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SatJul 27

Iglesia ni Cristo Day – July 27, 2024

Iglesia ni Cristo Day is the founding day of the ‘Iglesia ni Cristo’ or ‘Church of Christ’. It is celebrated every year on July 27. It is marked in the Philippines as a working holiday.

The members of the church gather in a thanksgiving congregation showing their gratitude to the Lord for his blessings. The congregation is led by the executive minister of the church. This position is currently held by Eduardo Manalo. He is the great-grandson of Felix Manalo, the founder of Iglesia ni Cristo. Iglesia ni Cristo was officially registered under the Philippine government on July 27, 1914.

History of Iglesia ni Cristo Day

During the American colonial rule in the Philippines, many alternate Catholic doctrines were established. In 1913, Felix Manalo founded one such independent Christian church called Iglesia ni Cristo. It was registered under the U.S. administration of the Philippine government on July 27, 1914. The members of the congregation upheld Felix as the last messenger of God. Before Felix died in 1963, I.N.C. (Iglesia ni Cristo) had built 125 chapels and 35 cathedrals across the country.

Felix was raised by devoted catholic parents. Though he had a humble upbringing, his adulthood was overshadowed by his father’s death, intense poverty, and the Filipino-American war. During this time, he had a lapse of faith and found solace in other religious groups. Later, he established his independent doctrine, hence founding Iglesia ni Cristo.

Currently, Iglesia ni Cristo has 143 churches and three million members across the world. In 2014, the Philippines celebrated the 100th anniversary of Iglesia ni Cristo. Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial started on July 27, 2014, and ended on July 26, 2015. The starting day marked the 100th anniversary of Iglesia ni Cristo.

Ciudad de Victoria (commonly known as The Philippines arena) was envisioned and built for the purpose to host large-scale events like the Centennials. It was inaugurated days before the 100th anniversary by the executive minister of Iglesia ni Cristo and the president of the Philippines.

Ang Sugo (later changed to Felix Manalo), a biographical movie about the founder of Iglesia ni Cristo premiered in this arena.

Iglesia ni Cristo Day timeline

July 27, 1914
Founding of Iglesia ni Cristo

Iglesia ni Cristo is registered under the U.S. administration of the Philippines.

Search For Faith

Felix Manalo has a lapse of faith and searches for divinity and meaning through other religions.

July 27, 2014
I.N.C. Turns 100 Years Old

A celebration that covered a full year and the inauguration of a key architecture in the Philippines — Ciudad de Victoria.

October 4, 2015
Biographical Movie Commemorating the Founder

“Felix Manalo” premiered in The Philippine Arena, with the event breaking two Guinness world records.

Iglesia ni Cristo Day FAQs

Why does Iglesia ni Cristo not celebrate Christmas?

According to Iglesia ni Cristo’s interpretation of the Bible, December 25 is not mentioned as the birthday of Jesus.

Does Iglesia ni Cristo celebrate New Year?

Yes, they do. They even set the Guinness World Record for ‘Largest Firework Display’ in 2015 with 75,000 pieces of fireworks being burnt.

What is the biggest Iglesia ni Cristo church in the Philippines?

Commonwealth Avenue in Queen City is the largest church in the Philippines. It has a capacity of 7,000 people and was completed on 27 July 1984.

How to Observe Iglesia ni Cristo Day

  1. Visit Iglesia ni Cristo

    A special congregation is held on this day where the executive president of Iglesia ni Cristo himself addresses the crowd. It is also broadcasted across the world to all I.N.C. churches.

  2. Give thanks

    Iglesia ni Cristo marks two thanksgiving annually, in July and December. On Iglesia ni Cristo Day the members give thanks to the Lord and the Church.

  3. Watch the movie “Felix Manalo”

    You can read the doctrines of the church. Another fun activity is to watch the inspiring journey of the proclaimed messenger of the Lord.

5 Interesting Facts About Iglesia Ni Cristo

  1. Guinness World Record for “Felix Manalo”

    The movie “Felix Manalo” garnered two Guinness World of Records on its premier day, holding the world record for ‘largest attendance for a film premiere’ and the ‘largest attendance for a film screening of a documentary film.’

  2. Guinness World Record for a charity walk

    In 2015, Iglesia ni Cristo organized a charity walk to support the people affected by Typhoon Yolanda, becoming the ‘largest charity walk in a single venue.’

  3. World’s largest indoor arena

    Ciudad de Victoria or the Philippine Arena is recognized as the largest multi-purpose indoor arena with a seating capacity of 55,000.

  4. Prophecy came true

    It is believed that forming a church in the Philippines fulfills the prophecy in the Bible.

  5. Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial Year

    The government of the Philippines declared 2014 as the Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial Year with July 27, 2014, being declared as a non-working holiday commemorating the 100th founding anniversary of Iglesia ni Cristo.

Why Iglesia ni Cristo Day is Important

  1. A long history

    Celebrating Iglesia ni Cristo Day means celebrating a hundred-year-old religion. With a large number of members and churches, it is guiding many people on the path to salvation.

  2. Gratitude never goes out of style

    Giving thanks is one of the most powerful processes. It enables us to grow conscious of the abundant blessings we receive every day but often forget to acknowledge.

  3. Put on our best clothes

    We get to don our best clothes and visit the church to receive blessings from the Lord. What can be more powerful than that!

Iglesia ni Cristo Day dates

2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday
2028July 27Thursday

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