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National Le Day – June 24, 2024

National Le Day is celebrated on June 24 each year. Le is a popular, gender-neutral surname in East Asian countries, such as China and Korea. It’s also used in Vietnam and is spelled as Lê, as seen with the Lê Dynasty, Vietnam’s longest-ruling dynasty that held power from 1428 to 1789. Le is a common name among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, with over 100,000 listed in a 2010 census. Some of the more famous Le’s include actor Cung Le, Chinese swimmer Le Jingyi, and American-Vietnamese cosplayer Linda Le.

History of National Le Day

Le is a romanization of the Chinese Li, a gender-neutral name meaning ‘joy.’ It’s a common choice in the U.S., particularly among Vietnamese Americans. A good example is a cosplayer, costume designer, and internet personality Linda Le. Also known as Vampy or Vamp, Le is an Oklahoma native and the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants. She gained a following online after her amazing cosplays got featured in “Otacool 2,” a showcase book by Kotobukiya, a Japanese toy company. Le has attended hundreds of conventions, appeared in I.G.N. and Kotaku publications, and was applauded for the quality and variety of her costumes.

Actor Cung Le is another example of a Vietnamese-American with this name. Le grew up an immigrant in San Jose, California, where constant bullying and harassment led him to pursue martial arts. He began taking Tae Kwon Do classes at 10 and, by 14, was a competitive wrestler. Le proved to be a prodigy at combat sports, taking on judo, karate, sambo, and other martial arts disciplines. His incredible fighting ability made him the perfect choice to star in action films like “Tekken” (2009) and “Bodyguards and Assassins” (2009). Le also played himself in “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

In the world of athletics, few stand tall like Le Jingyi. The Chinese swimmer holds nearly 20 gold medals, including one she won at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Le was the poster girl for China’s rising dominance in aquatic sports in the mid-1990s. Her bulky frame led to allegations of doping, and though several of her teammates were found guilty of the offense, Le never tested positive for any banned substances. She dominated swimming from 1992 until 2000 when she fell out of form and failed to qualify for the Chinese Olympic team.

National Le Day timeline

1428 — 1789
A Powerful Family

The Lê Dynasty rules over Vietnam.

An Olympic Gold Medal

Chinese swimmer Le Jingyi clinches the gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics.

The Movie “Teken”

Cung Le co-stars in the “Tekken” film as Marshall Law.

Making Australian History

Hieu Van Le becomes the first person of Asian heritage to serve as governor in Australia.

National Le Day FAQs

Is Le a Chinese name?

Le is a common last name found among Overseas Chinese communities worldwide. Le is the transliteration of several different Chinese surnames. Its meaning varies depending on how it is spelled in Chinese and in which dialect it is pronounced.

How typical is the last name Le?

There are 462,000 census records available for the last name Le.

Is Le a girl’s name?

Le is a gender-neutral name.

National Le Day Activities

  1. Say it in Chinese

    Practice your artistic skills on National Le Day. Draw the Chinese characters for the name with a brush and ink.

  2. Go out for a meal

    Pay homage to the East Asian roots of the Le name. Try some Vietnamese, Korean, or Chinese food.

  3. Buy some art

    Art is another way to appreciate the culture and history of the Le name. Consider buying East Asian calligraphy, paintings, or poetry to decorate your home or workspace.

5 Interesting Facts About Famous Les

  1. Art imitates life

    Vietnamese-American actor Le competed as a middleweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (U.F.C.) before acting in the martial arts films “Tekken.” (2009) and “Fighting” (2009).

  2. The breaking of glass ceilings

    Duy-Loan T. Le is the first woman and Asian to get elected as a Texas Instruments Senior Fellow.

  3. The “Bruceploitation”

    Actor Bruce Le made dozens of imitation films modeled after actor Bruce Lee in the late 1970s, a phenomenon dubbed “Bruceploitation.”

  4. The first of his people

    Van Le became the first person of Asian descent to get appointed a state governor in Australia in 2014.

  5. A difficult journey

    German-Vietnamese actor Aaron Le lived in a refugee camp in the Philippines before coming to Germany.

Why We Love National Le Day

  1. It’s brief and to the point

    Le is a simple name. Short and sweet.

  2. You can’t get it wrong

    One of the advantages of a name with two letters is that people never get it wrong. Le is never misspelled or mispronounced.

  3. It’s easy to remember

    How can you forget a name like Le? It’s too unique to fade from memory.

National Le Day dates

2024June 24Monday
2025June 24Tuesday
2026June 24Wednesday
2027June 24Thursday
2028June 24Saturday

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