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SatJan 4

World Hypnotism Day – January 4, 2025

World Hypnotism Day is celebrated on January 4. While it may be a complex subject, there’s no denying that hypnosis by a certified hypnotist can be beneficial in many ways. This day serves to dispel the common misconceptions and fears surrounding hypnosis.  

History of World Hypnotism Day

The origin of hypnosis in Western science can be traced back to 1770. Franz Mesmer, born in 1734, was a German physician who used hypnosis as a form of therapy to treat his patients in Vienna and Paris. Mesmer’s method interested other medical practitioners and they called it mesmerism after his name. Unfortunately, hypnosis was mistaken for an occultist practice, and it was suppressed. Later on, Scottish surgeon James Braid came up with the terms ‘hypnotism’ and ‘hypnosis’. 

In 2004, Board Certified Hypnotist Tom Nicoli and the World Hypnotism Day Committee began the observance to motivate hypnotism experts to educate people and promote the real benefits of and truth about hypnosis. The initial observance kicked off myth-busting events that provided proof, free consultations and an awareness of the part hypnosis can play in our health. World Hypnotism Day on January 4 emphasizes the fact that hypnosis is beneficial.  On this day, we are encouraged to eliminate the misconceptions and misunderstandings about hypnotism and to truly embrace it as the useful aid that it is.

When under hypnosis, a person will see, feel, smell, and perceive in harmony with the hypnotist’s guidance, even if these guides are in obvious contradiction to the actual stimuli existing in the environment. Apparent outcomes of hypnosis are sensory changes, the subject’s memory and self-awareness are altered by guidance, and the effects of this guidance may be felt (post-hypnotically) even after the subject wakes up. Hypnosis is a life-changing opportunity. It is a way for someone to write new chapters in their life, so to speak.

World Hypnotism Day timeline

Franz Mesmer is Born

The father of hypnosis is born on May 23.

Hypnosis in Science

Western science becomes interested in hypnosis for the first time.

The First World Hypnotism Day

The World Hypnotism Day Committee begins the observance.

17 Years of World Hypnotism Day

The world observes World Hypnotism Day for nearly two decades.

World Hypnotism Day FAQs

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis feels more like daydreaming, or nicely relaxing for a few minutes after a busy day at work.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes. Everyone is hypnotizable to some extent, but some are more easily hypnotized than others. 

Can I get forever stuck in hypnosis?

There is no indication that anyone can get stuck in a hypnotic trance and sleep forever. This is one of the many myths.

World Hypnotism Day Activities

  1. Practice hypnosis

    Have you tried practicing hypnosis? Hypnosis is a skill and to get it right, you may need classes or tons of practice.

  2. Discover more about hypnotism

    What do you believe about hypnosis? Is it a fact or myth? Find out accurate information about hypnosis and what it is all about.

  3. Talk to someone

    Talk to someone who received hypnotherapy and discuss how it helped them. You may choose to experience the benefits for yourself.

5 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hypnosis

  1. Hypnosis improves sleep

    Sleep hypnosis has been proven to help people with their insomnia and adequately improve sleep.

  2. A person is awake during hypnosis

    It is a common misconception that a person goes into some kind of sleep during hypnosis, but patients stay wide awake while under hypnosis.

  3. Hypnosis at least twice a day

    The average person experiences hypnosis at least twice a day and daily examples include reaching your destination without memory of driving there, zoning out while reading the page of a book, or unconsciously becoming so engrossed in a television show for hours.

  4. Hypnosis reduces anxiety

    Hypnotherapy is proven to help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety.

  5. Hypnosis can be used as an anesthesia

    Hypnosis eliminates the sensitive experience of pain, while still permitting the person to feel the sensory sensation.

Why We Love World Hypnotism Day

  1. We can enjoy free sessions

    Hypnotherapy is healing, and on World Hypnotism Day, many hypnotists offer free sessions to celebrate this day. Why not give it a try?

  2. Hypnotism is healthy

    Hypnosis conducted by a trained therapist or health care professional is considered a safe, complementary, and alternative medical treatment. Discover the benefits for yourself.

  3. It can be fun

    Hypnosis is a serious type of therapy, but it can also be fun. Fun types of hypnosis include stage hypnosis, party hypnosis, and casual but safe attempts of hypnosis with friends.

World Hypnotism Day dates

2025January 4Saturday
2026January 4Sunday
2027January 4Monday
2028January 4Tuesday
2029January 4Thursday

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