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WedJun 26

National Day of Joy – June 26, 2024

Celebrate National Day of Joy on the last Wednesday of June, which falls on June 26 this year. We want to observe it by finding happiness outside the norms that society calls for. The search for joy is often attributed to material possessions but neglects family. National Day of Joy started when caregivers realized how important it is for senior people to be joyful. Enjoying everyday moments improves general well-being. It is not based on outward circumstances. This includes wealth and prestige. It is an ability to rejoice at all times and over the small things.

History of National Day of Joy

National Day of Joy started in 2019. It was the brainchild of caregivers for seniors, Comfort Keepers. The day sprouted from the firm’s observation of the magic that joyful moments have on their clients. To capitalize on that, it decided to create a day dedicated for people to search out of the box for things that make them happy. Over the years, the day’s celebration has increased the mental well-being of those who participate in its celebration. Comfort Keepers recognizes the value of stopping to smell the roses. Admire your family members. Enjoy your surroundings and the moment. That is what the Day of Joy is for.

The dictionary defines joy as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. Religions all espouse pathways to joy. Some even consider the religion itself to be a path of joy. Often joy can be found even in hard times. If one is inclined to see the good in a day, it will find you. Smiling and a joyful attitude create more joy. Laughing out loud spreads it even further. Music and singing are a great source of joy to the human spirit.

A great way to find joy is to stop comparing yourself to other people. Start talking to those around you — that is a great joy igniter. Being kind to others brings great joy. Enjoying the small things and the beautiful moments of each day is the best way to fire up joy again. “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day,” said Henri Nouwen.

National Day of Joy timeline

2,500 Years Ago
Psychological Pursuit of Happiness

The mental pursuit of happiness begins with the great sages from ancient China, India, and Greece.

18th Century
A New View To Happiness

Unhappiness becomes an issue to be avoided as opposed to previous misconceptions.

An Astonishing Surprise

A British journalist is surprised at the good humor of Americans.

Shift in the Concept of Boredom

The concept of boredom transitions from being a character trait to breeding inventive children and becomes a challenge to parents.

Creation of the Yellow Smiley Face

Harvey Ball creates the popular smiley face.

National Day of Joy FAQs

What are synonyms of joy?

Here are a few words that are synonymous with joy: gladness, happiness, bliss, warm fuzzies, and others.

Is joy an emotion or feeling?

Joy is mostly regarded as an emotion where there is a feeling of satisfaction and contentment in a person.

Can finding joy in everyday moments improve your health?

No matter how old you are, finding joy in simple, everyday moments is scientifically proven to help improve overall wellness. This includes physical and mental health.

National Day of Joy Activities

  1. Discover what makes you joyful

    Celebrate this day by looking into yourself. Discover the things that bring that warm smile to your face. Then find a way to hold onto it.

  2. Give yourself a reason to smile

    Everything might not be going well with you recently. We remind you to look deep and find a purely beautiful or joyous moment.

  3. Be a source of joy

    Today is also a good day to be the reason for someone's happiness. How fulfilling would it feel to have someone smile just because of you?

5 Facts About Happiness

  1. Can be tied to financial independence

    Financially independent people tend to be happier than their counterparts.

  2. Income is more important than certification

    People who have steady income happen to be happier than people who are only educated.

  3. Married people are happier

    Married people are 10% happier than unmarried people.

  4. The Finnish people are the happiest

    Finland has the happiest people in the world.

  5. Reciprocity causes it

    Act of kindness toward others makes one happy.

Why We Love National Day of Joy

  1. It improves the body's wellbeing

    Scientists have unanimously agreed that being joyful enhances the well-being of the body. We love this holiday because it makes people joyful and healthier.

  2. It creates a welcoming atmosphere

    Joyful people tend to be more welcoming and accommodating. What a lovely day when everyone welcomes others with a warm, broad smile.

  3. It is therapeutic

    Medically, just being happy can lift a person's spirit. We all know mental health is important to everyone. This day can go a long way to ensure good mental health.

National Day of Joy dates

2022June 29Wednesday
2023June 28Wednesday
2024June 26Wednesday
2025June 25Wednesday
2026June 24Wednesday

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