December 16th holidays

December 16 is the 350th day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel in Bombay opened, Kazakhstan became independent from the Soviet Union, and the F-4 Tuscaloosa tornado hit Tuscaloosa Alabama. Famous birthdays include Krysten Ritter, Theo James, and Zara Larsson. December 16 also marks National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

We have 9 holidays listed for December 16.


National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

What do BBQ potato chips, strawberries, and ants have in common?


Bahrain National Day

Today, we honor the Bahrainis and their stories. So go ahead and bring out the biryani!


Bangladesh Victory Day

Want to learn why Bangladesh Victory Day is one of the most victorious days in history?


Barbie And Barney Backlash Day

Let's just forget about Barbie and Barney for a while.


Day of Reconciliation

The Day of Reconciliation has helped bring harmony to a region still after decades of injustice.


Kazakhstan Independence Day

Ready to celebrate the Independence Day of Kazakhstan for two days? Do it like Kazakhs do!


National Underdog Day

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the way we celebrate these unrecognized heroes.


Stupid Toy Day

Did you spend eight hours a day sustaining the lives of Tamagotchis? Happy Stupid Toy Day!


Vijay Diwas

Indian Armed Forces, veterans, and citizens, pay tribute to and remember the sacrifices of their soldiers.