Day was first celebrated, are all unknown.

National Have A Bad Day Day Activities

  1. Be honest

    This is a day, to be honest about your feelings. You do not have to mask your feelings under the mask of a false smile. Be bold, be open, and express clearly that you are having a bad day with a smile.

  2. Confuse your friends

    You might not be having a bad day. But that does not stop you from celebrating the day. Wish a bad day to your close people or even your colleagues and clients. Just confuse them for the sake of the day.

  3. Shake up the greeting

    Having a bad day can be frustrating, especially when you are working in customer service. So change out that perpetual “Have a good day” with “Have a bad day” and smile as you do it.

5 Facts About Customer Service You Should Know

  1. Influential everywhere

    About one-fourth of all employment is centered around customer service.

  2. That is one unhappy job

    Customer service is ranked as one of the unhappiest jobs, with a bliss score of only 2.142.

  3. Gender matters

    Women are generally more satisfied as customer service specialists compared to men.

  4. The customer is always right

    Harry Gordon Selfridge invented the motto, “The customer is always right.”

  5. Have a nice day

    The phrase “Have a nice day” is generally not used in the U.K.

Why We Love National Have A Bad Day Day

  1. A chance to be honest

    Who would want to lie every day? The day is an opportunity to be honest in front of everyone. It offers a chance to express yourself without getting judged for it.

  2. A day for people to understand

    Have a Bad Day Day is dedicated to understanding the plight of those having a bad day. When people hear someone wishing them to have a bad day, most will understand what that person is going through.

  3. Happy work, happy life

    Satisfaction at work can directly contribute to a happy life. This day offers a chance to open up and let your emotions flow. You do not have to be frustrated with wishing a customer a nice day while you are having a bad one.

National Have A Bad Day Day dates

2024November 19Tuesday
2025November 19Wednesday
2026November 19Thursday
2027November 19Friday
2028November 19Sunday

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