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SatJul 27

National Sleepy Head Day – July 27, 2024

National Sleepy Head Day is celebrated on July 27. This quirky Finnish tradition began in the medieval period to wash off the evil of laziness.

It is better to abandon your bed as soon as possible and positively before 7 a.m on this day. If you are the last one to awake today, there is a chance that your friends or family will drench you in bed with a bucket of water or fling you into a lake, pool, or ocean.

If you have an understanding bunch, ask them to fling you in a bathtub full of bubbly water with essential oils, while they are at it; you will end up smelling nice and helping your skin (just saying!)

History of National Sleepy Head Day

Folklore, dating back to 250 A.D., holds the origin of this day. During the rule of King Decius, seven people escaped to the outskirts of the city of Ephesus while running away from impending persecution. There they hid inside a cage. When King Decius discovered this, he ordered the mouth of the cave to be sealed. The seven men fell asleep in this cage. The cave was opened after 200 years to discover seven men still sleeping in the cave. This legend is called the ‘Seven Sleepers of Ephesus.’

It is believed that the person that sleeps until late on this day will have an unproductive year. In the olden days, the last one to wake up was touted as the laziest person in the house. They were often woken up by splashing water.

An informal celebration occurs at the event of National Sleepy Head Day. Naantali, a city in Finland, celebrates the day by throwing a celebrity off the docks. The identity of the chosen sleeper is kept a secret until the last moment. Also, a sleeper should have contributed to the welfare of the city to be honored with the splash.

Many artists, actors, writers, and politicians have taken the plunge. Every mayor of the city has made it to the docks at least once. From a political perspective, it aims to symbolize the washing away of corruption and inactivity. People of all ages celebrate until evening with traditional Finnish activities.

National Sleepy Head Day timeline

250 A.D.
Seven Sleepers of Ephesus

Seven Christian saints hide in a cave and are discovered 200 years later. This folklore is also known as ‘Companions of Cave’ or ‘Sleepers of Ephesus’.

First recorded National Sleepy Day celebration

The National Sleepy Head Day has been observed since the Medival ages, though its first written record appeared in the 17th century.

11 days without sleep

At the age of 17, Randy Gardner sets the world record by going without sleep for 11 days.

World’s largest sleepover

2,003 girls between the ages of seven and ten sleep over at Chester Zoo to create the record for the world’s largest sleepover.

National Sleepy Head Day FAQs

How can I overcome procrastination?

Most often, when people feel overwhelmed, they tend to procrastinate. So, it is advisable to set reasonable goals and manage your expectations well. Also, avoid distractions and negative self-talk. Try to play to your strengths and recognize every feat, no matter how small they are, to keep yourself positively motivated.

How can I wake up early?

By going to bed early. Yes, the answer is that simple. Our body needs fixed hours of rest which may vary from person to person and depend on how each spends their day. Once the body is properly rested we are good to go for the day. Though, there is always some resistance when waking up, but, this resistance is similar to what we feel when we have to hit the bed after being out of it for hours.

How to avoid laziness?

Resting well, eating healthy, avoiding stress. These are some simple ways of helping the body to reset more quickly.

National Sleepy Head Day Activities

  1. Leave bed early

    Unless you want an unexpected shower, try not to be the last one in bed today. Come on! Up and at ‘em!

  2. Be productive

    Chug coffee and get to work. The idea behind this day is to get rid of laziness. So, be as active as possible today (or maybe on every possible day).

  3. Go Analog

    The older generation often calls Millennials and Gen-Z lazy. This is primarily because our daily movement has become limited to just our fingertips. It can be good practice for today to go analog. Walk to the grocery store rather than ordering it home, meet with a friend rather than video calling, or take the stairs rather than the elevator.

5 Facts About Laziness

  1. ‘I agree’

    As per a survey, 90% of people ‘Agree’ with legal clauses without reading them.

  2. Recalling or Googling?

    With people becoming more dependent on technology, they prefer to strain their fingers rather than their minds.

  3. Finish that book?

    With the internet offering short content that takes less than five seconds to read who has the patience to read 300 pages, so, many people lie about reading a book to appear more intellectual.

  4. Unfazed by self-doubt or stress

    Bill Gates once said, “choose a lazy person to do a hard job because that person will find an easy way to do it.”

  5. Sleep might help reduce laziness

    Laziness can be due to low energy, so it is important to rest well to feel rejuvenated and ready for work.

Why We Love National Sleepy Head Day

  1. Annual ablution in bed

    It sounds like a great way to get revenge too. So, if you want to one-up with the person who is a late waker, be ready with a bucket of water.

  2. Quickest and easiest bath

    In case you are the late waker and don't mind being drenched in bed, then today is your lucky day. Why not have what they call a European shower?

  3. Awake and Aware

    This day preaches us to be productive which, as per the popular opinion, leads to a good life. See what your productive self can accomplish today.

National Sleepy Head Day dates

2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday
2028July 27Thursday

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