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ThuApr 24

Scream Day – April 24, 2025

Scream Day, celebrated on April 24, sounds silly at first but the day has its merits. Modern-day hustling has led to a lot of pent-up anxiety and pressure, which we all need a healthy way to channel. While meditation is a go-to way to relax, many psychologists are convinced that there is nothing like good old screaming to let it all out. Releasing built-up frustrations through screaming is surprisingly calming for the brain.

History of Scream Day

Scream Day raises awareness of the health benefits of screaming. At some point, all of us have benefited from letting out a long howl, whether it was screaming into a pillow, in the car, in an empty room, or in any space where we felt comfortable.

Scream Day doesn’t have a long history or any traditions, but this will likely change in a few years as we learn more about screaming, and our pressure-filled lifestyles compel us to turn to new methods of venting and releasing tension. And although this holiday itself doesn’t have a long history, screaming itself has been considered healing for centuries. Over 2,000 years ago, screaming was viewed as therapeutic and was supplementary to Eastern medicine. Master of Chinese medicine, Dr. Lu, believes that screaming aids with Liver stagnation.

Primal screaming was designed by Arthur Yanov as a way to process emotions and let it all out with a long howl. There is evidence that screaming taps into deep emotions and brings them to the surface.

While there are benefits to screaming, using it as a means to heal must be done properly, and not in a space that will make others uncomfortable, or even justify bad behavior towards others under the guise of using screaming as a way to channel emotions.

Scream Day timeline

The Scream

Norwegian artist Edward Munch paints his popular composition titled “The Scream.”

Hollywood Flick

The first installment of the Hollywood movie franchise “SCREAM” is released.

Scream And Shout

Will.I.Am and Britney Spears release their hit single ‘Scream And Shout.’

Kanye Approves

Kanye West talks about his primal therapy sessions with the media.

Scream Day FAQs

What day is National Scream Day?

National Scream Day is on April 24 every year.

What is the Moment of Frustration day?

Moment of Frustration Day is a day when people head outdoors at noon and scream for thirty seconds. It is a collective observance that everyone reaps benefits from.

Does screaming into a pillow help?

Screaming into a pillow is extremely helpful for dealing with emotions. It allows us to process and push out all pent-up frustrations, draining us of tension.

Scream Day Activities

  1. Scream

    The best way to celebrate this day is to scream and let out all the frustrations that have been building up. Find a screaming method that works best for you.

  2. Discover screaming therapy

    Many places now offer screaming therapy, guiding you on the best practices for screaming in a safe environment. Browse the internet to find one near you.

  3. Play music to scream to

    If screaming is not your thing, play some loud music that you can sing loudly and shout along to. Rock and heavy metal are great genres for this.

5 Surprising Healing Facts About Screaming

  1. Primal scream therapy

    Primal scream therapy is seen as an alternative to cognitive behavioral therapy.

  2. It was practiced in ancient Chinese medicine

    Screaming was essential in ancient Chinese medicinal rituals.

  3. Shouting relieves stress

    Shouting is a great stress-buster.

  4. Shouting boosts our strength

    Shouting increases strength, allowing us to harness our full physical potential.

  5. Shouting is fun

    It is fun to let loose and shout every once in a while.

Why We Love Scream Day

  1. Screaming is self-care

    The benefits of screaming are being studied and it is being adopted as a therapy. We love how people are benefiting from screaming.

  2. Screaming is good

    Screaming gets a bad rep, but we are finally finding the good in this apparent bad, and learning about its benefits. Some emotions come from such depths that suppressing them can be very harmful. Letting them out by screaming helps in situations where it is necessary.

  3. Screaming is just fun

    We love the adrenaline rush and exhilaration from screaming! Sometimes we just scream in joy coming from an achievement, excitement, etc. The energy from screaming drives us and to be fair, it is the right action sometimes.

Scream Day dates

2025April 24Thursday
2026April 24Friday
2027April 24Saturday
2028April 24Monday
2029April 24Tuesday

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