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Interstate Mullet Toss – April 25-27, 2025

The Interstate Mullet Toss, celebrated on the last full weekend of April every year, is a legendary beach party that was once started just as a reason to party. This year, it takes place from April 25 to 27. Today, it has become one of the biggest beach parties on the Gulf Coast. Did you know that this has been happening for over 30 years? Yes, Interstate Mullet Toss has been there for the last 30 years, and thousands of people from across the nation come to the beach to watch, enjoy, and celebrate this fun festival. So, what exactly is this Mullet Toss? Let’s find out!

History of Interstate Mullet Toss

The tradition of the Interstate Mullet Toss began as an occasion to party on the fourth weekend in July 1985. Over the years, the celebration has grown into the Gulf Coast’s Greatest Beach Party and attracts thousands of people from all over the nation and world every year. The celebration is quite simple. Participants will toss a dead mullet over the state line between Florida and Alabama to see who can reach the farthest. It all originated at the iconic beach bar Flora-Bama, located on the Florida-Alabama border on Perdido Key. This venue is still the spot where the celebration takes place.

It became popular after the former University of Alabama and N.F.L. quarterback Kenny Stabler threw a mullet across the goal line. Many records were set in the Interstate Mullet Toss. Josh Serotum set a record of 189 feet and eight inches in 2004. Roald Bradstock, a former Olympic javelin thrower, participated in an attempt to break the record in 2008, but he fell short by almost 20 feet at 169 feet and nine inches.

The Interstate Mullet Toss event is held at a roadhouse or beach bar, so there are also no restrictions whatsoever on alcohol and beverages. There is a large full bar on the beach, so you do not even have to leave the beach to get a drink. The only true victim in all this is a scaly bait fish called mullet, the fish of choice! So have fun in this year’s Interstate Mullet Toss.

Interstate Mullet Toss timeline

It Starts As a Small Party

The Mullet Toss begins as a small event with only a handful of participants.

A Record is Set

Josh Serotum sets a record for the Mullet Toss at 189 feet and eight inches.

The Event Gains an Audience

People from across the nation show interest in participating in the event.

The Event Gets Bigger

People celebrate the biggest Interstate Mullet Toss event yet.

Interstate Mullet Toss FAQs

How far can you throw a mullet?

A mullet will be tossed down a specified alley from a 10-foot circle. There will be no stepping out of the circle during your throw, and you must complete your throw, or you will be disqualified.

How did the Interstate Mullet Toss start?

Pat McClellan, co-owner of Flora-Bama, and his buddy Jimmy Louis started the Mullet Toss. McClellan said they wanted to develop something fun that would draw people from all over the southeast, which could lead to a community.

What does the Interstate Mullet Toss registration cost?

The registration costs only a few dollars and includes a souvenir T-shirt. Winners get dinner for two, trophies, and plenty of wishes from the crowd.

Interstate Mullet Toss Activities

  1. Toss the fish

    The best thing you can do to celebrate the Interstate Mullet Toss is by participating in it. Yes, the very point of the day is to have fun by throwing mullets and partying. So, why not do it?

  2. Plan a trip

    Plan a trip and invite all your friends and family together to go to the iconic beach to party. The important part here is to spend quality time with them and have fun!

  3. Share your story

    If you have any memorable and fun incidents that have happened at the Interstate Mullet Toss, share your interesting stories with the world via social media. Let them know how much fun you had there!

5 Crazy Facts About The Interstate Mullet Toss

  1. You can sport your ‘90s side

    You can sport your mullet hairstyle from the ‘90s freely at the Interstate Mullet Toss.

  2. There will be bikini contests

    There will be epic bikini contests each year on the beach, so you better get your seats early!

  3. Flaunt your ink

    This is a great place to flaunt your tattoos and talk to other folks about your ink.

  4. Alcohol flows like rivers

    People over 21 can enjoy all kinds of alcohol on the beach!

  5. Locals stay home

    Surprisingly, the locals tend to stay home over the Interstate Mullet Toss weekend.

Why We Love Interstate Mullet Toss

  1. It is for everyone

    The Interstate Mullet Toss is a celebration where everyone is welcome. You can come as you are and have fun while staying true to your personality. Nobody will judge you at this place.

  2. It’s fun

    Come on, where else can you toss a dead mullet from the state of Florida into the state of Alabama while thousands of people cheer you on? That’s right, nowhere!

  3. You get to unwind and enjoy

    In our busy lives with all the hustle and bustle, the Interstate Mullet Toss gives us the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with our friends and family to unwind. You can also relieve stress as you toss those mullets!

Interstate Mullet Toss dates

2022April 22Friday
2023April 28Friday
2024April 26Friday
2025April 25Friday
2026April 24Friday

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