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St James TG – July 25, 2024

Saint James the Great (T.G.) is observed annually on July 25 in Australia. The holiday celebrates the life and achievements of Saint James, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus and the patron saint of Spain.

History of St James TG

According to the New Testament, Saint James was the first apostle to be martyred. He also witnessed the transfiguration of Christ, so he was considered one of the inner circle of Jesus’ followers. In addition, St. James is significant as he is the only apostle whose martyrdom is recorded in the Bible. Luke writes in Acts 12:2 that James was executed by the sword by order of King Herod Agrippa I of Judaea in A.D. 44. His remains are held in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, according to tradition.

The feast day of James the Great in the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the life of Jesus’ disciple. A pilgrimage referred to as the “Way of St. James” is made to his grave on the holiday. It has been one of the most popular pilgrimages made by Western European Catholics. The pilgrimage began in the Early Middle Ages. Yet, the number of pilgrims slowly fell over the ensuing decades. However, Walter Starkie’s book “The Road to Santiago,” published in 1957, re-sparked the public’s interest in the pilgrimage, making it more popular than ever.

When July 25 falls on a Sunday, the year is considered holy, and a special east door is opened for entrance into the Santiago Cathedral. For example, 2004 was a Holy Year, and about 179,944 pilgrims made the pilgrimage that year. These people completed the final 62-mile walk to Santiago. When the 2010 Holy Year came around, the number of pilgrims had risen to 272,412. The next holy year will be in 2027.

St James TG timeline

5 B.C.
St. James Was Born

James is born in Galilee, Palestine.

44 A.D.
St. James Is Beheaded

King Herod Agrippa I of Judaea orders St. James to be beheaded.

A Hermit Discovers St. James’s Tomb

The hermit named Pelagius sees strange lights in the sky that guide him to St. James’s tomb.

The Way of St. James Is Established

Pope Alexander VI declares the Way of St. James as one of the “three great pilgrimages of Christendom.”

St James TG FAQs

Where in the Bible is St. James mentioned?

James the Great was mentioned in all four Gospels.

When did the Way of St. James become a major pilgrimage route?

From the 10th century onwards, the Way of St. James became a major pilgrimage route.

Which miracles did St. James perform?

St. James has been thought to cure a paralytic man.

How to Observe St James TG

  1. Learn about St. James

    You can do some research to learn more about St. James the Great. You can start by reading a biography of his life.

  2. Share the holiday

    You can have some fun sharing the holiday with your friends and family. They’ll also learn about St. James.

  3. Learn about Australia

    Australia is an amazing country. It has some of the world's largest deserts and a rich culture. You could spend your time learning about Australia's uniqueness on the holiday.

5 Interesting Facts About Australia

  1. Australia has high mountains

    Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia, standing at 7,310 ft.

  2. There is a mountain range

    The longest mountain range in Australia is the Great Dividing Range, stretching over 2,175 miles.

  3. It has the largest sandstone rock

    Uluru or Ayers Rock is the largest sandstone rock in the world.

  4. There are long rivers

    The Murray River is the longest river in Australia, reaching 1,558 miles.

  5. It hosts the Great Barrier Reef

    The biggest coral reef system in the world is the Great Barrier Reef in eastern Australia.

Why St James TG is Important

  1. He mended nets

    The New Testament first mentions St.James mending nets with his father, Zebedee. It’s amazing to think that someone who started as a simple mender of nets could become renowned in world history as a saint.

  2. He evangelized Spain

    It is believed St. James evangelized Spain as he is the country’s patron saint. This shows the dedication and devotion that only a saint could have.

  3. He helped people

    St. James is known to have helped many people during his time. We love altruism and anything to do with helping your fellow man.

St James TG dates

2024July 25Thursday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 25Saturday
2027July 25Sunday
2028July 25Tuesday

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