National Underwear Day – August 5, 2019

Mon Aug 5

August 5 is National Underwear Day, so let us just brief-ly say why we love underwear! Underwear didn’t always used to called underwear! Middle Ages men wore linen shorts called braies but women did not wear knickers until the 19th century, prior to that they wore a garment called a ‘shift’ underneath their dresses. In Britain the word ‘pants’ was used to mean long drawers that covered the whole leg and the garments worn over the top of pants were called trousers. The word pantie for ladies was created as a shortened version of the word pants.

What about the word ‘knickers’? This one came from a famous book called “The History of New York” written by Diedrich Knickerbocker, the character pen-name of Washington Irving, about a Dutchman living in New York. In Britain, the book contained illustrations of the Dutchman wearing long, loose-fitting garments on his lower body and the word knickerbockers was born. The word knickerbockers sometimes is still used to describe loose trousers for sport.

But why do we say a pair of knickers or panties when it’s one garment? Because in the early 19th century women’s underwear consisted to two separate legs joined at the waist with a tie band. They really were a ‘pair’. Whatever you want to call them underwear sure has been popular for a long time!

National Underwear Day Activities

  1. Join an Underwear day parade

    Not for the feint of heart, but if you have some guts join in on the fun! National underwear day parades happen in major cities. See if there’s one happening in your area!

  2. Treat yourself to a new set!

    Nothing says confidence than a new set of undies. Ok well maybe people won't be able to see them, but you’ll know they’re there. There is always something fun and powerful about having a secret power set under your suit or dress.

  3. Attend a Burlesque show

    No other type of show in the world is as much about the underwear as a burlesque show. Generally a 21+ sort of event, but if you want to see the best of extravagant undergarments, glitter, confetti, dance and music, there isn’t a better place to see it.

Why We Love National Underwear Day

  1. Wearing underwear can keep you warm!

    Underwear is not just limited to your standard boxer or briefs! Long Johns are also Underwear and they could save your life! Mountaineers, folks who live in very cold areas, and winter sports enthusiasts can attest to how important long-johns are.

  2. Underwear has got your back-side

    OK, admit it, we have all had wardrobe malfunctions. So you've been eating a few too many tacos or ice cream sandwiches and you bent over a bit too fast. You jumped over that puddle in the skirt that was a teensy bit tight. Don't worry at least your underwear has you covered literally... at least until you're able to tie your sweatshirt around your waist! eep!

  3. Underwear is fun!

    Underwear comes in so many fun colors and patterns, why not have a blast with them! So wear your favorite superhero underpants, the bright pink ones that you bought on a whim, or the cartoon character ones you got last Christmas. Nows the time! Have fun with your underwear.

National Underwear Day dates
2019August 5Monday
2020August 5Wednesday
2021August 5Thursday
2022August 5Friday
2023August 5Saturday