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Norfolk Day – July 27, 2024

Norfolk Day is celebrated on July 27 each year in the United Kingdom. The day celebrates the great land of Norfolk, a county in the U.K. The history of this glorious county goes back hundreds of thousands of years. It is believed that Norfolk has been inhabited ever since the land was discovered. This means that right now Norfolk is witness to more than 300,000 years of human history! Its scenic beauty has made it one of the most beloved counties in England. On Norfolk Day, locals and tourists join in the celebrations of the land and its people.

History of Norfolk Day

The history of Norfolk Day began more than 300,000 years ago when humans first arrived in Norfolk. The world has since undergone many historical and technological shifts, yet Norfolk continued to host people on its soil.

The modern history of Norfolk began in the Roman Era. Since then, Norfolk has witnessed many historical moments. The county was not always under the British flag. It has changed hands many times with multiple wars being fought for its control. Norfolk was a part of the Roman Empire, Kingdom of the East Angles, followed by the Earldom of Harold I of England, and then finally to England in the Middle Ages. Despite the wars and long history of changing hands, Norfolk continued to be one of the most important markets and agrarian producers in the country. Norfolk also boasts of many English heroes.

By the late 16th century, Norwich in Norfolk county had become the second-largest city in England. However tragically, more than one-third of its population died in the plague epidemic of 1579. Less than a hundred years later, in 1665, the Great Plague killed around one-third of the remaining population. During the English Civil War, the economy of Norfolk suffered somewhat. During the Industrial Revolution Norfolk did not develop much of any industry. The railway system also came rather late to it. The economy bounced back during the Second World War when agriculture rapidly intensified. The economy remains primarily agrarian even today.

Norfolk Day timeline

1st Century B.C.
Iceni Tribe

The Brittonic tribe inhabits Norfolk.

47 A.D.
Roman Invasion

The Iceni tribe fight the Romans but do not win.

5th Century
The Angles

They give Norfolk its modern name.

16th Century
Major Area in England

Norwich becomes the second-largest city in England.

Norfolk Day FAQs

What is Norfolk known for?

Norfolk is renowned for its spectacular coastline, fantastic wildlife, and a beautiful hinterland of rolling countryside.

What is a person from Norfolk called?

The traditional nickname for people from Norfolk is ‘Norfolk Dumpling’ or ‘Norfolk Pudden’.

What is the main town in Norfolk?

Norwich is the main town and only city in Norfolk.

How to Observe Norfolk Day

  1. Study its history

    Begin the celebrations of Norfolk Day by studying the history of this glorious land. Norfolk has been in existence for thousands of years and has witnessed all major events of English history.

  2. Visit Norfolk

    What better way to celebrate Norfolk Day than by visiting Norfolk? Immerse yourself in the festivities of the day at the county. You will be stunned by its beauty and hospitality.

  3. Spread the word

    Let more people know about Norfolk Day and its wonderful history. Spread the word on your social media accounts and encourage more people to learn the history of Norfolk or visit the county.

5 Facts About Norfolk

  1. It’s pretty big

    Norfolk is the fifth biggest county in England.

  2. The coastline is long

    The coastline runs for nearly 100 miles.

  3. The county is home to many churches

    There are 659 medieval churches in Norfolk county.

  4. Norwich City Football club’s song is special

    ‘On The Ball City’ is the oldest football chant still being sung in the U.K. today.

  5. The oldest pub is centuries old

    It has been functioning since 1249.

Why Norfolk Day is Important

  1. It’s an ancient land

    Norfolk has hosted humans on its soil for thousands of years. Norfolk Day celebrates the graciousness of this ancient land, especially how it has also emerged as a leading agricultural destination.

  2. It’s synonymous with human history

    Since Norfolk has been around for so long, Norfolk Day is also a celebration of human history. The day encourages us to look at how humans have continued to flourish despite wars and sickness.

  3. It’s a celebration of its people

    A place is nothing without its people. Norfolk is even lovelier thanks to its kind and hospitable locals. Norfolk Day is a celebration of all the wonderful people from Norfolk and their contributions.

Norfolk Day dates

2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday
2028July 27Thursday

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