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Tunisia Republic Day – July 25, 2024

Tunisia Republic Day is celebrated on July 25 every year to commemorate the vote to abolish the monarchy. On July 25, 1957, the first vote took place. As a result of this, Tunisia became a republic. Habib Bourguiba was elected as the country’s first president and ruled for 30 years. The Tunisian flag is displayed prominently on government buildings, private homes, and businesses on Tunisia Republic Day, recognized as a public holiday. People of all ages can enjoy patriotic celebrations and participate in exciting events such as fairs, festivals, and parades on this day.

History of Tunisia Republic Day

Every year on July 25, Tunisia commemorates the founding of the country. The goal is to celebrate the date on which they voted to abolish the monarchy. The French took over Tunisia in 1881. The country became a French protectorate in 1883. The independence movement began in 1920, and around that time, the “Destour” political party was founded. By 1934, there had been a significant increase in calls for independence. Habib Bourguiba founded a new political party named “Neo Destour.”

In 1956, Bourguiba led Tunisia to independence which was established as a constitutional monarchy. The King was Muhammad VIII al-Amin, and the Prime Minister was Bourguiba. Some people eventually saw the constitutional monarchy as a French decision, and many people believed that the king was pro-France. As a result, the country’s political structure was changed from a constitutional monarchy to a republic by the National Assembly. Finally, the monarchy was abolished on July 25, 1957. The Republic of Tunisia was officially proclaimed after the king surrendered. Habib Bourguiba emerged as the first president of Tunisia. He served the country for 31 years. Bourguiba was eventually deposed in a medical coup d’état.

Tunisia’s Republic Day marks significant events in the country’s history. Many fairs and exhibitions are held throughout the holiday to showcase and celebrate Tunisian food and crafts.

Tunisia Republic Day timeline

Tunisia Is Part Of The Turkish Ottoman

Although maintaining a high degree of autonomy, Tunisia becomes part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

French Troops Occupy Tunis

France controls economic and foreign affairs as its troops occupy Tunis.

French Protectorate

Tunisia becomes a French protectorate.

Tunisia Becomes A Republic

Tunisia becomes a republic as the monarchy is abolished.

Tunisia Republic Day FAQs

Is Carthage in Tunisia?

Tunisia houses the ancient city of Carthage. It was formally founded in the ninth century B.C. on the Gulf of Tunis.

What are the colors of Tunisia’s flag?

Tunisia’s flag features a crimson background with a white disk in the center. On the disk, there is a red star and a red crescent.

What are some Tunisian foods names?

Some Tunisian foods include Couscous, Merguez, and Chorba.

How to Observe Tunisia Republic Day

  1. Visit Tunisia

    This holiday is an excellent opportunity to visit the country. There are many activities in Tunisia that you can experience.

  2. Share the holiday

    Have fun sharing the holiday with your friends and family. You can share it with people in person or online.

  3. Learn about Tunisia

    You can find out more information about the country. You'll have a great time learning about the people and culture.

5 Interesting Facts About Tunisia

  1. Tunisia is a North African country

    Tunisia is a North African country on the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. It is the center of colonization

    Tunisia has been the center of colonisations such as the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, Romans, and Vandals.

  3. Star Wars was filmed in Tunisia

    The Saharan environment of southern Tunisia was used to film several sequences from the Star Wars films.

  4. It was forest and savannah

    As opposed to sand, forest and savannah once covered Southern Tunisia until the Sahara desert spread throughout the region.

  5. Venomous Tunisian spiders

    The world's most venomous spiders are found in Tunisia, whose bites are known to cause serious health hazards.

Why Tunisia Republic Day is Important

  1. It creates unity

    The holiday helps bring people together for a common purpose. This helps create unity and patriotism in the country.

  2. It maintains culture

    The holiday is an essential component of the culture of the country. This tradition is passed on to future generations.

  3. The day honors its heroes

    The holiday honors the people who helped the country gain independence. This inspires more people to make positive changes.

Tunisia Republic Day dates

2024July 25Thursday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 25Saturday
2027July 25Sunday
2028July 25Tuesday

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