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Argentina Independence day – July 9, 2024

Argentina Independence Day is observed annually on July 9. It is a national public holiday that marks the day when Argentina declared independence from Spain. Independence Day is a historically significant event for every country, and on this day Argentina organizes remarkable celebrations with patriotic events.

On July 9, 1816, the Congress of Tucumán declared the independence of the United Provinces of South America, the region the nation belonged to. Argentines take to the streets and participate in many different activities, from marches and concerts to public rallies and parades, to celebrate Argentina’s Independence Day. Anyone in Argentina or on another continent of the world can celebrate this holiday. To promote education among Argentine students many organizations and companies have established scholarships for Hispanic students.

History of Argentina Independence day

The movement for Argentina independence began in 1806 when British attacks on Buenos Aires were fended off by local police with barely any help from Spain. The consequences of Napoleon I’s intervention in Spain in 1808 were also important. The overthrow of Napoleon Ferdinand VII plunged Spain into a civil war between two warring governments, one created by Napoleon and the other created by a patriotic junta in the name of exiled kings and with the help of the British. According to the ancient principles of Spanish law, royal dominions in America had the right to rule until the restoration of the rightful king, and on May 25, 1810, now celebrated as Revolution Day, Buenos Aires established an autonomous viceroyalty in the name of Ferdinand.

Six years after the first Argentine government was formed, the Tucuman Congress proclaimed the independence of the United Provinces of South America, which included modern-day Argentina and Uruguay. The grand opening of Congress, with 33 deputies, took place in Tucuman. The chairman of Congress will change every month. As Congress was free to choose topics for discussion, endless discussions began.

The vote ended on July 9 with the declaration of independence. The document pointed to the situation in Europe over the past six years and claimed that Spanish America regained its sovereignty from the Crown of Castile in 1808 when Ferdinand VII was overthrown, and therefore any alliance between the overseas dominions of Spain and the peninsula was broken. It was a legal concept that was also referred to in other Spanish-American declarations of independence, such as Venezuela (1811) and Mexico (1810), which responded to the same events.

Argentina Independence day timeline

The Spanish Colony

Spain establishes a permanent colony on the site of modern Buenos Aires.

British Invasion

The Creole population fends off the British attack.

Declaration of Independence

Tucumán Congress declares Argentina's independence from Spain.

The Battle of Cepeda

Congress ceases its work after the battle, which deepens divisions between the Unitarian Party and the Federals.

Argentina Independence day FAQs

When did Argentina gain independence from Europe?

Congress proclaimed the independence of the country called the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata on July 9, 1816. Then it took several years of heavy fighting before the Spanish royalists were defeated in northern Argentina.

Did the Argentine revolution succeed?

The May Revolution marked the beginning of the war for Argentina independence. It is considered the first successful revolution in the Spanish-American Wars of Independence.

Was Argentina colonized?

Spain colonized Argentina in the 16th century. However, in the middle of the 19th century, it became a democratic republic.

How to Observe Argentina Independence day

  1. Visit Argentina

    Visit Argentina to observe Argentina Independence Day. Here you can visit the parade, look at the military demonstrations and listen to the President’s speech.

  2. Raise the Argentina flag

    Argentines often choose to fly their national flag in commemoration of the day. Their flag represents a blue sky parting to reveal white clouds.

  3. Eat some asado

    Eating ‘asados,’ widely regarded as Argentina’s official cuisine, is a great way to honor the country’s independence. Argentina Independence Day is an excellent occasion to celebrate the nation’s culture, so be sure to try one of its best dishes!

5 Facts About Argentina That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It’s the king of beef

    Beef is an integral part of Argentine cuisine and is served worldwide.

  2. Buenos Aires means ‘good airs’

    The capital of Argentina got its name from the top of the hill, which was the only place where you could avoid the smell of swamps.

  3. Gauchos are the symbol of the country

    ‘Gauchos,’ or cowboys, are known for their bravery as well as their distinctive dress, which they still wear.

  4. It’s the home of the Tango

    The dance originated in the capital of Buenos Aires in the 19th century and was performed in poor areas.

  5. The national sport is pato

    Pato combines a combination of skills taken from polo and basketball.

Why Argentina Independence day is Important

  1. It’s a day to honor one’s ancestors

    Argentina Independence Day celebrations honor the memory of the nation’s forebears. It’s also an excellent reminder for Argentinian immigrants to keep in touch with their roots.

  2. We support independence

    Every country and its people deserve to be free and independent, and Argentina is no exception. We respect their decision to become an independent state that will establish its own laws and build its own future.

  3. A day to reunite

    The nation must be united, especially on a day like Independence Day. Argentines are reunited with their families, expressing their patriotic sentiments and faith in their country on this day.

Argentina Independence day dates

2024July 9Tuesday
2025July 9Wednesday
2026July 9Thursday
2027July 9Friday
2028July 9Sunday

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