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National Relationship Equity Day – June 24, 2025

National Relationship Equity Day is annually observed on June 24. This day seeks to address relationship issues, especially ones that arise due to gender roles. The concept of assigning gender roles in relationships is becoming disturbing. This day aims to spell out the importance of suspension of the popular gender role phenomenon and adopting the more welcoming — albeit unpopular — gender equity concept. The day is also about striking a balance between relationship roles and the freedom to exercise the individual skills of each couple to improve the relationship and their personal lives without restrictions.

History of National Relationship Equity Day

National Relationship Equity Day was introduced by the globally renowned relationship coach, Dr. Oluwafemi Ogunjinmi, in 2019. True to his name, Ogunjinmi introduced the day to further extend his reach by not only improving the health of many relationships but also by eradicating the genesis of most of the problems. The famous coach is an advocate of eradicating inequalities evident in relationships. With the introduction of National Relationship Equity Day, he took his advocacy a step further and sought to establish a concept that isn’t popular, but that would surely eliminate a lot of problems between couples.

While advocates have been campaigning for gender equality in relationships since the 20th century, relationship equity is a recent concept. It sprouted from the mistakes and shortcomings that were realized in applying the concept of gender equality. While equality in relationships advocates removing discrimination in assigned gender roles between couples — an act that does not ensure happiness in relationships — relationship equity looks at a situation whereby each couple is assigned roles that they are best suited for and would happily carry out. Within the three years that National Relationship Equity Day has been celebrated, many couples have imbued the concept of equity in their relationships and millions of them now take part in observing the day.

In 2020, Ogunjinmi invented the day to reach out to as many people as possible by creating a badge for the day, which adherents were to post on their social media timelines and tag their friends.

National Relationship Equity Day timeline

13th Century
'Equity' in the English Language

The word is derived from Latin and is given broad definitions in the English language.

'Relationship' Usage

The word 'relationship' begins to be used to refer to the affinity between two people.

20th Century
Calls for Gender Equality

Calls for gender equality in marriages begin.

A New Definition

Relationships begin to be attributed to romance and sexual intimacy.

A Book Worth Reading

Dr. Oluwafemi Ogunjimi publishes his famous relationship book ”Revelations of Relationship: What You Don’t Know About Finding True Love and Sustaining Relationship.”

National Relationship Equity Day FAQs

How do you have an equitable relationship?

First, by discarding the belief in assigning gender roles. Secondly, equity can be achieved in relationships by studying one another and determining each person’s strengths, skills, and interests. Once identified, relationship responsibilities should be spread in light of those findings.

Why is equity important in a relationship?

Because it strikes a balance and keeps couples happy and fulfilled. A relationship in which partners are allowed and encouraged to do what they are more passionate about — regardless of their perceived gender roles — is a truly healthy relationship.

Should relationships be split 50/50 financially?

If the relationship is based on equality, then yes. However, if it is based on equity, then no. This is because couples’ incomes might not necessarily be the same.

How to Observe National Relationship Equity Day

  1. Make a resolution

    Observe this day by resolving to begin applying the concept of equity in your relationship. We are sure your partner would appreciate the new development.

  2. Discuss the concept with your partner

    If your partner is unaware of this wonderful concept of equity in relationships, today might be a good day to tell them about it and seek their consent. Talk to your partner openly about it.

  3. Advise other couples

    Sit and talk about equity in relationships with couples who think assigning gender roles, regardless of their partner's suitability, is the best setting for a relationship. Your counsel could just be the motivating factor toward a healthier and happier relationship.

5 Mind-blowing Facts About Love

  1. Love and cocaine are identical

    Studies have revealed that love and cocaine have similar effects on people.

  2. Pictures can perform love magic

    Simply gazing at the picture of your soulmate alleviates pain and worries.

  3. It reduces the risk of early death

    The risk of early death is reduced by 50% when one spends time with loved ones.

  4. A little difference is healthy

    Couples who have too many similarities rarely last in a relationship.

  5. Monogamy extends to animals

    Swans, wolves, and even termites are examples of animals that stick to a single life partner.

Why National Relationship Equity Day is Important

  1. It allows for freedom in relationships

    Equity in relationships allows couples to have more freedom in their relationship. It also eliminates the practice of bullying each other into doing what they know they aren't exactly suited for.

  2. It strikes a respectable balance in relationships

    When each couple does what their skills and talents are best suited for, there will be a healthy balance between the general home responsibilities. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of having falling outs.

  3. It promotes gender equality

    National Relationship Equity Day is another way to promote the long-sought-after gender equality. It even goes the extra mile to help in achieving the ultimate life balance — equity.

National Relationship Equity Day dates

2025June 24Tuesday
2026June 24Wednesday
2027June 24Thursday
2028June 24Saturday
2029June 24Sunday

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