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Annexation of Guanacaste Day – July 25, 2024

Annexation of Guanacaste Day is celebrated annually on July 25. Also known as ‘Annexation of Nicoya Day’ or ‘La Anexión del Partido de Nicoya’, the event celebrates Costa Rica’s annexation of Nicoya from Nicaragua in 1824. Since Nicaragua was embroiled in civil strife at the time, residents of Nicoya decided to hold a referendum and chose to annex. The annexation was peaceful, and once the documents were signed, Guanacaste became a part of Costa Rica, which was seen as positive by the people of Guanacaste.

History of Annexation of Guanacaste Day

Guanacaste used to be a part of Nicaragua, but due to Nicaragua’s involvement in several civil wars at the time, the people of Guanacaste petitioned to have their territory annexed to Costa Rica. The annexation was approved by the Central American Federation, and thus Guanacaste became a part of Costa Rica.

They have always been closely associated with Costa Rica and are proud to be a part of Costa Rica’s history. The popular tagline ‘de la Patria por Nuestra Voluntad,’ which translates as ‘part of our country by our own choosing,’ serves as evidence of this. This annexation by choice honors Costa Rica’s fundamental democratic values.

Annexation of Guanacaste Day is marked by a national public holiday, as well as a flurry of celebratory activities and events, particularly in the province of Guanacaste. All banks, government offices, post offices, and other business establishments are closed on public holidays, demonstrating the significance of Guanacaste Day.

A variety of events are staged throughout the country and in all of the towns and cities. These events include bullfighting, street fiestas, folk dancing, flamboyant parades, horse pageants, and cattle shows, to name a few. People of every ethnicity, gender, and age go out in the streets rejoicing and engaging in the festivities. Although the official start date for the festivities is July 25, they may last for many days.

Annexation of Guanacaste Day timeline

Creation of the Province of Nicaragua

The Spanish Crown creates the province of Nicaragua and includes the Kingdom of Nicoya.

The Corregimiento de Nicoya

The Corregimiento de Nicoya is set up to separate the region from the Province of Nicaragua.

Costa Rica’s Independence

Costa Rica gains independence and becomes a sovereign state.


On July 25, Nicoya becomes a part of Nicaragua after annexation.

Annexation of Guanacaste Day FAQs

What does annexation entail?

Annexation is a formal declaration of sovereignty by a state over land formerly outside its jurisdiction. The unilateral act of annexation is made effective through the acquisition of physical possession and is recognized by the general public.

What is the annexation procedure?

Annexation is the act of bringing land into the jurisdiction of the city. It’s a major factor in the expansion of urban centers. Cities acquire territory to provide urbanizing areas with municipal services and to wield regulatory authority that is necessary to preserve public health and safety.

What are some other examples of annexation?

The United States annexed Texas in 1845 and Hawaii in 1898. Also, in 1936, the Italian king issued a decree officially annexing Ethiopia to Italy.

Annexation of Guanacaste Day Activities

  1. Celebrate with festivities

    On this day, you'll see everything — from parades to folk dances to cattle displays and more to celebrate Guanacaste’s annexation. To participate in the festivities, you can learn about the most popular dances during this occasion, which is the 'Caballito Nicoyano' and the 'Punto Guanacasteco', and replicate them. You can also dance to the nation’s instrument, the marimba.

  2. Make a traditional dish

    Handicrafts and traditional Costa Rican food fill the streets of Guanacaste, including tamales and grilled meat served on tortillas. Get your chef hat on and learn more about the cuisine by cooking. You can even host a celebration with your friends and family to enjoy the food.

  3. Watch a bullfight

    Bullfights are a very popular way to celebrate the day. You can celebrate by watching their unique bullfight in the Tico style, which involves young, unarmed males teasing bulls and cows in an arena without harming them. Most of the time, the men are decked up in amusing garb and competing for either cash awards or the amusement of the crowd.

5 Facts About Guanacaste And Costa Rica

  1. Increased agricultural production

    Guanacaste and Costa Rica have become major producers of rice, sugar cane, sorghum, and other commodities in recent decades.

  2. Add livestock to Costa Rica

    Many farms in the area also grow livestock.

  3. Popular tourist destination

    Dubbed the ‘Gold Coast of Central America,’ it is one of Costa Rica's most popular tourist destinations.

  4. Population growth

    For many years, Guanacaste's population grew, and it became a major economic contributor to Costa Rica.

  5. Addition of a rich culture

    Guanacaste's contributions to Costa Rica culture include traditional delicacies such as 'tortillas' and 'bizcochos,' which resemble little, crispy donuts.

Why We Love Annexation of Guanacaste Day

  1. Celebration of culture

    For the Guanacastecos, Annexation Day is a time to celebrate their strong cultural heritage and to honor the traditions that have been passed down through the generations. Folkloric 'bombas', a type of limerick-like poem, is another popular tradition.

  2. A celebration of peace

    Each year, Guanacaste gets to celebrate the peaceful joining of Costa Rica. Both countries are peaceful and democratic, and so both sides are proud of the joining of Guanacaste.

  3. Similar interests

    The annexation allowed the countries with similar interests and beliefs to be together. The people of Guanacaste felt they were more similar to the Costa Ricans, who accepted them wholeheartedly.

Annexation of Guanacaste Day dates

2024July 25Thursday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 25Saturday
2027July 25Sunday
2028July 25Tuesday

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