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Vijay Diwas – December 16, 2024

Vijay Diwas on December 16 is when the Indian Armed Forces, including veterans, citizens, and students, pay tribute to and remember the sacrifices of their soldiers. Vijay Diwas celebrates India’s historic military victory against Pakistan in the 1971 war; which also liberated Bangladesh from Pakistan.

History of Vijay Diwas

Vijay Diwas commemorates and celebrates the victory of the Indian Armed Forces in ‘Operation: Vijay’ against the infiltrating Pakistani troops. Rich tributes are given to martyrs who put their lives on the line during the war.

Since India and Pakistan’s partition in the year 1947, there has always been animosity between the two countries for many reasons. One of these reasons was with regards to East Pakistan. The events leading to the 1971 war were what prompted the Indian troops to get involved; Non-muslims residing in West Pakistan were being targeted and required intervention. The war between Pakistan and India lasted for 13 days, ending on December 16, 1971, and resulting in the liberation of a new country by the name of Bangladesh. It was India’s front which made nearly 93 thousand Pakistani soldiers surrender and altered the contours of the map of the world.

A proud moment for the Indian army, this was their first conclusive win after the end of World War 2. It is also quite a big day for Bangladesh, as it earned status as an independent entity. The day is celebrated in Bangladesh as ‘Bijoy Dibos.’

Military holidays are always observed with great zeal in India. Government officials, the Armed Forces, and the citizens of India go all out to express their gratitude to their protectors.

Vijay Diwas timeline

A Tale of Two Nations

The Subcontinent is divided into two, and thus, Pakistan and India are born.

Round One.

India and Pakistan face off in their first war following Independence.

Battle for Bangladesh

The two countries had their second war - resulting in India’s victory and liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan.

March 26, 1971.
Bangladesh gained Independence

Bangladesh celebrates its Independence Day annually on this day.

Vijay Diwas FAQs

Why is Vijay Diwas celebrated?

Vijay Diwas looks back in history and pays tribute to the lives of soldiers lost in the third war between the two countries of India and Pakistan.

What was the theme of Kargil Vijay Diwas 2019?

The 20th anniversary of the victory was taglined by the Indian Army officials with the theme “Remember, Rejoice and Renew.’

Who was India’s Prime Minister during the 1971 war?

Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India during the historic war of 1971 between Pakistan and India.

How To Celebrate Vijay Diwas Day

  1. Take a Quiz

    The Government of India hosts a state-level quiz to educate participants and honor the sacrifice of Indian troops.

  2. Post about it!

    Glorify your protectors and rave about them online! Tweet about it, discuss it on forums, and celebrate in the united front of the Internet.

  3. Watch the special events

    The Government of India as well as the Armed Forces always put on a good show! Be sure to catch it live or on your television screens.

5 Interesting Facts About The India-Pakistan War Of 1971.

  1. Unprovoked Attack

    Pakistan attacked 11 Indian airfields that ignited the war on December 3, 1971.

  2. Female Power.

    The only female Prime Minister in India’s history - Indira Gandhi was in power during this war.

  3. Short Duration.

    Lasting just about 13 days, the 1971 war is among the shortest in history.

  4. Bangladesh came into being.

    The war ended with the creation of Bangladesh as a separate country.

  5. Here come the reinforcements!

    One of the attacks on Longewala was resisted by 23 Punjab - an infantry company until the Indian Air Force arrived.

Why Vijay Diwas is Important.

  1. It gave liberation to Bangladesh

    The 1971 war gave liberation to Bangladesh. The flag of Bangladesh was raised for the first time on March 23.

  2. It pays homage to the troops

    A lot of soldiers lost their lives, leaving behind their families. Without their valor, India or Bangladesh wouldn’t be what it is today. It is important that the sacrifices of these soldiers are never forgotten.

  3. Learning from history

    Great wars and their accompanying losses aside, everyone can benefit from learning from history. There are lessons to be learned and prevented.

Vijay Diwas dates

2024December 16Monday
2025December 16Tuesday
2026December 16Wednesday
2027December 16Thursday
2028December 16Saturday

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