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Call of the Horizon Day – July 9, 2024

Call of the Horizon Day is celebrated annually on July 9. It is an interesting event that is observed by seizing the day looking into the horizon, enjoying the little moments, and concentrating on what matters most in life. It is a day to help us start working towards our dreams by doing tasks that we keep procrastinating on or have yet to plan out. So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this special day to make the most of it.

History of Call of the Horizon Day

Although the origin of the Call of the Horizon Day is unclear, the holiday has reportedly been celebrated since 2011. Regardless, the horizon has always symbolized dreams, hopes, and opportunities in stories and movies since times immemorial because of its beauty and vastness. Horizons could also signify something unattainable or unfulfilled dreams that are out of reach. In the notable 1918 American play titled “Before the Horizon,” award-winner playwright Eugene O’Neill describes one of the main characters to be particularly drawn to the horizon, which to him represents freedom and adventure but never acting on his dream. The play won the 1920 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the tragic narrative that highlights how dreams are necessary to sustain one’s life.

Call of the Horizon Day has also been considered equivalent to Wanderlust Day in other countries. However, the concept of Wanderlust Day steers more towards travel and exploration. Striking more of a resemblance to World Dream Day initiated in 2012, Call of the Horizon Day is an empowerment-driven holiday to motivate people to pursue and manifest their dreams. Because our future is not ascertained anyway, this day is dedicated to focusing on our next move and planning our next project without reservations or equivocation. There is no better place to think big and move forward with our life choices with optimism than an open space with a grand view of the horizon.

A high enough place, a vast flat field, or an ocean is the best place to imagine our next moves and dream about our next adventure. A beautiful memory filled with promises to ourselves would create an even better memory.

Call of the Horizon Day timeline

The American Dream

Writer and historian James Adams coins the term the ‘American Dream’ in his best-selling 1931 book titled “Epic America.”

The Suburban Lifestyle

The American Dream is portrayed to be a life tucked in comfort with a house in the suburbs, a secure job, and a perfect family.

The Pursuit of Money

The American Dream develops into living a life dedicated to gaining more money, stronger power, and higher status.

The Making of One’s Own Choices

A survey finds that 85% of Americans find that the American Dream is the ability “to have freedom of choice on how to live.”

Call of the Horizon Day FAQs

What does achieving your dreams mean?

Achieving your dream means reaching a goal that you have set through effort, careful planning, and consistent execution.

Can everyone achieve their dreams?

Everybody will have a dream but not everyone will have the knowledge, skill, will, and passion to consistently work towards that dream.

What usually keeps you motivated to pursue your dreams?

The happiness after reaping results can help motivate us to work towards a bigger dream.

Call of the Horizon Day Activities

  1. Gaze into a beautiful horizon

    Whether you climb a mountain or visit the beach, choose the nearest destination with the best view. Take your time to sit on the summit or in the water to enjoy the horizon and contemplate your life pursuits.

  2. Let your friends know about the day

    Call of the Horizon Day is not a holiday that everyone knows. Discuss the day and its importance with your friends.

  3. Start planning out your next goals

    Goals will only start being more attainable when they are broken down into smaller steps. Take the day to make mind maps and to-do lists that you can start checking off right away!

5 Facts About Setting Goals

  1. Your environment influences goal-setting

    Ensure you are surrounded by a supportive social circle and have helpful mentors to help you stay motivated and guided.

  2. Set deadlines

    Research shows that there is a 40% increase in completing a goal if there is a series of mini due dates set on when to finish specific tasks to reach said goal.

  3. Practice consistency

    It helps to achieve a goal if we can maintain sustained effort in taking the most effective steps you can conceive of.

  4. Be honest with yourself!

    You can achieve goals faster and more effectively if they find that these goals speak to you and are aligned with your core values.

  5. Embrace Failure

    A study suggests that making mistakes about 15% of the time you are doing a task will help push you to learn more without being overwhelmed.

Why We Love Call of the Horizon Day

  1. It helps to achieve goals

    This is a day to think deeply about your goals and set checkpoints. It will help everyone achieve their goals more easily.

  2. It helps us appreciate the little things

    Spending time in nature can give us a new perspective. It can help us appreciate little things and make us think about the minute details in our lives that we might have been missing.

  3. It helps create new ideas

    Look deep into the horizon for a longer period of time. Sometimes, new ideas would pop up when we are surrounded by beauty.

Call of the Horizon Day dates

2024July 9Tuesday
2025July 9Wednesday
2026July 9Thursday
2027July 9Friday
2028July 9Sunday

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