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WedJun 26

National Parchment Day – June 26, 2024

National Parchment Day is on June 26 this year, so go all out in finding out more about parchment paper and why it is important for cooking. Also known as baking paper, parchments are convenient to use and can do wonders for the taste of a particular dish. To master the method of cooking with parchment paper, you must be aware of all the dos and don’ts of the technique, which requires the cook to wrap food such as chicken, fish, and meat in parchment paper. Add vegetables and seasoning to the mix and seal the paper. Now, get cooking!

History of National Parchment Day

National Parchment Day was founded in 2016 by PaperChef in order to promote a different food movement, since cooking food in creative ways was all the rage owing to the rise in globalization and travel. PaperChef emphasized the importance of parchment paper because it’s a utensil that not only transforms your cooking experience but also serves the environment. PaperChef was founded in 2010 by Scott Miller and Bill Benson to promote parchment paper for cooking. 

The aim of National Parchment Day was to celebrate parchment paper and the numerous benefits it brings to the kitchen. Yes, food cooked in parchment paper is tasty, environmentally friendly, and free of cooking sprays and high-fat oil. No wonder the French have been using it as a part of their culinary preparations for centuries. However, you must keep in mind that cooking with parchment paper has a certain technique to it — and you need to use it properly if you want your food to be delicious. 

Parchment paper is used for cooking since it keeps the moisture in, makes the food crispy, and helps preserve the nutrients of every item you cook and consume. It is a tool that is essential for the kitchen! Honestly, knowing all the benefits of parchment paper, you’d be hard-pressed not to rush to the stores and buy this paper.  

National Parchment Day timeline

305–383 B.C.
The Egyptian Way

The Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt invents parchment paper.

The Chemical Way

A chemical treatment process for a plant-based paper that keeps the quality of parchment is created.

Write it Off

In ‘The Pharmaceutical Journal,’ A.W. Hoffman predicts the usage of parchment papers in the kitchen.

Deliver it Right

“Kansas Farmer” mentions the usage of parchment paper for storage and delivery.

National Parchment Day FAQs

Is parchment paper safe?

Yes, parchment paper has been certified as food safe since its components do not transfer into the food. 

Does parchment paper make things crispy?

Since parchment paper gives food breathing space when wrapped, it aids in making the exterior crispy. 

When should you not use parchment paper?

Parchment paper is not safe to use if you are cooking at a temperature that goes over 450℉.

National Parchment Day Activities

  1. Learn how to cook with parchment paper

    To celebrate the day, head to the kitchen and master the art of cooking with parchment paper. Perfecting the process won’t be easy, but it's not impossible either!

  2. Have a cooking competition

    Curious about how parchment paper affects the taste of a dish? Have a cook-off with neighbors, family, and friends using different techniques of baking to see the difference for yourself.

  3. Share articles regarding parchment paper

    Share articles from cookbooks for recipes of food items made with parchment paper. Either make printouts and distribute the recipes to friends or simply share them on social media platforms with the required hashtag.

5 Fun Facts About Parchment Paper

  1. Baking with parchment

    Parchment paper is heat resistant so it’s great for baking.

  2. Reuse it

    Parchment paper for cooking can be used again.

  3. Greaseproof

    It does not let any fat or oil pass through.

  4. Non-stick

    Parchment paper ensures items like cookies do not stick to it.

  5. Bones can’t tear it

    Parchment paper does not tear, even when used for cooking food items with sharp bones.

Why We Love National Parchment Day

  1. It introduces a new cooking technique

    Don't know how to cook with parchment paper? This day can be used to find out all that you need to know about the French cooking technique.

  2. It's a cultural experience

    Since cooking with parchment paper is the method of French culinary institutes, raising awareness about the day provides people with a glimpse into the French cooking culture.

  3. It highlights the advantages of parchment paper

    Parchment paper has many advantages since it's a heatproof paper that is free of chemicals. In fact, chefs claim it is better than aluminum foil.

National Parchment Day dates

2022June 29Wednesday
2023June 28Wednesday
2024June 26Wednesday
2025June 25Wednesday
2026June 24Wednesday

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