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Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
SatJul 27

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day – July 27, 2024

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day, celebrated every July 27, is a fun national day that simply focuses on taking a short walk any time during the day. And no, walking on a treadmill doesn’t count! To celebrate the day, put on your pants and head out — i.e. take your pants for a walk. So think of some fun walking activities, gather your friends, and take a relaxing stroll. Don’t forget, there are no adverse effects of walking and you will definitely feel wonderful afterward.

History of Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

Walking has been a part of our lives since time immemorial. However, with technological advancement, the act of walking has been reduced greatly. People may not realize it yet, but avoiding walking can actually harm the body. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults with diabetes need to walk two or more hours a week to lower their mortality rate. But apart from the physical health benefits, walking also has numerous benefits for the mind. As shared by Henry David Thoreau who was searching for solitude, walking in the wild can do wonders for the soul. In 1861, he actively promoted the philosophy of pedestrianism and stated that “Every walk is a sort of crusade.”

It is also important to note that walking was not solely beneficial for physical and mental health, but it has also been used throughout history to promote certain causes. For instance, in 2017, a Women’s March was organized in Washington. The same year, in April, the March for Science took place. Walks have also often taken place to prevent war and injustices imposed on mankind.

In 1968, walking also started being used for charity as the first walkathon was held in the U.S. This was sponsored by the American Freedom from Hunger Foundation and had over 3,000 walkers in attendance. Similarly, in 1971, a walkathon with 150,000 participants took place in America to raise funds to fight hunger. Over $1.2 million were raised at the event. The largest charity walk that managed to break two Guinness World Records was held in the Philippines in 2014. Known as the Iglesia ni Cristo WorldWide Walk For Those Affected by Typhoon Yolanda, it gathered over 175,000 participants.

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day timeline

Walking for Freedom

Gandhi walks for 24 days to defy British rule.

A Historic Change

Americans arrange a peaceful walk during the Civil Rights Movement.

First and Foremost

The first-known walkathon is held in Puerto Rico.

Tripping Away

The National Household Travel Survey reveals walking makes up 10.9 % of all annual trips.

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day FAQs

How much walking should I do in a day?

Walking as little as 10 minutes daily can provide numerous health benefits. 

Is walking enough exercise?

Walking is enough exercise as long as you are walking 150 minutes a week.

Can walking too much hurt you?

Even though all forms of exercise are good for the body, overexerting yourself can actually be harmful. 

How to Celebrate Take Your Pants For a Walk Day

  1. Go for a walk

    Grab your pants, put them on, and head out for a walk! How long this walk is going to be is completely dependent on your mood.

  2. Schedule a walking half-marathon

    To actually make an event out of this day, arrange a walking half-marathon in which participants walk 10 miles.

  3. Walk for a cause

    Another interesting event idea is to walk for a cause. Invite the whole community, sell tickets, and give donations to those in need.

5 Fun Facts About Walking

  1. Origins of the word

    The word ‘walk’ comes from the word, ‘wealcan,’ which means ‘to roll’ in Old English.

  2. Improving your body

    Walking improves balance and coordination.

  3. Life of a tennis shoe

    A typical pair of tennis shoes last for 500 miles of walking.

  4. The pace of an average person

    The average person walks 3.1 miles per hour.

  5. World record for the longest unbroken walk

    George Meegan walked 19,019 miles in 2,425 days.

Why Take Your Pants For a Walk Day is Important

  1. It promotes exercise

    The day encourages us to leave the house and get some exercise. This has several benefits, especially in modern times where everyone is glued to their screens.

  2. It gets you walking

    Feeling lazy today? Well, ignore the downer in you and take your pants for a walk! The magic behind such a day is that people tend to go with the flow, thinking, “It’s just one day”.

  3. 3) It can be used as a way to bond

    Don’t like walking alone? Use this day to walk with a family member or a couple of friends. This way you can walk, talk, enjoy nature, and bond.

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day dates

2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday
2028July 27Thursday

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