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Stupid Toy Day
MonDec 16

Stupid Toy Day – December 16, 2024

Stupid Toy Day is celebrated on December 16 every year. Mr. Potato Head, Beanie Babies, Pet Rock, and Tamagotchis — we all had our fair share of stupid childhood toys. It is comical to think about their purpose now, but we are all guilty of playing with them each night till our eyes gave out. Stupid Toy Day is more than just a day of remembrance for toys. It is an ode to the idiosyncrasies of our childhood and how the stuff that now seems stupid to us was once something we guarded with our lives. Climb up the attic and look for that stupid toy as we celebrate the harmless frolic of our childhood on this fun holiday.

History of Stupid Toy Day

Toys are a formidable part of a kid’s childhood. Although their importance cannot be overstated, we simply wish they were a little less stupid. On December 16, we revisit the times in our lives when we all had a deranged collection of toys, each with their own terrible and ear-shattering voices. These loud, unattractive, sticky, and straight-up dangerous toys have shaped us into the adults that we are today.

It is often said that the simplification of a toy is directly responsible for its stupidity, but we disagree. Kids deserve to enjoy toys that are suitable to their age and have a logical ground. Surely there is a better way to grab a child’s attention than to hand them a bowl of disgusting slime. Inclusivity and diversity are other points of contention that must be brought into conversation ASAP!

If you think the endless charade of Barbie dolls and ZhuZhu Pets was unique to the overall madness of the 1990s — wait till you acquaint yourself with what today’s kids are playing with. From the head-splitting screams of a Furby to the saliva-superspreader Harmonica, it looks like the 21st century has ushered in its unique brand of stupid toys.

Stupid Toy Day was first observed in 2017. While we continue to look for details about its origin, take this fun day to ponder about the stupidest toy that you can remember from your childhood. The timing of this holiday could not be any better. As Christmas rolls in and we settle on our holiday presents, let us decide to spoil our kids with toys that they do not look down on decades from now.

Stupid Toy Day timeline

The Doll Craze

Leisure and playfulness sweep among young Americans, and dolls become the country’s first mass-produced toy.

The President’s Mercy

Teddy Bears, named in honor of the merciful action of President Theodore Roosevelt, become the newest sensation in the American toy market.

The Barbie Era

Denver native, Ruth Handler, invents Barbara Millicent Roberts, which becomes an instant hit and gets the affectionate name of Barbie.

The Age of the Cabbage

A departure from the glamorous era ascends as Cabbage Patch Kids becomes the most successful toy company in America.

Stupid Toy Day FAQs

What are the most popular Christmas toys in the United States?

Nerf gun, Nintendo Switch, and Play-Doh are some of the best-selling Christmas toys in the U.S.

What is the best gift for a kid?

A classic set of Hot Wheels or any age-appropriate toys and candy make for the best gift for kids.

Are toys important for a kid’s growth?

Yes! Toys inspire kids to take action and be divisive. They spark their imagination and help in developing their social skills. 

How to Celebrate Stupid Toy Day

  1. Unearth your toy collection

    Get into the spirit of this holiday by pulling your stash of dusted, broken, and memory-laden toys. Fall back into the magic of childlike wonder and surround yourself with scrubbed joysticks and missing pieces of the board games that defined your childhood.

  2. Donate some toys

    No, not the stupid ones of course! Buy brand new toys and the latest board games and drop them off at your local foster care centers or orphanage. Every child deserves the magical experience of dressing up a Barbie or firing up a race car. As Christmas rolls in, be someone’s Santa and spread the joy!

  3. Extend the tradition

    No matter how much we curse them now, we adored our stupid toys. On Stupid Toy Day, extend the tradition of silly gifts and buy the silliest toys for the young kids of your family. You can also pass down the stupid toys of your childhood.

5 Best-Selling Toys Of All Time To Inspire Your Next Gift

  1. Hot Wheels

    Hot Wheels, the dream toy car franchise of every kid’s childhood, is the highest-grossing toy of all time.

  2. Rubik’s Cube

    Hungarian architect-enthusiast Erno Rubik’s small color puzzle is the second highest-selling toy of all time.

  3. Cabbage Patch Kids

    Artist Xavier Roberts’s pet design has generated over $6 billion in revenue and comes third on the list.

  4. Barbie

    It is indeed Barbie’s world, as the generational icon and synonym of a girl’s childhood is also the 4th most-selling toy of all time.

  5. Lego

    It is a beautiful day to step on a Lego because 1947’s landmark debut has been played by over 400 million people and comes 5th on the list of best-selling toys of all time.

Why We Love Stupid Toy Day

  1. It is a day to reminisce the past

    Locked up in our toy box is the golden treasure of childhood memories. On Stupid Toy Day, we take a trip down memory lane and think about curfews, ice lollies, cello taped card games, and other stupid toys which once gave us the ultimate happiness.

  2. It is a day for introspection

    So many things that we now consider ‘stupid’ actually meant the world to us. This is how the gift of hindsight works. We can apply this to our present condition as well. There are a lot of ‘stupid’ things in our lives that we may be holding on to. This day reminds us to let go.

  3. It is a day to forgive ourselves

    Accepting the stupidity of our past is not easy. We all have nights when we just lay in our beds, replaying every single mistake we ever made. As one more year of our lives draws to a close, we can use this day to celebrate the mishaps of our past and dream of a better future.

Stupid Toy Day dates

2024December 16Monday
2025December 16Tuesday
2026December 16Wednesday
2027December 16Thursday
2028December 16Saturday

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