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FriJul 26

National Talk in an Elevator Day – July 26, 2024

Did you know that elevators have been around since 200 B.C.? That’s right, people have been using elevators since before the birth of Jesus. This is all the more reason to celebrate and strike up a conversation with a stranger on National Talk in an Elevator Day, on the last Friday of July, which falls on July 30 this year. Taking a moment to talk to another human being can do wonders to refresh your and the other person’s day. If you are shy and are looking to become a bit more confident, this is also your day to shine. Elevators may just be a means of transport, but they can also help to forge new friendships.

History of National Talk in an Elevator Day

National Talk in an Elevator Day takes place every year on the last Friday of July. Elevators were invented quite early on in human history. Archimedes, who was a famous Greek mathematician, scientist, and engineer, is credited with inventing the first elevator in the world in 200 B.C. His invention included the usage of pulleys that were operated by either people or animals. Almost 800 years later, Ibn Khalaf al-Muradi, an Andalusian scientist, wrote about elevators in his book called “Book of Secrets.” The book described the anatomy of an elevator and how it can be used to lift animals to great heights.

The modern-day elevator wasn’t invented until the 1800s. Elisha Graves Otis established the Otis Elevator Company in the mid-1850s. He debuted his invention in New York City at the Crystal Palace Convention. Before Otis’ invention, many avoided using an elevator due to safety concerns. The cables/ropes hoisting an elevator up and down would at times snap, bringing all of the elevator’s occupants down, too. This safety hazard was soon solved by Otis’ ingenious idea of installing spring technology into the elevator. Soon, the success of Otis’ invention spread all over America, and his company got the contracts to build elevators in renowned buildings like Euclid Arcade and Rockefeller. Elevators all over the world are now much safer. In fact, they are safer than driving a car.

Take this opportunity to talk to people while you are on your way up or down. The conversation doesn’t have to be something complicated or too intense. You can ask them about their day, hobbies, and/or work. Human beings are social animals and we must interact with others in order to develop and learn more about ourselves and the world in general.

National Talk in an Elevator Day timeline

200 B.C.
Elevator Invention Recorded in Greece

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, a Roman architect, records Archimedes’ invention of the elevator in his works.

17th Century
Elevator Prototypes in English/French Palaces

Elevator prototypes are installed in the palace buildings in France and England.

Elevator Attraction in London

Burton and Homer, two architects in England, create the ‘Ascending Room’ attraction in London to give people a panoramic view of the city from a great height.

Otis Elevators Take on the World

The Otis Elevator Company is created by Elisha Otis, and soon, orders for elevators for many of NYC’s landmarks are given to the company.

National Talk in an Elevator Day FAQs

When is National Talk in an Elevator Day?

The National Talk in an Elevator Day is on July 30 this year. It usually takes place on the last Friday of July. 

Is it rude to talk in an elevator?

It will be rude to talk in an elevator if you are yelling, laughing too loudly, or generally causing loud disturbances to other passengers. 

Who invented the modern elevator?

The modern elevator, which is also known as the safety elevator, was invented by Elisha Graves Otis in the mid-1800s.

National Talk in an Elevator Day Activities

  1. Talk in an elevator

    Start simple by opting for the most obvious choice: Talk in an elevator. This is a great way to make new acquaintances/friends. Be it at work or in your residential building, make small talk that includes introducing yourself to the other person, and telling them that it is National Talk in an Elevator Day.

  2. Play short fun games

    Once you make a friend, you can make your elevator rides fun by playing a short game each time you see each other in the elevator. It could be something as simple as telling each other a random and quirky fact about your choice of topic.

  3. Offer a smile

    We know that starting a conversation with someone you don’t know can be an extremely difficult and awkward task, especially for those who are shy. But don’t worry, you can start celebrating this day by offering a smile to those around you in an elevator. It’s a small step, but a step nonetheless.

5 Facts About Elevators That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Elevators are safer than cars

    According to estimates, about 26 people die in elevator-related accidents every year, but 26 people die every hour in car-related accidents.

  2. Elevators carry the world

    Research shows that every three days, elevators carry the equivalent of the world’s population.

  3. The close button is a placebo

    The close button on an elevator is only there for the user’s peace of mind because, in reality, it doesn’t actually do anything.

  4. Vertical sickness in elevators

    People used to think that traveling in elevators would make you sick since your internal organs move vertically.

  5. Elevator music to lift fears

    Elevator music was originally introduced to minimize people’s fears about riding an elevator.

Why We Love National Talk in an Elevator Day

  1. It’s a celebration of elevators

    Elevators have come a long way since their inception in 200 B.C. It was after going through several technological changes that we can ride elevators today without any worry. Elevators’ time- and energy-saving features make them a must-have in today’s day and age.

  2. It’s a celebration of socialization

    Socialization is essential to build networks in order to help us in our personal and professional lives. Through it, we can not only learn more about other people, but we can also learn more about ourselves in the process.

  3. It’s a celebration of new horizons

    Elevators take us to new places, literally, but they can also take us to new places metaphorically. The invention of elevators was groundbreaking for humankind, so much so that it opened doors to many new possibilities. The inspiration has now led scientists to work on building elevators that would directly transport people to space stations without the need for rockets

National Talk in an Elevator Day dates

2022July 29Friday
2023July 28Friday
2024July 26Friday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 31Friday

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