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ThuApr 24

National Brandon Day – April 24, 2025

National Brandon Day is commemorated on April 24 every year. “Brandon” is a common masculine name in English-speaking countries. Over three million Americans share this name, of which about 28,000 are located in Texas alone. Brandon is used as a first name nearly 92% of the time, although it does appear as the last name occasionally. Rising star Brandon Lee epitomized the spirit of 90s action films and the association of this name with youth, action, and vitality. Brandon Flynn has played the character named Justin Foley in the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

History of National Brandon Day

Brandon is an Irish name with Celtic and Anglo-Saxon heritage, used independently by these respective cultures at different historical points. In the Celtic language, the name ‘Breandán’ which means ‘prince’ or ‘king,’ has descended from the older Welsh word ‘Breenhin.’ The first name Brandon is also used as a surname in Anglo-Saxon or Old English. The Latin spelling of the name, which is ‘Brendanus,’ influenced the name in modern English, abolishing the unique Celtic pronunciation the name initially carried. In Anglo-Saxon history, the first Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon, who was also a well-known military leader, was the brother-in-law and close friend of King Henry VIII.

The name of the character Brandon Stark, from the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones,” indicates the old Celtic roots of this name as it’s used as a first name and also alludes to his spiritual role of the three-eyed raven. Actor Brandon Routh garnered international fame with his 2006 portrayal of the ‘Man of Steel’ in the movie “ Superman Returns,” which galvanized his acting career. Routh also played one of the antagonists in the cult classic “Scott Pilgrim vs The World.”

Actress Brandon Merrill, best known for her role in “Shanghai Noon,” is a rare but noteworthy example of this name being used in a feminine form. Besides being an actress, Merrill is a rodeo champion; she was born in Colorado and raised on a ranch in Wyoming. “Shanghai Noon” was her only film; however, she had a successful modeling career and appeared in prominent publications such as “Vogue” and “W Magazine.”

National Brandon Day timeline

The Royal Match

Brandon, the first Duke of Suffolk, marries Mary Tudor, the sister of King Henry VIII.

The Kung Fu Movie Actor

Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, plays the lead role in the martial arts movie, “Kung Fu: The Next Generation.”

The Shanghai Noon

Brandon Merrill makes her first and only appearance in “Shanghai Noon,” alongside actors Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson.

The Superman Returns

Brandon Routh appears in his superhit role as the Man of Steel in “Superman Returns.”

National Brandon Day FAQs

What does Brandon mean?

Brandon means ‘brave’ or ‘king.’

Is Brandon a German name?

No, Brandon is an Anglo-Saxon and Celtic name of Irish origin.

Can a girl be called Brandon?

Brandon is a predominantly masculine name, but in countries like the U.S., it’s been used as a feminine name too.

National Brandon Day Activities

  1. Watch a movie

    The movie “Superman Returns” was the epic return of the decade. It also kickstarted Routh’s career. You can invite all your friends with the name or surname Brandon to enjoy a fun-filled and name-themed movie night.

  2. Buy a personalized item

    Getting a personalized item, such as a mug, is a great way to celebrate this name-day! Just have your name printed on the item you want. Make sure to pick a design that describes your personality in a unique and creative style.

  3. Explore some Celtic art

    Celtic art is known for its complex and swirling motifs. It’s perfect for a painting or a mural of your name, or you can simply explore the same.

5 Cool Facts About Brandon

  1. Two roles by one actor

    Brandon Routh is the only actor to portray ‘Superman’ and ‘The Atom,’ both characters from D.C. Comics.

  2. It’s the name of a city

    Brandon is the second-largest city in the Manitoba province of Canada.

  3. The Kung Fu Movie Actor

    Brandon Lee, the son of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, was to play the role of Johnny Cage in the movie “Mortal Kombat” initially.

  4. From engineer to voice actor

    Brandon McInnis worked as a software engineer, before turning into a professional anime voice actor.

  5. The meaning in Old English

    The name Brandon, in old English, meant ‘gorm-hill,’ after the gorse bushes native to Ireland, from where this name originated.

Why We Love National Brandon Day

  1. It is a versatile name

    The name has different cultural roots and several influences have resulted in the alterations to this name of Irish origin. This is a very versatile name that is loved even today.

  2. It is somewhat ambiguous

    Usually, ambiguity in a name isn’t considered a good thing. However, in the case of the name Brandon, which has Welsh, Irish, and English typology, it lets you choose its meaning as well as its spelling.

  3. Brandon is coming around again

    After hitting its peak in the 1990s, this name went on a slow decline, but it's coming around again as a popular children’s name. Moreover, it is being used as a feminine name as well.

National Brandon Day dates

2025April 24Thursday
2026April 24Friday
2027April 24Saturday
2028April 24Monday
2029April 24Tuesday

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