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National Lewis Day – November 19, 2024

National Lewis Day takes place every November 19 and is dedicated to appreciating the name Lewis. This name, which means ‘known,’ ‘famous battle’ and is composed of the Germanic terms ‘hlod’ for ‘fame’ and ‘wig’ for ‘war,’ is derived from the Germanic given name Lewis (Lowis, Lodovicus). It may have originated in Wales as an anglicized version of the given name Llywelyn. As an Irish surname, it can be an anglicized version of the Gaelic Mac Lughaidh, which means ‘son of Lughaidh.’ Lewis is also the americanization of other Jewish surnames that sound similar, such as Levy and Lewin. Lewis is the 26th most common surname in the U.S. and the 21st most common surname in the U.K.

History of National Lewis Day

The Lewis surname is derived from the given name Lewis, which is an anglicized variant of the Welsh name Llewellyn. This name is sometimes interpreted as ‘lion-like.’ However, it is most likely derived from the Welsh word ‘llyw,’ which means ‘leader.’ Alternatively, Lewis is an Anglo-French variant of the Old Frankish name ‘Hludwig,’ which means ‘loud war.’ The Lewis family of Glamorgan in the 1540s was one of the earliest instances. Other origins include the Gaelic surname Mac Lughaidh, which means ‘son of Lughaidh’ and has been anglicized as Lewis. Lewis is also an anglicization of various similar-sounding Jewish surnames, such as ‘Levy’ or ‘Levi,’ as well as the Arabic variant of the name ‘Elias.’

Lewis is also an English boy’s name that means ‘famous warrior.’ If you want this pronounced with an S, the best spelling is Lewis. The name has been among the top five most popular names in Scotland since 2000 and is one that parents in the U.S. are now beginning to reconsider. In England and Wales, the surname comes from the Norman personal name ‘Lowis,’ ‘Lodovicus.’ This name is derived from the post-Classical Latin name ‘Ludovicus,’ which means ‘victory in athletic sports’ (Ludus, game; vicus, var. of victor, winner). The name evolved into the Old French ‘Clovis,’ ‘Clouis,’ and ‘Louis,’ as well as the German ‘Ludwig.’ The Normans brought the name ‘Lowis’ to England.

Lewis was a top 100 name in the U.S. from 1880 through 1930, peaking at 30 in 1880. Lewis Carroll, born Charles, is one of its most renowned namesakes. Lewis Black, a comedian, is the current bearer. Lewis is also a well-known surname, as in Lewis & Clark, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, Leona Lewis, and many more.

National Lewis Day timeline

The Presidential Medal of Freedom

John Llewellyn Lewis, a labor leader in the U.S., becomes the winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The First Nobel Laureate of African Descent

Sir William Arthur Lewis, a Saint Lucian economist, receives the 1979 Nobel Prize in Economics, making him the first African descent to receive a Nobel Prize in a field other than peace.

The Voice of Anger

Lewis Niles Black, an American comedian, voices the role of 'Anger' in Pixar's “Inside Out.”

The King of Comedy’s Serious Role

Jerry Lewis, born Joseph Levitch, an American comedian, stars in a serious role in his movie "Max Rose," which screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

National Lewis Day FAQs

What does the name Lewis imply in the Bible?

Lewis is not found in the Bible but is used widely in Christian circles. It has a Germanic origin meaning ‘fame’ and ‘war.’

What's the distinction between Louis and Lewis?

Louis is the French equivalent of the Old Frankish given name ‘Chlodowig’ and one of two English equivalents, the other being Lewis.

Who is the most famous Lewis

In Christian circles, C.S. Lewis is well-known and a highly regarded theologian. In the contemporary world, the accolade goes to musician, singer, songwriter, and producer Lou Reed born — Lewis Allan Reed.

National Lewis Day Activities

  1. Open up your home and hold a feast

    Have your friends and family come over for a visit. Make sure there is a lot of food and beverages, as well as music and dancing.

  2. Prepare a gift

    On this day, people typically get modest gifts, larger dinners are prepared, and cakes are also produced. Everything is enjoyable on this day!

  3. Share it on social media

    Celebrate the day by sharing it on social media. Knowing you have the same name as someone else on social media makes you feel like everything is going well.

5 Fascinating Facts About Lewis

  1. The name Lewis is pretty rare

    Lewis will be named after one of every 3,163 newborn boys born in 2020.

  2. Trendy vs. outdated

    The name Lewis is very trendy and stylish in the U.K. but old and out of date in the U.S.

  3. Very popular in Scotland

    Since 2000, Lewis has been in the top five most popular names in Scotland.

  4. First found in the U.S.

    Between 1840 and 1920, the Lewis surname was found in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Scotland.

  5. The U.S. has a preferred spelling

    It's archaic and out of date in America since Louis has always been the favored spelling of this name in America.

Why We Love National Lewis Day

  1. Lewis’ are easily adaptable

    These personalities, as natural adventurers, thrive on the novel and unexpected and want to be in continual motion. It gives them a sense of being alive.

  2. They are inherent risk-takers

    If there isn't enough going on, they'll instigate some, and as natural risk-takers, they like pushing the boundaries. The Lewis personality is naturally rebellious and never opposes change.

  3. They are social butterflies

    Lewis’s characters are frequently highly gregarious and easily make friends. People enjoy being around them because of their upbeat and engaging energy.

National Lewis Day dates

2024November 19Tuesday
2025November 19Wednesday
2026November 19Thursday
2027November 19Friday
2028November 19Sunday

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