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TueJun 24

International Fairy Day – June 24, 2025

International Fairy Day is celebrated every year on June 24. The idea behind the day is to appreciate and uplift the celebration of mythical creatures such as fairies and to use their tales to teach valuable lessons to the children. The concept of having a utopia where there are fairies and mythical creatures and that anything can happen drives the children to aim for the things that are considered impossible by the current systems, with the confidence that they can do it. So in demonstrating the belief that fairies exist, we celebrate International Fairy Day.

History of International Fairy Day

Fairies are mythical creatures that are said to possess magical powers. Generally considered to be female, fairies have been a significant part of the Renaissance period in Europe. Having different origin stories from different parts of the world, there are different versions hailing from different places to describe the existence of fairies. Some call them the children of Eve, some call them fallen angels, and some consider them to be the sisters of elves (the devil has always been in the details). For us, fairies are magical beings known for their playful and mischievous nature.

As far as the story of Peter Pan goes, legend has it that the first laugh of a baby broke into several pieces and became the source of the existence of fairies and demons. The joy and youth of a child is a matter of envy for the adults in whom every second person we notice has the desire to go back to his youth. Since fairies are a symbol of youth and joy, the desire to be a child again, to delve into the fairyland and fly casually with Peter Pan is a fantasy cherished by many.

Today, when the majority of the folklore and fantasy storyline has been discarded by the ever-evolving technology and gadgets, our realist society still has close associations with fairies and demons. Baba Yaga may be forgotten, but the adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are still fresh in the minds of adults and children alike. To give these believers a day to remember, International Fairy Day has been kept alive since its beginning and is celebrated every year on June 24.

International Fairy Day timeline

Prehistoric Times
The First Baby Laugh

The first-ever laugh of a baby opens the void from where the fairies and demons come to the land of humans.

500 — 1400 A.D.

The word ‘fairie’ is used to describe someone or something that seems magical or simply enchanted.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan first appears as a character in J.M. Barries’ Scottish Novel “The Little White Bird.”

21st Century
Mother and Daughter Duo

Jessica Galbreth and her daughter, known for their vintage angel arts, initiate the celebration of this day to celebrate mythical creatures

International Fairy Day FAQs

Are fairies real?

Simple answer: If you believe in fairies and mythical creatures, they are real. If you do not, they are not. For anything to be real, you first need to believe in its existence.

Do fairies have a natural home?

Normally, a naturally beautiful place is often thought of as a home for mythical beings. This is why forests, lakes, and mountains are generally considered to be the home of fairies.

Why are fairies small?

The smaller they are, the more adorable and delicate they seem. Fairies have been described as delicate and magical maidens with wings.

International Fairy Day Activities

  1. Read stories on fairies

    The library is full of books about mythical creatures. You can easily find a book with fairies in it, and read the story to your children to inspire them.

  2. Organize a fairy-drawing art contest

    Girls love fairies; they are known to possess a specific liking for magical stuff. Organize an art competition to allow these young girls to use their imagination to draw a fairy. Give the winner a decent prize.

  3. Dress your girls up as fairies

    Make them look like real fairies today by dressing them up when sending them to school. Give them the glittery, shiny dresses and wands, and see the joy in their eyes.

5 Fun Facts About International Fairy Day

  1. Not all fairies have wings

    Fairies, originally, had no wings and it was only during the middle ages that people started giving them wings.

  2. Nymphs are not fairies

    Although there are close similarities between a nymph and a fairy, they are not the same.

  3. Toadstools

    Toadstools are an international symbol for fairy magic.

  4. Fairies have jobs

    If anyone complains about why they have to work, tell them even fairies have jobs; e.g., the tooth fairy has to collect teeth in exchange for money.

  5. They are mischievous

    Fairies are known to be fun, playful, and mischievous.

Why We Love International Fairy Day

  1. It is a fun day

    Everyone has grown up listening to fairytales. Having a day to celebrate those tales and enjoy the same old memories again can be a wonderful experience for some. For young girls, dressing up as fairies can be good entertainment. For the boys, well, you can dress up as elves.

  2. Back to Utopia

    Life is hard, hectic, and busy most of the days. Getting a whole day to escape the harshness of reality and retreating to the mystical, enchanted worlds of fairies and mythical creatures can be a delight for many. Listening to such stories, reading them, or watching a movie in this genre can be sufficient. Enjoy the Utopia for a day.

  3. They are just so fascinating

    Fairies are just too fascinating. Some people are so obsessed with the concept of fairies that they write stories, and legends, and draw fictional art pieces about thems. A day to celebrate International Fairy Day means a full day to exhibit their artwork and stories to people of like passion.

International Fairy Day dates

2025June 24Tuesday
2026June 24Wednesday
2027June 24Thursday
2028June 24Saturday
2029June 24Sunday

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