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SatJan 4

Free Flower Basket Day – January 4, 2025

Free Flower Basket Day on January 4 encourages you to surprise someone with beautiful flowers. Everyone loves flowers — they’re gorgeous, they smell nice, they look good, and they don’t need much maintenance. Whether you pick a few from your garden or buy a lovely bouquet, give a friend or family member a free basket of flowers to brighten their day. 

History of Free Flower Basket Day

Flowers presumably originated between 140 to 200 million years ago. They are the bloom or blossom of a plant. The flower is the part that produces seeds, which eventually become other flowers. This happens through a process known as pollination, which is carried out either by insects or the wind. Flowers are highly modified to attract their special pollinators such as bees, flies, moths, hummingbirds, bats, and more. It’s for this reason that flowers are brightly colored and beautifully scented.

Did you know that without some flowers, we would not have some foods, medicines, dyes, textiles, and tons of other essentials for daily use? They are essential and every type of flower is unique in color, scent, shape and size. They need food and sunlight to survive, as they make their own food and derive energy through photosynthesis. To perform photosynthesis, plants require; carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. Carbon dioxide penetrates through little holes in a plant’s leaves, flowers, branches, stems, and roots. The roots absorb the water, the sun breaks down the molecules of carbon dioxide and water, and reorganizes them to make sugar (glucose) and oxygen. 

It is not certain who created Free Flower Basket Day, but it is likely that the holiday was started by the greeting card industry because there are always references to it on greeting card sites. We do know, however, that it’s a day to give or receive a basket of flowers and it is celebrated annually on January 4.

Free Flower Basket Day timeline

2500 B.C.
Egyptians Decorate with Flowers

Egyptians place flowers in vases and create beautiful arrangements for various occasions.

207 B.C.
Flower Arrangements in China

The Chinese take up flower arrangements, and flowers are an important aspect of religious teachings and medicine.

476 A.D.
Flowers in Europe

Flower arranging reaches Europe and flowers are especially popular in churches and monasteries.

The oldest flower is discovered

The oldest flower — a 130-million-year-old aquatic plant Montsechia vidalii — is found in Spain.

Free Flower Basket Day FAQs

How long do flowers last?

Flowers last between five to seven days, and if properly cared for, they can last for a few weeks. Although some flowers last forever if dried.

Is it possible to hate flowers?

Yes. Anthophobia is the fear of flowers, and some people are allergic to specific or most flowers.

Do flowers smell like chocolate?

Some flowers smell exactly like chocolates, including chocolate daisies, chocolate orchids, and more.

Free Flower Basket Day Activities

  1. Express your love with flowers

    Say “I love you” to those special people in your life and say it with flowers. Flowers are one of, if not the most genuine way to express your love for someone.

  2. Get flowers for yourself

    Show yourself some self-love. Flowers are known to lift your mood, so go pick a few of your favorites or have them delivered to your door.

  3. Donate to your favorite charity

    As a “thank you” for all the hard work your favorite charity is doing, donate a basket of flowers to them. No doubt it will be appreciated.

5 Amazing Facts About Flowers

  1. Roses are the most popular flowers

    The beautifully colored rose flowers are the most popular flowers in the world.

  2. Tulips were worth more than gold

    Some centuries ago in Holland, tulips were more expensive than gold.

  3. Broccoli is actually a flower

    Broccoli is a plant from the Brassicaceae family whose flowers and stalks are eaten as a vegetable.

  4. Orchids do not need soil to grow

    Orchids do not necessarily need soil to grow because their nutrients are obtained from air.

  5. Flowers did not always exist

    Flowers first appeared about 140 to 200 million years ago.

Why We Love Free Flower Basket Day

  1. Flowers are beautiful

    Flowers are simply stunning. They are a true sight for sore eyes and will beautify any room in your home.

  2. Flowers can instantly change your mood

    Flowers are proven to improve your mood. And sending flowers to someone when they are going through a tough time is a thoughtful way to lift their spirits and put a smile on their face.

  3. Flowers have healing powers

    Flowers have several powers beyond beauty and sentiment. They have been known to inspire and help cure medical illnesses for many centuries now. Some are known to relieve pain or fight against nausea.

Free Flower Basket Day dates

2025January 4Saturday
2026January 4Sunday
2027January 4Monday
2028January 4Tuesday
2029January 4Thursday

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