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SatJul 27

National Chicken Finger Day – July 27, 2024

Satisfy your fast food cravings on National Chicken Finger Day, celebrated annually on July 27. Founded by one of the greatest pioneers of chicken fingers — Raising Cane’s — this day honors the perfectly coated snack that is chicken fingers. A specialty that originated in the South, this delicious tidbit is loved by even the most finicky child. They can be used as a food bribe when little ones refuse to eat. Accompanied by just about any of your favorite side dishes, chicken fingers remain a firm favorite.

History of National Chicken Finger Day

Chicken fingers are one of the most delicious items you can find on the menu of many fast-food establishments. Just in case you’re living under a rock and haven’t heard of this tasty finger food, let us tell you what to expect. Chicken fingers could also be called chicken goujons, chicken strips, chicken tenders, or chicken fillets. They are made from the white meat from chicken breasts and are prepared by seasoning the chicken strips to your preference, coating them in breading, and deep-frying them. The result is a tasty soft piece of chicken wrapped in a crunchy, golden-brown exterior.

The deliciousness that is chicken fingers might not be as recent a finding as you might think. Its origins have been traced back to the late 1900s at the Puritan Backroom of Manchester, New Hampshire. There have been several oppositions of this fact from restaurants in Georgia and Louisiana, but a consensus crowns Manchester as the winning chicken finger city.

One of the major producers of chicken fingers in America is Raising Cane’s — a Louisiana-based fast-food chain that specializes in a variety of chicken finger dishes. Its founder, Todd Graves was discouraged by college professors and banks who thought the idea of a restaurant serving just chicken fingers wouldn’t fly. Years later Todd raised his own money and was able to launch the first building with the help of an SBA loan. He has now further proven them wrong with over 385 restaurants in over 24 states, as well as some international countries. Raising Cane’s created Chicken Finger Day to honor their love of chicken fingers, and celebrate with their fans and chicken finger lovers across the world.

National Chicken Finger Day timeline

The First Finger

Chicken fingers are made for the first time in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Fingers Over Nuggets

Chicken fingers gain popularity as the meatier substitute for chicken nuggets.

Raising Chicken Fingers

Todd Graves establishes a chicken finger restaurant called Raising Cane’s.

A Day For Finger Licking

Chicken Finger Day is established on July 27 by Raising Cane’s.

National Chicken Finger Day FAQs

What does Raising Cane’s do for Chicken Finger Day?

Raising Cane’s is the creator of Chicken Finger Day. This means they have their special ways of celebrating the day. They do this through giveaways, special offers, and even contests, all with delicious chicken fingers as the prize. You can check their website to find out what they have in store for Chicken Finger Day this year.

Why are they called chicken fingers?

No one knows how the term chicken fingers came to be. The most logical answer points to its form or the way it’s eaten. Chicken fingers are roughly shaped like human fingers, although bigger, and are generally finger food. These could be the reasons why the term ‘chicken fingers’ was coined.

Do chicken fingers have bones?

Chicken fingers, strips, or tenders are made from strips of white meat from the chicken’s breast. The chicken breast is used because that location provides the most flesh in the chicken with no bones. Therefore, this means that the finished results — chicken fingers — are also boneless.

National Chicken Finger Day Activities

  1. Make some chicken fingers

    Chicken fingers are a relatively easy dish to make, with numerous recipes online. Whip up your signature dish and have a hearty meal. Test your culinary skills today by trying your hand at any recipe that intrigues you. Come up with your own new recipe if you are daring.

  2. Order from Raising Cane’s

    Respect is given to whom it’s due, and Raising Cane’s deserves all our respect for creating such a delicious day and a fast-food chain dedicated to chicken fingers. You can pay your respects by ordering a meal from Raising Cane’s. The great thing is they have several franchises open in nearly every state. You don’t need to worry about indecision because they only serve a variety of chicken fingers.

  3. Have a chicken finger party

    Any excuse to throw a party is one we should take with open arms. Chicken Finger Day presents such an opportunity by giving us a tasty reason to throw a party. Whether you’re making your chicken finger dishes or ordering out, make sure to have friends and family over for a delicious dinner and a good ol’ time.

5 Interesting Facts About Chicken Fingers

  1. Fingers is a slang term

    The original name for this dish is chicken tenders, however, chicken fingers originated as a slang term for the word.

  2. You may know it as something else

    In England, chicken fingers are known as chicken goujons, and could also be called chicken fillets or strips.

  3. It is nutritious

    Chicken breasts are already known to hold many nutritional benefits, thereby making chicken fingers just as nutritious.

  4. It builds muscle mass

    Chicken and chicken fingers provide important amino acids that can help repair tissues and keep muscle mass.

  5. The varieties are endless

    There are hundreds of chicken finger recipes online.

Why We Love National Chicken Finger Day

  1. We love chicken fingers

    Who doesn’t love a crunchy set of chicken fingers? That’s what all the rave is about on Chicken Finger Day. It’s a day dedicated to one of the most popular, mass-produced foods in the American fast food industry.

  2. It’s an excuse to eat chicken fingers

    We love a good excuse to eat anything at all, but today, chicken fingers take the prize! Chicken Finger Day allows you to eat as many chicken fingers as you want without feeling guilty about it or worrying about carbs.

  3. The kids love it too

    Another great thing about chicken fingers is that everyone loves them! Any parent knows just how picky children can be with their food, but chicken fingers are often a hit with the little ones. This means you can enjoy the day without leaving your kids out of the fun.

National Chicken Finger Day dates

2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday
2028July 27Thursday

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